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  1. Anyone rolling him out this week? I’ve kept him this long for this matchup, but now I’m nervous they will play it conservative and use defense and run game to win instead of passing all over the Jets like everyone else does. Goff has sucked in these juicy matchups before. I don’t have a great alternative, Hurts is probably my next best. Ugh.

  2. I'm leaning toward Wilson based on what we know today.Wilson gets goalline carries and doesn't have an injury hanging over him. Mostert might take one to the house, but he might also re-injure himself or be on a snap count or who knows what else. Why would they force him out there when they rely on many backs? In general Mostert seems a lot more risky in the fantasy playoffs. It might come down to your matchup and if you need to shoot for a ceiling game or if you are favored and just can't have a goose egg. The league I have these guys in is a standard scoring league, too, which helps Wilson's case. Now that being said if he gets out there and practices and seems OK I'll likely change my mind!

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  3. I have Gio and Mixon but considering dumping Gio and not locking up two roster spots on Cincy. Of course that is assuming Mixon is coming back soon, which may not be the case. The backfield today seems to be turning into a full blown committee, with Samaje Perine getting half the touches last week and leading the team in rushing. Before the bye, it was 15 carries for Gio and 10 for Perine (both scoring TDs). It does seem Gio is still the goalline back based on his carry from the 10 yard line last week, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the 240 pound Perine take over if Mixon is out much longer. The league I have them is standard scoring, non-PPR which diminishes the value of Gio's catches.

  4. Is this the Derek Carr thread? Is there a Derek Carr thread? :) I can't be the only one who finds themselves rolling him out this week! I certainly hope he will put up QB1 numbers against a defense that stops the run but gets absolutely shredded in the passing game. I'm surprised that previous article predicts low end QB2 numbers against this defense.

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  5. I had him benched before I realized Powell was out, now I'm debating. But all the negative vibe about trading him, him trash talking, etc and the matchup. Feels like he will still split carries and against the Ravens the upside is limited. So I'm leaning toward Laird or Peterson and probably still benching him. Sad to be having to decide between these scrubs in the playoffs. Sheesh.

  6. Any new thoughts on LaFell after week 4? He had 6 targets, caught 4 for 42 yards and continues to outperform Naanee who had a whopping 11 targets but caught just 4 for 27 yards. How long can they keeping playing Naanee with his horrid completion precentage? Admittedly I didn't watch the game, maybe Cam was simply missing him. Anyone have any insight here? Shockey is banged up with a possible concussion and this could lead to more WR targets in the near term. Wondering if LaFell could be in for a good game against the Saints this week. Should be a real shootout.

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