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  1. Probably belongs in the "Politics" thread, but THIS is the last straw for me. I'm a USMC vet and 40 year-old father, husband and proud citizen of the USA. The fact that Villanueva "was encouraged" (my speculation) to make a public apology for being the only Steeler to come out for the American Anthem, as an Army Ranger with several tours of duty under his belt, is a disgrace in itself. This weekend was the last straw for me in a slope I've been slipping down for some time with the NFL. It's a ####### GAME that is supposed to be my reprieve from day-to-day bull#### and when the fi
  2. I won't be haunting you thread all season, it was just the week. Thanks for the civil conversation Bia. You've been one of my favorite posters here for years dating back to my dynasty FFB days.
  3. Well, as expected without Bradford. That sucked for you guys. D played well, but just didn't have the offensive support. As to the podcast, who was it that predicted Minny's missed first extra point? That was Romo level psychic ability!
  4. Couldn't find a steady stream to watch. We come out healthy? I saw Jesse got dinged.
  5. No worries, bud. Best of luck to your team... but not too much! Hope they all come out healthy.
  6. Damn... There are worse backups out there, but wanted to see these teams compete as near 100% as possible. Definite downgrade.
  7. He knocked Burns for getting burnt on double moves in college and mentioned 3 games last year that he fell victim to the same thing and that he hated the pick when the Steelers made it (pre-formed bias that he's sticking to?). He did go on to say that in practice, Burns would hold down Antonio pretty well one day, then get abused the next and look lost... I'd argue that is better than half of the starting CBs in the NFL would do against Brown. One of them -- I think it was Ledyard but I don't remember and I don't know any of their three voices (one of which sounded so much like Bill Paxon th
  8. I also have to wonder if Pitt has shaken off the rust yet. No question that the Vikings looked like the better team last week, I'm just curious about how much of that was the Saints' D (or lack thereof) and how good the Browns' D really is. I guess we can agree about Shazier. Guy is a stud when he plays, but just seems too fragile to take the NFL pounding. For now, he is healthy and with a good D line in front of him, I just don't see Cook being a game-changer this week. Your best bet for now is probably running to the left. T.J. did not grade out so well in run D.
  9. I think we've seen enough of the Steelers' O to think it's safe to say that last Sunday was a down / rusty week against an under appreciated D (and a lot closer to Minnesota's level than you give them credit for - if their offense can support that D is another question). I don't think Bell gets going in the running game this week either, but I think he catches more than a half dozen and that the pass catchers other than Brown have some extra stats. I was saying that these match ups are very close, but if the Vikes have a top 5 D going back to last year or further, then I think you have to co
  10. And underestimated them based on history. Cleveland is getting better... quickly. Watch out for them in the AFCN when Ben is finished (age + injury or retirement).
  11. Agree that this will be a good test for both teams, but that the article linked was written with very purple-tinted glasses. Cleveland is certainly a team on the rise with a very good O line and also an up-and-coming, solid defense especially in the front 7. To think of them as doormats (again) and use them as a yardstick for the Pitt offensive ineptitude is a mistake. I think Rhodes may be able to limit Brown to 100 give-or-take, but that may be a double-edged sword, forcing passes to alternate receivers that are also game changers. To reference the article, the Steelers O line is sig
  12. As a Steelers fan, I have to admit I'm hoping for a Minny letdown and a Pitt wakeup call. If week 2 goes similar to week 1, the Steelers are in trouble.
  13. And what was his YPC in that first half? They were committing 8 or sometimes 9 to the box with a good front 7. Why keep beating your head against the wall? Or is this fantasy football related?
  14. He wasn't in sync in the passing game and the running game was being stuffed?
  15. I feel ya. My two-year-apart siblings are done and grown. You're in for one hell of a ride. Switch to whiskey. The extra sugar in rum is doing you no good -- for your waist or your hangover. A good burn also slows down consumption.
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