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  1. Zero Texans fans would be upset if Easterby goes. He’s the number one villain in the city right now. What’s being under appreciated in all of this is JJ too. He wants to play for a winner and the team is one year removed from a playoff run. If the Texans deal Watson, they’re almost certainly going to have to deal JJ too. As a fan, I’m not sure the team survives losing Hop, JJ, and Watson in that short of time. Fans would bail in droves.
  2. Please oh please let him Texan up Bama. He owes us Texans fans that much to help make college football interesting again.
  3. The only 🤷‍♂️ about Khan as I've read more is he's strictly a numbers guy (Cap & Contract) and not really a personnel guy. As I understand it, Caserio has experience on both sides, but yeah the oddity is you hire a third party to help and take literally none of their suggestions at all. Given personnel issues, I wonder if we'd still be in similar personnel messes with Khan or others not named Caserio but I also think the head coach is going to be huge here. I'm really curious when we decide to pull the trigger as the pool of teams looking is only getting bigger by day.
  4. Depends who his QB is. He has the talent. Seems later in the year they decided to force feed Johnson and subsequently tanked. When they were targeting Claypool more earlier in the season they were 11-0 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Does this team want any fans? I really cannot see how they do not see the precipice on which they currently stand. Cal surely has no clue how to fix this, but there's no way he can't sense the danger his franchise is in right now, right? If we end up trading Watson, we'll almost be forced to trade JJ given his comments and desire to play for a winner (trading Watson would signal the end of that in near future).
  6. What sucks as a Texans fan is that you're right. I still cannot believe it was just two years ago we had Watt/Clowney on one side and Watson/Hopkins on the other and those relationships and pairings have been decimated. If you trade Watson, you almost have to trade Watt too. He's already indicated he wants to play for a winner and if you're trading Watson, you aren't winning anything in the near future. I curiously browsed Texan fan boards this morning, especially after the Mort news broke above and saw a few folks discussing what fans would think was fair for Watson and saw multiple peop
  7. Some ND fans want Fickell for what it’s worth. At least after Kelly leaves if not sooner. I doubt Swarbrick is smart enough to set that stage, but this is a good move by Kelly either way even if there isn’t some ulterior motive here.
  8. Marcus Freeman to Notre Dame as DC. Chose ND last minute over LSU. Texas apparently in the conversation as well. Kelly needed a relentless recruiter so this looks like a great hire.
  9. The more I've noodled through this mess in my head, I think the 2021 draft needs to focus on offensive skill players. Not having a pick until the 3rd means we will be far too down the list of impactful OL or DL that this team really needs. I think we just need to wait for 2022 to see non-FA progress there or we'll be reaching for late round projects again. I think we just go for it with RBs/TEs/WRs in the 2021 draft and spend 2022 offseason on defense as a whole (DL in particular) and OL.
  10. What a dreadful year end to end. No hope in sight for 2021 draft help and we handed Miami a top 3 pick for an OL that still is porous and in dire need of help. Not sure where we really go. We need help everywhere and it probably needs to start with a big splash new coach that I can almost feel will underwhelm per usual Texans. I think we might see one or more of our LBers traded to get some draft picks back. We need help everywhere and Adams was a good fill in for McKinney so losing one of them isn’t the worst. It’s small, but we are in big need of uniform updates too. Use the
  11. Texans are in need of uni updates too. Might as well blow it all up other than Watson - new GM, new coach, new unis. Time to start anew.
  12. Fitting end to the Texans’ season is the defense blowing it. Good thing we have a top 5 draft pi....oh wait. Stupid BOB
  13. ESPN noting Texas was after Meyer and Brian Kelly ( 🤣 ) too. Man oh man they can have Kelly if they want him.
  14. I will be curious to see Texas fan reactions after all of the pitchforks for Herman lately when they realize they hired a guy who went 34-29 at Washington and 12-6 at SC. Woof, don’t like it at all and not at the $$$ it cost them.
  15. Never thought Clemson would take the heat off of that ND awful showing, but....thanks?
  16. Not having a dog in the remaining fight I thought coming into this game that I wanted Clemson/Bama since I don’t want Bama winning it again. Clemson looks awful, but is tOSU this team or is the team that played NW more then? I just want a competitive title game.
  17. Surprised to see the debate on targeting. It isn’t that he hit him with his helmet in the back, it’s that he did it with his head down. That is absolutely poor tackling form. There’s a reason there’s the old saying about keeping your head up to see what you hit.
  18. Fully expect Kelly to blame his players publicly as usual here too. Will be all about how great of a game plan the players had but they just didn’t execute. It’s one of the main things that makes him so un-likeable - he’ll never take the blame.
  19. I’d be surprised if Clemson and tOSU is even a game. I think Clemson is just that good this year and Fields has looked terrible lately. Young tOSU players without as many games to gel could spell another bad game. Ugh.
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