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  1. With increased rushing attempts coupled with receptions, Drake is a RB2 this week notwithstanding 10 touches from Barber. If you drafted Drake, this is the opportunity you hoped for.
  2. Not even a limited practice like he had last week. This must be some hip injury - wish there was more clarity regarding the nature of the injury. Thought he had a chance to return this week after practicing, albeit in a limited fashion, last week. This sux.
  3. If he goes off it'll be "Fulgeeee" for me. Just need him this week and maybe next. I'll be content with anything over 10 pts in ppr but hope to be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Due to injuries/byes I have to plug Fulgy in. Not confident against the Ravens but if he gets 8+ targets I think he could up decent numbers and be serviceable.
  5. I find that H2H is only fun when playing against friends/co-workers. Otherwise, I will only play H2H if also playing against the league average for the week. Every week is a doubleheader and it does help minimize the luck factor.
  6. Without writing about the merits of a trade b/c that should go in the ACF, I would not make a trade in a family no money league if I felt my team was out of it. Period.
  7. Agreed. Forget that they are 6-1, even if they were 4-3 he shouldn't play until the risk of re-injury is minimal or non-existent. Need Adams for the future. While the present is all that is important in FF, NFL teams have to protect their player. That said, if there is no further risk of a reaggravation, then man up and play!
  8. Felt it coming, traded Breida for him as I needed WR depth.
  9. I think Burkhead become a viable RB2 should Sony miss time. Of course this is dependent on Rex's health
  10. Suspended 4 games and when eligible to play he gets hurt. Something about being a Jets player that causes stuff like this to happen.
  11. Interesting article regarding Sanders/49ers https://www.ninersnation.com/2019/10/1/20892275/49ers-nfl-trade-rumors-broncos-emmanuel-sanders
  12. Seems there is a lot of speculation on twitter that Sanders will be traded before the deadline. Teams being bandied about include the Pats, 49ers, Pack, and Bills. If Broncs don't win a couple in a row, I can see this happening.
  13. Courtland Sutton is someone I am targeting in a trade. Teams got him cheap and probably don't play him.
  14. Can't wait til after week 5 or else it's a bidding war or someone with a higher priority claims him. Time to grab him is now (or last week). Watson is intriguing too. By all reports, Herndon had a good pre-season. For those that are TE needy, you could do worse.
  15. "Nobody's Fault But Mine" is the LZ song that fits AB. It's all on him and until he stops blaming others he will never change. Even if the allegations are proven to be false, he should have steered clear of any situation where there is a possibility of this happening.
  16. Looking to be a steal at his adp. Flacco can still sling it and Sanders seem to be over his injury. Could see him being a high floor WR2 ros.
  17. I never "relied" on the rankings but will look at them to validate my selections. Also use them to see who may be ranked high and available in my leagues on waivers. I notice that I am more in line with Bloom's rankings.
  18. We all know leagues are won in middle rounds of the draft. People soured on Arob which caused him to slip far from his real FF value. He is the clear cut WR1 on his team. If he produces WR2 he certainly will reward those that drafted him in the 6th round or higher as a WR3/4. Top WR20 is certainly in the discussion.
  19. Obviously depending on who is available and your needs. Mack, when healthy, can produce and he will be given the lion's share of the work. Hard to imagine dropping him since there is upside.
  20. Practiced again on Friday. No Indy RBs startable this weekend (maybe this year).
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