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  1. I think if you're going to bench Woods, the only option I'd roll with is likely Renfrow because I trust his hot hand. The others are a little too shaky of matchups vs. hoping the backup sustains his performance. I think I'd narrow it down to only those two options and I think they'll finish close regardless. I could see a shootout in both games because of Arizona's style of play. If you bench Woods, you know this'll be the week he gets like 3 TDs too.
  2. I forgot to mention that I have Felton hanging around on my taxi squad. I still can't bring myself to jettison Gurley, but if I have one more stinker week of these guys and Felton gets any touches (and since we get kick/punt return points), I might have to pull him onto the active roster. Shudder to think at what could have been vs. what I'm rolling out there now.
  3. PPR, 6 points all TDs Akers is hurt and now McCaffrey is hurt. In a 16 team dynasty league with deep benches, my options are mostly awful so I need to pick the best of the bad options so I have any semblance of a chance this week and the next few weeks. Pick 2: James Conner @ LA Rams Mark Ingram @ Buffalo Philip Lindsay @ Buffalo Latavius Murray @ Denver Tony Jones vs. NYG Jacques Patrick vs. Seattle Todd Gurley.... ..... vs. Arthritis Waiver wire = Kyle Juszczyk vs. Seattle, Travis Homer @ San Francisco, Justin Jackson vs. Las Vegas
  4. I'll say two things about the Rockne talk since they won't leave it alone.... In the NCAA ruling a few years ago that negated 21 of Kelly's wins, there is language in there that more or less said if Notre Dame continued to advocate for them or put records including them into their media guides and whatnot that they would be punished. This game and last week are starting to tug at that ruling. I'm curious if the NCAA will actually do anything about it. "Winningest" coach, I agree with Kelly's own assessment there as to how fans view him - Accumulator, with zero titles. Many have been fired for less. Also don't let the attempt to brand him get away from the disparity that's still there between the two of them: Kelly = 106*-39 (.731, factoring in vacated = .685) Rockne = 105-12-5 (.860 - greatest percentage ever in college football history and he only lost 12 games in 13 years as coach)
  5. I’m so happy for Jack Coan right now. Benched for Mertz who completely fell on his face on national TV.
  6. Pretty sure the “forward” on the Wisconsin uniforms is there to remind Mertz which way he’s supposed to be taking the offense.
  7. Mertz is so bad he’s losing to ND’s 3rd string QB. Kyren Williams is a hell of a blocker too. He’ll play early on Sundays because of that willingness.
  8. Tyree has had a better year than Kyren overall too. Rocket Ismail’s old number too so fitting there.
  9. Notre Dame continues its pattern of zero halftime adjustments. Twelve years in and the same old dumb mistakes from horrible clock management to no adjustments whatsoever. Good quick drive for Wisconsin.
  10. Mertz is awful. Jack Coan is not good but he’s still better than Mertz. Zero killer instinct on ND offense and Coan keeps stepping into sacks instead of avoiding them.
  11. Kelly’s offense is such garbage. Already leaving a lot of points on the field as usual. Incoming panic scheme.
  12. Preseason: Cam Akers, Deshaun Watson Week 1: Jerry Jeudy Week 2: Za’Darius Smith Week 3: CMC All the same team. I’m running out of friggin IR spots.
  13. I've had a lot of injuries on my roster thus far this season and it leads me into considering how soon I need to play a waiver wire darling from the previous week. I'm currently unsure of what to think of using Kam Curl (with Bobby McCain stealing playing time apparently) or Donovan Wilson (hurt last week but a maybe for this weekend) relative to plugging in a Justin Strnad or a Darious Williams who's having a good start thus far too. With Wilson out last week, I was forced to start Azeez Al-Shaair, which wasn't terrible, but it's been chasing an injury with a waiver darling vs. "safe" bench options (non 0 points, but nothing special) all year it feels like.
  14. I can't decide if this is a clearly start Ingram/Lindsay as flex considerations or not. I cannot imagine, even though he threw more than expected last week, that Culley has any sort of desire to let Mills sit back there and hope the Texans OL keeps the Panthers front 7 off of him.
  15. Agreed on Saquon. He's still clearly not right IMO and the investment likely should have owners concerned in redraft in particular. I personally bought hard on Gibson taking the next step. Two games in and zero TDs and now also without Fitz being there doesn't seem to do great things for his value. Also seeing McKissic scoring in week 2 makes me worried about the split there as well.
  16. That sounds you hear is the rare groan relief sigh from Williams owners. Dude almost got himself into the doghouse fast there.
  17. Justin Reid came back in. Reinjured soon after. Ruled out now with a knee injury.
  18. Missed holding call on the outside. Still would have probably run him over.
  19. Are we going to leave Cleveland with anyone healthy?
  20. Justin Reid down for Houston. Looks to be holding his knee
  21. Well Mills might help the Texans secure the 2022 1.1 after all
  22. Oh boy. Not like I expected much this year out of my Texans but kiss any good juju goodbye if Tunsil is out.
  23. Baker jogged back from locker room. Back in now.
  24. Back to the locker room now. Doesn’t look good, agreed.
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