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  1. JJ broke the news himself : https://twitter.com/JJWatt/status/1366444807258845184?s=20 2 years, $31M ($23M guaranteed)
  2. This one bums me out. I’m a big ND and Texans fan so big Lou was primed to have a fan for a good while. He never got on the field for the Texans due to knee injuries, but I’ll never forget the personality he brought to that fun 2012 ND run. RIP Irish Chocolate
  3. I probably explained poorly. I mean to say instead of Houston getting a ton of draft capital directly from Carolina for Watson, it'd be interesting if they gave that ammo to Jacksonville to get 1.1 for 1.8 and all of the additional stuff it'd aforementioned take. Then they'd flip the 1.1 and maybe more to Houston for Watson. I agree though that he likely stays. I think Houston also has a weird chip on its shoulder with Miami too and something would be bittersweet to trade him and part of the compensation coming back is your own pick you traded (1.3).
  4. One thing I'd caution folks on is using John McClain as a source of anything credible. He used to be much more on the inside, but he's gotten further and further away. He's almost always the last reporter to get any news now and he's been all kinds of wrong in recent years too. He might be a mouthpiece as you suggest, but it seems he's unknowingly found himself in the position of gullible person who can help them spread false information to distract. I've started to posit lately that if the Texans trade Deshaun it might be much less of a 1 to 1 trade. I've seen next to no one mention a mu
  5. The problem is those two teams don't have high draft picks to offer and it'd take some degree of massive package to acquire him. Yes, Watson would upgrade those weapons, but how many of them would have to be sent to Houston for the Texans to agree to a deal?
  6. As a Texans fan, my gut reaction is he heads home to play for Green Bay. He's always said for a long time that he's a Wisconsin boy playing in Texas. GB is on the cusp and is home so it won't surprise me one bit to see him go there and ride out the end with Rodgers too. If he doesn't go there, for us Texans fans it'll be the next universe is trying to continue to make us miserable and have him land with the arch rival Colts. That'd be fitting with him kicking our asses there for the next couple of years.
  7. Hard to believe it was just a few years ago that this team had Clowney, JJ, Watson, and Hopkins and was up 24-0 on the Chiefs in a playoff game. We all knew JJ's day was coming, but in the context of the continued fire surrounding Watson what a friggin mess they've made of everything. I really wonder if they want any more fans at all. We'll, at best, be able to get guys just barely hanging onto their career or someday when we have a draft pick again, get some poor schmucks who get stuck with us. I really want to better understand the business model of what made them think any of this was
  8. I truly, truly hate my team right now. I mean come on - no compensation? I don't think they really want any fans anymore and the burndown will be complete.
  9. The tackle on that fan might have been the best all night. Show it CBS, come on! Give us something interesting.
  10. You know what - I’d be curious for some reporter to ask Culley what the brass told him about the Watson situation. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they told him they felt good about it, with only hours later it comes out Watson wanted out a while ago. Can you imagine the chaos if that’s news to Culley?
  11. That, in a nutshell, is what is wrong with this franchise. There is no direction whatsoever and even we fans can see exactly what you're seeing - these feel like moves akin to appeasing Deshaun and yet if you believe Shefter he asked out no matter what two weeks ago. If that's the case, I have no idea why Kelley is even being considered as retained?
  12. I've had a little more time to stew on this and this was my takeaways.... Pros 27 year vet, so he's seen it all and nothing should surprise him Experience under some solid coaches and organizations - Ravens, Chiefs, Steelers Apparently a "teaching" oriented kind of coach - he'll fix the foot position of an OL on an individual snap level detailed guy Sounds very well loved in the coaching and players fraternity - execs and coaches effusing praise on him this morning and I started my day watching Keyshawn gush over how much he loved Culley as a coach Apparently
  13. Not a fan. After all of the nonsense this team has given us fans the past few years we needed a splash hire and we pick a guy who’s never been a coordinator even? I get he comes with a lot of experience, but this team needed some youth, not a 65 year old first time head coach. Totally bummed and I feel like we made a typical Texans hire. Supposedly he and Watson built a good rapport at the pro bowl last year, but I’m worried this seals the deal on Watson in Houston.
  14. LaFleur deserves all of the questions about not going for it there on 4th. What a horrible gutless call at home on top of everything else.
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