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  1. It was there this morning, saw XULF posted some pickles when they were in, and now gone. If we cannot get that back, I guess make this one the official one? Harbaugh came out here Friday to visit DT Jay Tufele. Yesterday and today, Larry Johnson one-upped him and visited and went to church with him, which is kind of cool. Tufele is posting photos on Twitter of him at the chapel. Yes, he is Mormon and he is posing with all his family. Kind of cool.
  2. Have had my 7:15pm Friday center theater, middle seats reserved for this for a month. Super excited!
  3. There is no prayer in heck that the movie storyline even touches the comic one, both for content and length. I expect it to be like the Bourne movies. Hey there is a guy named Jason Bourne that can kill people and stuff. That is about where the books and movies parted ways in that series.
  4. Hi Mad Cow,

    I sent a sunglasses related email to ffmadcow@yahoo.com. I just wanted to let you know in case it's an email you don't look at much. Thanks. 


    1. Mad Cow

      Mad Cow

      Got it and responded already.  Hope it helps.

  5. Pretty much. Going up against Iron Man, War Machine & Vision hardly seems like a fair fight. Cap needs a legit heavy hitter on his side.That would be Ant Man, once he figures out the Pym particle goes the other way, too.
  6. What is the FFA consensus on Marvel Unlimited? Reviews for Android are not kind to access, format and availability of comics.
  7. I'm okay with it. Yellowjacket always seemed like a cheap Wasp knockoff to me, it was also his persona when he went off the rails and became a wife beating, pseudo-sociopathic drunk so it fits with the villain role for the Ant Man film. Plus they are adding Wasp to the roster so I don't see that they need two heroes with such similar skill sets. I also think Ant Man requires a little more thoughtfulness in his usage because he can't simply just kick the door down and start blasting everything. No doubt they did a fantastic job showing his skill set and how useful it is. Really good movie.
  8. Am I the only one disappointed that they used Yellow Jacket as a villain instead of having them use that later in the MCU? That was my favorite of his personas in the comics. I was hoping they capture and repurpose that suit.
  9. I gotta say, I loved it. Fantastic blend of humor and action. Right up there with most of the MCU. The 2 stingers were both also great. Nice lead in to Civil War.
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