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  1. Pearson is for is rant on national tv and Flores is because he has more rings than Dungy. I think both candidates were bubble guys out of the last seniors class and most of the time the seniors nominees are rubber stamped in.
  2. Not to hijack this wonderful thread but he is from Texas and Black people from Texas especially rural areas listen to country music and some are real cowboys, farm hands, farmers. Wikapedia lists him from Houston but he could be from the outskirts or grew up in Plano or a place like that.
  3. Some might not even know what it means as Mayock isn't from the south, I know I didn't know what meant until I actually met some southern people and some distant relatives that lived in the DC area.
  4. The Flintstones had an episode like this where Fred got hit on the head and became a Kelsey Grammar cheer character and then a mob of former friends chased him into his house and Barney hit on the head again and he became the old boorish working class Fred. This might work....
  5. Wow so what did Kraft think when he gave his ID to police? Unless the police stated that they were just in the neighborhood, any fool would know that it was some sort of surveillance operation. Maybe he thought he had friends that would squash the citation type offense.
  6. He was freezing his ### off in Saskatchewan playing for the Roughriders in the CFL.
  7. It was undercover observation, it's not like they shook his hand as he left the rub and tug. It's no different than when they let drug dealers operate for another 6 months until the police department and the government feel they have a slam dunk case against the drug dealing gang.
  8. If the CFL players trained for 4 down football, I doubt it, for the reasons I stated before. Every CFL player was an all conference player, one weakness is the import ratio, but Alabama has guys who can't play football beyond the low minor league beer league level. How many Alabama Saban era lineman have been total busts, Trent Richardson has found his level and its a productive CFL player. The Alabama field goal kicker alone would be weak spot if the game was tight.
  9. Wow a late bloomer, I remember there was a guy who was ROY in the CFL the cycle before I went to my high school and he was superman when he played tailback, but running back is one of the easiest positions to learn.
  10. All are deserving inductions, I wish the members inductions per year were expanded to 7 or 8. Football unlike the other sports has much more players on the field. To limit a class to 5 players plus a seniors nominee is too tight for my liking. Maybe they could have a non players vote every x years similar to baseball and that would be less players that have to wait even longer. I find that many of the seniors nominees are guys that the writers tended to forget as new toys are out every year and recycled players are cast aside too easily with this tight criteria.
  11. These men are getting this at 45 or so, I doubt too many regular people are getting this dementia at that age. I know for something to be a scientific fact you need thousands of cases but it's more than obvious if you subject your brain to repeated trauma your odds of getting brain damage will be higher.
  12. I truly don't think that high school football is that dangerous, your main worry would be spinal chord injuries and chronic pain from a bad knee injury or various broken bones. What leads to the danger of brain damage is when a college prospect hits you. They tackle and block and at full level harder than a normal person. Their brains aren't stronger but the force that they can exert is much higher than a normal person. I remember getting run over by a D III back up lineman on a practice sweep play and he could have killed me if hit me right. When he took of his shirt while changin
  13. Don Frey badly slurs his words, Gary Goodridge has to write down instructions as he leaves his house to get to the store and come back home. The list of boxers that slur is too many to start a list, we could begin with two recently deceased legends in Frazier and Ali.
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