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  1. Great win for the Bucks. Man, we have beaten UNC, Villanova and UK. Those are some quality wins.
  2. Great interview with Ryan Day on recruiting here - Lettermen Row.
  3. Noice, CJ Stroud signs. That is huge for us at QB. 2 great ones this class.
  4. Oh snap, one time OSU lean Rakim Jarrett, a 5-star WR that was committed to LSU, flipped to Maryland today. That'll leave a mark.
  5. Here is an updated list on everyone who has signed thus far during the 2020 recruiting class' Early Signing Period with links to our individual signing stories. Just click on their names. Three-star offensive guard Jakob James Three-star offensive tackle Trey Leroux Four-star cornerback Lejond Cavazos Four-star defensive tackle Jacolbe Cowan Five-star receiver Julian Fleming Five-star offensive tackle Paris Johnson Jr. Four-star linebacker Cody Simon Three-star offensive tackle Grant Toutant Four-star center Luke Wypler Three-star tight end Joe Royer Three-star defensive tackle Ty Hamilton Three-star linebacker Mitchell Melton Three-star kicker Jake Seibert Three-star running back Miyan Williams Three-star offensive guard Josh Fryar Four-star receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba Four-star receiver Mookie Cooper Four-star defensive tackle Darrion Henry-Young Four-star safety Lathan Ransom Four-star cornerback Ryan Watts III Four-star quarterback Jack Miller Four-star receiver Gee Scott Jr. Four-star linebacker Kourt Williams Eleven Warriors will continue to provide up-to-the-minute updates on the early signing period. #3-4 class in the country depending on who you see. Plus there are 2 4-stars that are 5 at some sites, but that does not matter all that much. Damon Arnette, Malik Harrison and Chris Olave are all 3 stars.
  6. No surprises so far with the signing day. Waiting to see if we land CJ Stround, that is in an hour or so. Have to wait on Clark Phillips until tomorrow, a little last minute drama with Utah there. Cam Martinez waiting until February. Jeff Hafley did some great things for us, but man the timing of his leaving really screwed with some things with this recruiting class. Oh well. Would be cool to see Kerry Coombs back in the fold.
  7. Well, we currently have the #1, 4 and 5 WR's in this incoming class. We are ranked #3-4 depending on the site. He can certainly recruit for now, we will see if it continues, but the players seem to genuinely love him and his approach. I would bet he will be a recruiting beast.
  8. Agreed about the seeding, but there is no point in #####ing about it. You will have to play 2 good teams either way. Just play what you have in front of you. I am 100% confident that they will come out ready and they have proven that they can adjust in the 2nd quarter or 2nd half better than anyone. Now, the early signing period is almost upon us. . .
  9. Interesting to see how it shakes out this morning. They have grit, for sure. Great season and the pantry will still be fully stocked next season.
  10. Bucks looking great, kicked the Heels trash tonight.
  11. You know what would make this perfect? If Auburn and Oregon had played this season and there was some kind of crazy ending that left them both with a bone to pick about it. That would have been great.
  12. It definitely has to do with work, yes.
  13. The other adjustments this team makes are incredible. They getbgashed and before you know it, shut down. Such a fun season.
  14. Last year's win had a big recruiting impact. No doubt this one will as well as we are battling them for a few big time recruits.
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