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  1. That's cool, wouldn't mind Jeudy either... both of these guys have gamebreaking ability and the niners need elite talent outside of Kittle on the offensive side of the ball.
  2. I really hope they don't take that 13th pick and draft another D lineman. As much as it hurts to see Buckner go... they have some decent talent in the interior with Jones and Blair (and possibly Taylor if he can stay on the field). I really hope they take a good long look at Lamb, I think that kid's gonna be a star...
  3. drake nevis has been picked already...

  4. Saint Louis's 4th round pick

    DT Drake Nevis LSU

    Gives us some youth in the middle The 4 big spots the Rams were looking to address are taken care of. Drake could sit behind Robbins for a year and then take over.

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