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  1. I sold my stake in DPLS today. I'm sure there are long plays out there, but every one I think might be one proves me wrong. I honestly think most/all penny stocks should be treated as short-term gambles and nothing more.
  2. Opening night of their 2021 Summer Tour. Live from Raleigh, NC on Sirius XM. Opened with #41, Granny, Grey.
  3. How much does NCSA charge? Can you ballpark what we'd be looking at? TIA.
  4. Any employee working has a stack of boop cards. Just pick one up from anyone. Non-spoiler tips (at least I don't consider these spoilers): Tip #1 - every product you see in the store is actually for sale (though expensive). Tip #2 - Immerse yourself in the experience. Pick things up. Touch things. Try to open doors, windows, lockers, etc. If it looks like you can open it/walk through/into/around it, you probably can. Tip #3 - Wear a high quality mask. It felt very covidy in there as there were a crap-ton of people. They say they limit entrance #s, but it sure didn't feel like it. Tip #4 - There is a merch store in the facility. Easy to miss as it's tucked away in a corner. Tip #5 - There are places to eat inside Area 15 - arrive early or plan to stay late and enjoy the place.
  5. Yeah, Omega Mart is wild. I've never seen anything like it - I do recommend but you need to go into it ready for the weird. There is actually a puzzle to solve (sort of in the same vein as an escape room except you aren't trying to escape) but you don't have to even dive into that to enjoy it. There is so much to look at and explore I wish I could describe it better than that but it's so unique - you just have to experience it.
  6. Moderna shot #2 in the arm yesterday mid-day. After shot #1 - semi-sore arm at injection site, mild fatigue & mild nausea approx. 24 hours after shot, joint pain primarily in wrists - it was weird After shot #2 (so far) - arm is much more sore at injection site than last time (it feels like someone punched me really hard right in my upper shoulder), no signs yet of fatigue or nausea, joint pain in my wrists again - which still seems weird Hoping the rest of today and tomorrow go swimmingly.
  7. We stayed at an AirBnB in Desert Hot Springs - a good mid-way location between Palm Springs and the park. Worked well for us to enjoy the park during the day and then enjoy PS at night. Joshua Tree is cool - different than I expected and very different than the parks in Utah, for example. We enjoyed hiking and my boys learned how to rock climb with a guide. Side note - if you like Tiki bars, there is a great place in PS called "Reef". You can sit outside by the pool, soak in the great classic music and enjoy good food - it's a fantastic setting. We also drove around looking at classic mid-century homes that PS is known for. There are some amazing homes and it was a fun way to spend a couple of hours seeing the style that made PS semi-famous.
  8. Zion Mountain Ranch has cabins just outside the park to the east. They are great and I'm almost certain they are dog-friendly. My family has stayed there twice and loved it both times. Easy access to the park and amazing views. Highly recommend.
  9. It's a good morning to avg some costs down. Bought another chunk of both HCMC and GRSO on big dips. Sold off some positions yesterday at losses - just couldn't stand looking at them in the portfolio any longer. The TSNP reverse split is interesting. I had just started buying in as it had been lower recently, so I don't yet have enough shares to make a difference. But fun to have a small piece anyway for now and I plan to try and acquire more once the new ticker trades (HUMBL).
  10. Using today's dip to buy into TSNP. Believers in that one are rabid - I'm buying the hype. It has been frustrating watching the weed stocks all get pumped and dumped by reddit....but am I wrong in thinking some are still a really solid long play? As more and more states legalize how can this sector not benefit?
  11. Yeah, this is a LONG imo. I was just worried I missed some news or something. Today is a good buying opportunity all around.
  12. Sold some BTSC at the peak after yesterday's close so now adding that to my freeroll list. That's fun. Almost everything else is taking a bath though - yuck. WDLF is tanking today - any ideas why?
  13. Now that the focus seems to be on COVID spread by droplets in the air, are fecal clouds no longer a concern? Haven't heard anything on that front for a while and was in a public restroom today. Fecal clouds? Anyone?
  14. Just bought into GTEH on the dip. Agree re: the hold sentiment. Now also free-rolling BTDG. Down big on the day - people taking profit after this week's run up. I may buy more if this continues to dip.
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