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  1. In the annals of human child suffering....spending 13 months sitting at home wouldn't rank very high. Let's all save the histronics for the women who birthed us, yes? My kids lives weren't ruined by any stretch. They played more legos and got more parental love than they will ever get again. I am sure there are some kids who suffered greatly because of the school's shutting down, but there are millions of kids who lives suck regardless of the pandemic.
  2. I hardly think eminent domain is a blue state thing, so it is sort of a surprise that you word it that way. We only have to go back a couple months to find a red state in Texas gobbling up land via eminent domain to build a wall
  3. This would take 60 votes to convict in the senate which they most assuredly would not have
  4. As they should. That's where the people live
  5. That audio is pretty cringeworthy. What if you said you trusted them, but not the ones that supported BLM (where a bunch of them were black)?
  6. 😕 Gov. Andrew Cuomo claims: "I am not part of the political club" and say he won't bow to "cancel culture."
  7. Well good to hear that Ron Johnson wasn't scared because it was a bunch of white folks who love their country. But if it was BLM protestors, he would have been truly frightened. What a piece of #### https://twitter.com/American_Bridge/status/1370434031532314625?s=20
  8. Excited for all the folks complaining about cancel culture to have his back
  9. Days it took all these guys to pass their first major piece of legislation Biden - 51 days Trump - 334 days Obama - 427 days Bush - 279 days Clinton - 202 days
  10. Anyone catch this brilliant dude on Fox? Fox Guest: "The Queen has been the head of the commonwealth, which has a number of lands around the world from the colonial days, and the majority of the people that live in those lands are Black or Asian. So the queen is far from being a racist." https://twitter.com/NikkiMcR/status/1370126968960786432?s=20
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