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  1. Benjamin Allbright: Falcons were gonna take Lance at 4
  2. Hasty's the most talented runner in this backfield (and probably the best receiver as well)... problem is (like Mostert) he can't seem to stay on the field.
  3. Shanny did exactly what he said he was going to do... let Lance run plays that he's comfortable with which is why you saw a bunch of QB Power up the middle. What Lance did NOT do in college (ironically) is a lot of zone read out of shotgun/pistol (I think in training camp they were having issues just executing the exchange), so that stuff is just as foreign to him as the NFL passing game. The one feeling I always come away w/ after watching Lance is that he just looks uncomfortable... and that only goes away with more playing time. One interesting stat is that Lance actually got a higher PFF grade this game than Garp did in 3 out of his 4 starts. Wouldn't be surprised if the niners are "taking it easy w/ Garp's injury" come week 7.
  4. If the niners somehow win, it will be by dominating on the ground (which they've struggled to do this year). So it sets up a potentially interesting scenario... what if Lance is simply mediocre, but they run the ball a lot better, play good D and take down the last remaining unbeaten? Does Lance keep the job after the bye?
  5. I'm expecting a circa 2016 Kaepernick-esque performance. 200 yds passing 1TD 2 turnovers, 75 yds rushing and maybe another TD.... most of it will be in garbage time down 2+ scores.
  6. I think that was probably more true back in 2005... and Alex Smith was ruined by a multitude of reasons (a new system every year, very little supporting talent to speak of, etc...) Lance at the moment won't fall victim to either. I mean you could see it during the course of the seahawks game... he went from looking like Tim Tebow to looking more like Lamar Jackson in the span of 2 quarters. The kid just needs reps and live fire NFL experience.
  7. For the "sit Trey Lance" proponents, please try to keep a few things in mind.... The 2011 and 2020 CBAs installed many rules that limit the amount of practice time available during the offseason as well as during the season. The installment of the rookie salary cap also meant if you've got a budding star at QB, those years when they're still on their rookie salaries are your best windows of opportunity for a title shot since you don't need to divert 10+% of your salary cap to one player. Is Trey Lance ready? No absolutely not, it was clear as day. But the niners need to start expediting that process... and that means getting him on the field more. This kid's played only 1.5 meaningful games since he was 19 years old and he looks it. Honestly the oft-used Mahomes analogy is kind of an aberration (not any less so than a Herbert or Luck)... can you guys think of any QBs that sat their first year and then just hit the ground running their 2nd? Mahomes is good because he's Patrick Mahomes, not because he sat behind Alex Smith.
  8. The problem w/ Sermon isn't opportunity or lack of preparation or whatever people wanna attribute to his lack of snaps... the problem is that he simply doesn't look that good when he's in. His cuts look lackadaisical, both running and route running-wise, he loses too much momentum trying to "juke" the D-ilne. I do recall when Zeke was a rookie he looked extremely unremarkable in his first several games, then proceeded to light it up... maybe it's an OSU RB thing? Hopefully so.
  9. I don't wanna throw Lance to the wolves, but I'd like to see him get a series here or there to see if it helps the running game. All the misdirection jet sweeps/reverses Jimmy's just a ballhandler... why not just have Lance run those?
  10. Bosa looked fine to me... he's not gonna get 2 sacks every game. The packers clearly made an emphasis on rodgers getting rid of the ball quickly.
  11. Who else is secretly kinda rooting for them to lose so we can see more Lance? I'm not gonna lie, this ain't a Superbowl team. Shanny looked like he had to pull out all the tricks in the bag to try and manufacture a running game. And Jimmy, for as much as he looked liked a hero for a few minutes, is just not good enough to take you over the top. Teams will dare him to beat them on deep throws outside the hash and I don't think he can do it. Instead his receivers will just keep getting clobbered over the middle. I'm not going to blame the defense for this one, they did ok considering the injuries and being -2 on turnovers. Unfortunately the deeper problem is just how many whiffs this team has had in the first 2 days of the draft. There was a shot of Lynch in the booth and he looked like a guy that was concerned about his job.
  12. As a niners fan, I'm afraid I was wrong about Sermon... he's giving me Isaiah Pead vibes. Both players I liked as prospects because I thought they had quick feet, but once in the NFL they looked like they were running in mud.
  13. I don't think the niners view Hasty as an early down back... he's been in the system the longest plus he's their best receiving back so he gets PT regardless on certain passing downs. He's also a pretty talented runner in his own right, just not durable and big enough to endure the rigors of a full time gig. The rest of the RB snaps will be broken down between Sermon and Mitchell. Their styles are so different that I can see shanahan playing both extensively week to week depending on gameplan. I expect something similar to Coleman/Mostert a la 2019. I don't think there's a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow unless injuries dictate otherwise.
  14. I know we're 2-0 but I don't understand how right guard has been a problem for this team for what feels like the entire Shanahan era.The fact that they whiffed on Banks is starting to become a serious problem. It bothers me that not only was he not a schematic fit, but also just not ready to play. Watch to see if they sign a veteran guard later this season... it will be a sign that they've more or less given up on Banks.
  15. Hope he's not hurt too bad... Sermon actually showed good burst on his lone run.
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