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  1. Anyone have more info on this hamstring injury? I assume it must have happened at practice but can’t find any details. I’m alittle worried in an easy win he could be limited if he is hobbled at all.
  2. Funny how many of us are deciding between Pollard/Gallman/Wilson .. I'm going with Pollard over Wilson.
  3. I'm in bad shape at RB, I had Wilson in but now leaning toward Pollard over him.
  4. Anyone rolling him out this week? I’ve kept him this long for this matchup, but now I’m nervous they will play it conservative and use defense and run game to win instead of passing all over the Jets like everyone else does. Goff has sucked in these juicy matchups before. I don’t have a great alternative, Hurts is probably my next best. Ugh.
  5. I'm leaning toward Wilson based on what we know today.Wilson gets goalline carries and doesn't have an injury hanging over him. Mostert might take one to the house, but he might also re-injure himself or be on a snap count or who knows what else. Why would they force him out there when they rely on many backs? In general Mostert seems a lot more risky in the fantasy playoffs. It might come down to your matchup and if you need to shoot for a ceiling game or if you are favored and just can't have a goose egg. The league I have these guys in is a standard scoring league, too, which helps Wilson's
  6. Any thoughts on how the WR corps will look once Cobb comes back? He was playing over Coutee before, seems like if he comes off IR in a couple of weeks he'll be ahead of Coutee unless something changes.
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