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  1. Can someone explain this to me? DD has lost me. Example, Diontae Johnson is ranked 197/WR42 while the cheats have him ranked 59/WR25. By comparison, in DD, Claypool is ranked 56/WR22 and the cheats have him the same at 56/WR22. Scoring is standard non-ppr. Am I missing something?
  2. Why do you say that? Didn’t see the game but stats looked ok.
  3. Nobody was taking Dickerson in the first with his injury history.
  4. I know, I know. It was an impulse response. I wish the Steelers had been able to keep him.
  5. Well, the game plan is obvious this year. Ben will again lead the league in time to throw. The Steelers are going to throw the ball all over the field and Harris will have 60 receptions this season. Rolling the dice with the current line.
  6. Harris is talented and if the Steelers address the OL in the following rounds he can be very successful. They need an RB who can move the chain and punch it in from 3 yards out. Harris can do both and there wasn't an RB on the roster that could do that last year. Points win games and Harris can score.
  7. Jets sign Corey Davis to a 3yr/$37.5MM deal. That takes JuJu off their radar.
  8. This sounds like Idiot Boxer. Speaking of which, is he still around here?
  9. As steelers1080 said, this defense if far too good to pick in the top 5 anytime soon.
  10. According to Spotrac, they come in at $173.6MM plus $9.5MM of dead cap money. Let's presume the 2021 cap will be $185MM plus the $4.9MM rollover from 2020. That gives them $8MM in cap space.
  11. I like what Ben did here. RB in the 1st is a real possibility. With Highsmith waiting in the wings I can't see Dupree being resigned and JuJu would have to play for cheap. Can't see that either. I think Alualu is about to get paid.
  12. Agree with this but what are the odds Pittsburgh cut Ben? The only hope for success in the next few years is cutting Ben and I find it highly unlikely. Any way to add a pole? My questions would be do the Steelers cut or keep Ben? Next question would be, do YOU think they should cut or keep Ben?
  13. Steelers signed Dwayne Haskins to a one-year deal. The team signed Haskins after meeting with him Thursday. The 23-year-old quarterback will look to reestablish himself in Pittsburgh after a horrific two-year run in Washington that ended with Haskins losing his captain spot after violating COVID-19 protocols by attending a maskless party. Haskins certainly isn't a lock to be on the Steelers' 53-man roster to start the 2021 season, and we'd expect the team to add other QB options with Ben Roethlisberger entering the twilight of his career. - Adam Schefter
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