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  1. I'm starting to actually hate this band. I can appreciate being influenced by Zep, but trying to sound exactly like them? GTFO. Also, lead singer has some of the worst stage presence I've ever seen. Agree. Look and sound like a decent, but not someone you would want to see more than a couple times at a local bar, Zep cover band
  2. Dude. I didn't mention a single thing about debt forgiveness in my post. I was responding to para and his take that art degrees shouldn't exist.
  3. `You have a really narrow view on what artists learn and do for a living after graduating with art degrees. They become graphic designers, furniture builders, web designers, filmmakers, etc.
  4. Not mentioned in the little blurb above, but Representative Newman's daughter is transgender. So while it was a bit of trolling on her part, there was a personal connection to the cause. The really disgusting part took place after Newman put up the flag though. Greene responded by hanging a large sign outside her door that reads "There are two genders: MALEand FEMALE. Trust the Science!" This woman is a terrible person. Ugh
  5. Come on man. A young healthy guy all of a sudden dies from heart attack or stroke or aneurysm and it turns up that just a day ago he was involved in some out of the ordinary stressful/dangerous situation, of course they would investigate whether that incident had anything to do with it
  6. If random Joe was walking to the grocery store and there was gunfight on the street and he was caught in the middle and had a heart attack, the cause of death would certainly be looked at and not just tossed aside like you seem to want to do
  7. What about when Trump was president of the United States? Did what he said carry more weight with you than some American chosen at random ? Of course what the president said carried more weight than a random person. Where are you going with this?
  8. Inauguration Day. You nailed me without using twitter. Great job Is your contention that if Trump won we wouldn't be seeing declines around the country?
  9. All of a sudden? No. But if you would take a moment to look at the data, you will see that NC had cases/hospitalizations peak in mid January and has been a sharp decline ever since then.
  10. Let me re-phrase.....they love to dig up the past to rule up the masses Yo shouldr re-phrase again. Maybe with some examples so we can decipher your lingo.
  11. Will you find any Biden supporters in here who think this is a good thing? Doubtful
  12. The left loooooves to live in the past and get folks riled up about it....it's kind of their thing.....only stuff that fits the narrative though I have no idea what this means.
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