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  1. Zion Mountain Ranch has cabins just outside the park to the east. They are great and I'm almost certain they are dog-friendly. My family has stayed there twice and loved it both times. Easy access to the park and amazing views. Highly recommend.
  2. It's a good morning to avg some costs down. Bought another chunk of both HCMC and GRSO on big dips. Sold off some positions yesterday at losses - just couldn't stand looking at them in the portfolio any longer. The TSNP reverse split is interesting. I had just started buying in as it had been lower recently, so I don't yet have enough shares to make a difference. But fun to have a small piece anyway for now and I plan to try and acquire more once the new ticker trades (HUMBL).
  3. Using today's dip to buy into TSNP. Believers in that one are rabid - I'm buying the hype. It has been frustrating watching the weed stocks all get pumped and dumped by reddit....but am I wrong in thinking some are still a really solid long play? As more and more states legalize how can this sector not benefit?
  4. Yeah, this is a LONG imo. I was just worried I missed some news or something. Today is a good buying opportunity all around.
  5. Sold some BTSC at the peak after yesterday's close so now adding that to my freeroll list. That's fun. Almost everything else is taking a bath though - yuck. WDLF is tanking today - any ideas why?
  6. Now that the focus seems to be on COVID spread by droplets in the air, are fecal clouds no longer a concern? Haven't heard anything on that front for a while and was in a public restroom today. Fecal clouds? Anyone?
  7. Just bought into GTEH on the dip. Agree re: the hold sentiment. Now also free-rolling BTDG. Down big on the day - people taking profit after this week's run up. I may buy more if this continues to dip.
  8. I"m finding people to follow on twitter + reddit (/pennystocks). And this board, of course.
  9. Honestly, I don't know much about the underlying health of any of the companies I'm investing in and in the OTC market I feel like I have to be ok with that. That said, I'm just trying to tail people who seem smart about this - WRFX is one of those I read about this AM on twitter from someone who has been offering a bunch of seemingly good info. I'm not afraid to just follow others as I'm not risking too much yet... TLDR - I suck at this and just follow other smarter people.
  10. Sold some AITX today so now free-rolling that one. This AM started positions in STWC, WRFX, GRSO and PHBI.
  11. I see some exiting BTSC. Just profit-taking or any reason it is no longer desirable? It is my only crypto play and I like the market sector......
  12. With so many pennies shooting up, how do we identify the opportunities? Anything down big that deserves a look? Looking for the next thing, not the one that feels too late. Took my initial stake out of wdlf today and free-rolling 25k shares. My first free roll. About to do the same with aitx and snpw.
  13. Perfect example - is there a point to pulling the $62 at this point? Is it a tragedy if you ultimately lose that original $62? If not, why not let it all roll? Unless the point is to take profits along the way in a stairstep fashion (just like you'd average your cost down by investing in more if the price goes down)? I guess if I had a $62 >> $2k, i'd probably take some profit out. Not sure how much though.
  14. OK, need some advice from strangers on the internets please. My position in WDLF has gone up 120%. :flex: My position in SFIO has gone up 40%. AITX up 40%. At what point do I take out initial investments to freeroll? How do I determine if I should just run with it all :diamondhands: (if my position is small, for example)? Are there signs I can look for to tell if a significant gain is a pump'n'dump as opposed to a legit leap forward that can be sustained? I really like WDLF long term so I'd like to just let it run, but I also like the idea of freerolling when possible. Just wo
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