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  1. I've heard of quite a few of these, many from my own clients. Most, though, were because they underestimated their incomes themselves rather than than any "health care calculators" giving them the incorrect amount. In the end, they technically received an interest free loan on the part they have to pay back. That's a good point. Although she's still quite frustrated that she essentially won't get the tax return that she was expecting. Especially when all the calculators she has tried, still estimate that she is eligible for the subsidy she took. She even called the marketplace and the representative she spoke to was shocked at how much of a discrepancy there was between the subsidy amount estimated from the calculator (on the marketplace) and the amount she actually qualifies for on her tax forms. He wasn't able to help her other than to recommend she work this out with her tax preparer. Overall, I'm surprised this hasn't been an issue for more people.
  2. Has anyone come across a situation where someone had to pay back most of their subsidy because the health care calculators figured out the wrong amount they were eligible for? In 2013, a friend of mine took half of the subsidy the calculator said she was eligible for and after doing her taxes this year for 2014, she found out she was only eligible for a much smaller subsidy and now has to pay back over $500, nearly wiping out her entire tax return. Her income for 2014 was slightly more than what she put into the calculator originally, but it seems strange that it would have impacted the subsidy by that much. She has tried other calculators since doing her taxes (with the correct income) and they come up with a significantly greater subsidy than what her taxes indicate. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone has heard of a similar experience.
  3. I was just ####### around man, I sent the links to everybody in here, except for Gdogg whose inbox was full. I'd take PM please if someone is willing to share the link.
  4. Completely different song on the CD. It sounds too cluttered. The demo is so much better IMHO. I don't recall hearing the demo....but Speed of Sound is pretty easily my least favorite song on the new disc.TU had posted this a while back. I hope it still works:http://www.sendspace.com/file/6rlnci
  5. Completely different song on the CD. It sounds too cluttered. The demo is so much better IMHO.
  6. Thanks BBWC! Awesome cd so far! I already knew I loved "The End" and "Speed of Sound", but all songs are very listenable and I know after more times though I'm going to love them that much more.
  7. Would love a PM as well if possible.Me too please. Also, did you ever get the EV Nashville show?
  8. I finally had a chance to listen to part of the Memphis show. Excellent sound quality and that's just on my laptop. Pretty cool setlist too. Can't wait to burn the lossless file on a CD. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks a ton [icon]! I've been so jazzed about this all day. Unfortunately, I've got to make some space on my computer, so I won't get a chance to unpack it tonight and listen to it, but at least I'll have it downloaded.Thanks again
  10. That probably would be the best way to not let it get out. Especially when they say not to post it on a message board. Awesome news!I'll take a PM when it's available.
  11. Yeah, I know. Sorry I missed them.It's all good, man. Sorry they died. I'll work on getting current linksMuch appreciated [icon]. As soon as the link for the 08 shows were posted, I spent the next couple of hours downloading those for fear that they'd be gone just like when I found the Berkley show last year that was gone within a day of when I originally found it.
  12. I'm trying to limit myself as I don't want to get sick of it before the album comes out, but yeah, great song.
  13. Both links for the Philly show are down as well as the mp3 for Baltimore.
  14. Thanks TF, that song is amazing. I couldn't catch all the lyrics, but found someone's stab at it on the Pearl Jam message boards. Pretty intense. I can't wait for the new album.
  15. Over Christmas I was sitting around with my nieces playing different Christmas music on my lap top. One of the songs that came on was a song about wanting a hippopotamus for Christmas. At the same time my 4 yr old niece was singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth." Once she heard the word hippopotamus she started singing "all I want for Christmas is my ALL front teeth." Later on the same niece was sitting around watching us play board games and she started cheering and sticking her thumb up saying "upper boo." I guess thumbs down always means boo.
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