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  1. Holy balls. The excuses just keep rolling down the hill. GET VACCINATED FOLKS!
  2. This is completely a different topic and has nothing to do with whether we try our best to get everyone possible vaccinated
  3. Of course they are. We have a pandemic ravaging through this country. The single best way to live a somewhat normal life and stop this in its place is to get vaccinated. What if nobody got vaccinated. We would have millions of deaths in this country. If that isn't a threat to our society, I am unsure what would be.
  4. That was just the first link I found. I am sure we would find many other tax payer subsidies if we looked harder. And I don't actually care, I support government subsidies when needed
  5. Except this is nowhere near the truth. The Carolina Connector, a $272 million Edgecombe County transit hub for CSX railroad, would receive taxpayer subsidies from the state of North Carolina of at least $700,000 for each of the 149 jobs the rail project is projected to create — for jobs that are expected to pay an average of $64,000 per year. LINK And Norfolk Southern gets $2 million from state to help move jobs out of Roanoke LINK
  6. For injuries and the like, yes, I agree. Treatment is a highly personal decision that should be made in consult with your physician. Covid and other communicable diseases, no. It is not just about you and your family. And if you consulted your physician, he/she would tell you to get the damn vaccine.
  7. I also don't understand why people latch onto one or two or even a dozen experts when they represent such a miniscule percentage. Folks need to stop "expert shopping".
  8. It's amazing how you need to frame every single thing as a left or right issue. Both sides have had huge issues with sexual harrasment. Both sides have had some good reactions, but in general, the man always wins
  9. My dad is vaccinated. Most immuno-compromised folks I know are in fact vaccinated. The efficacy rate is only about half of others though. That is the issue I have with the unvaccinated because they put that subset of the population at a much higher risk. My dad stayed with us a few months ago. He was planning on doing so again, but because of increased cases, he is going to forego this visit
  10. Most people I know, myself included, have a loved one who is immuno-compromised. My dad is a organ recipient, and while he is doing wonderfully, the current data says that the vaccine is only 40% effective. So, all those people that refuse to get the vaccine are not just hurting themsleves. They are putting many more people at risk because of their selfishness
  11. Yes, I got that by your "nope" answer. The follow up is why would you now lean towards no if a greater percent of kids were gay? Like what is the thing that makes you say "nope"?
  12. Man, you are one angry fella. Geez. You typed "nope" when asked "would you be OK with it". With "it" referring to gay couples adopting children. I am not trying to misrepresent you in any fashion. I just don't know what your reasoning is
  13. Its almost like you just came into the thread read only my last post and responded to that. You have typed a lot of words. Hard to keep up. It appears you think children need both a male and female presence. I get that. But as others have pointed out, the ideal is not always possible. I am asking why you would deny the ability of gay couples to adopt if it turns out that their kids are more likely to be gay. I dont think you touched on that in any fo your responses
  14. Nope Is there something wrong with being gay in your opinion? Or wrong enough that you would deny a gay couple the ability to adopt a child?
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