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  1. Thanks for the feedback and all the details behind thoughts. Injuries are killing me as are byes this week. Perfect storm of starting all of my cannon fodder bench guys. Tonyan has been the biggest disappointment on my team this year I'd say, not because he's my TE1, but because I really hoped he'd carry the mantle long enough for me to leave Freiermuth on my taxi squad longer. Sadly I should still likely win, but I'm in 4th even with all of these injuries and can't lose too much position by handing back points even if I win, so I need to go for it. My initial inclination was to choose Parham for one of the two slots too. He's starting to come on, love his QB situation clearly, and only wish they didn't have Cook in his way. Will likely go Tonyan, Parham, and Pascal but feel dirty for almost all of those selections.
  2. Byes and Injuries are really starting to pile up, along with starting a ridiculous amount of players. PPR, TE Premium (TEs get 2PPR) Who to start at TE (Pick 1) Robert Tonyan @ Chicago Donald Parham @ Baltimore Pat Freiermuth vs. Seattle Who to start at Flex (Pick 2, Antonio Brown already started and will start DeAndre Carter because of WFT injuries and return points) Robert Tonyan @ Chicago Donald Parham @ Baltimore Pat Freiermuth vs. Seattle Zach Pascal vs. Houston Randall Cobb @ Chicago Mark Ingram @ Indianapolis Philip Lindsay @ Indianapolis
  3. Can’t hit high. Cant hit low. Let’s two hand touch QBs and ditch the farce then.
  4. Did someone finally make it? Even Fox turned away and figured they should show the disaster called the Cowboys/Giants game instead of the disaster kicker miss-off in this game.
  5. How far back did you look? Weis and Willigham are not the standard. I posted stats above too - Willigham has a better record against top teams at Notre Dame with far fewer years. Kelly has a losing record against ranked teams. He’s feasted on some of the easiest schedules in ND history. That’s not me emoting, it’s statistically true.
  6. Brian Kelly coaching ladies and gentlemen. VT is not a good team and Kelly’s bungled this game beginning to end playing the wrong players and coaching like crap as usual. Fire his ### already.
  7. He can throw if they’d actually let him. That pick six was to another true freshman Colzie. Dumb to put too many freshmen in and not expecting some challenges/growing pains.
  8. Solid decision again by Kelly to start Coan, especially without his top target today and zero mobility. Took him two series to realize what a dumb decision it was again this week. Ridiculously stubborn and stupid.
  9. Fire Kelly....now with evidence! I pulled this data for an ND fan site this week, so figured I'd share since it isn't just me emoting about my dislike for Kelly, but it's backed up by the data too.... Kelly -------------- % of Games against End of Season Ranked Opponent : 32.2% Overall Win % : 72.6% Win % Against Top 10 Ranked Teams at End of Season : 16.7% Win % Against Ranked Teams at End of Season : 40.4% Wins against Final Ranking Top 10 Teams : 3 (2013 #3 Michigan State, 2020 #3 Clemson, 2012 #7 Stanford) vs. Holtz -------------- % of Games against End of Season Ranked Opponent : 42.4% Overall Win % : 75.8% Win % Against Top 10 Ranked Teams at End of Season : 45.5% Win % Against Ranked Teams at End of Season : 55.4% Wins against Final Ranking Top 10 Teams : 15 ----------------- Kelly has been feasting on weaker schedules than any ND coach in the modern era not named Weis. Kelly has a losing record against teams that finish ranked as well, let alone his lack of any big game wins. Of his 106* wins, only 3 have come against teams that finished in the top 10 at the end of the season. Willingham performed twice as well as Kelly in top 10 matchups. Let that one sink in.
  10. Same old Texas. Man that was bad after all of that early momentum. Outscored 48-20 in the final three quarters. Went from savior Sark and Rattler to a new freshman sensation and fans wondering if this equation will ever change on the UT side.
  11. Wow blatant hold on Haselwood there that should’ve called that TD back. Good job blowing that one refs.
  12. Kicking it would have made it 48-44, not a tie. Texas had to score a TD just to tie it instead of going for the win. They also needed to kill OU’s momentum.
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