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  1. Yeah Washington took Campbell at #25. Packers took Rodgers at #24.
  2. I don't think he's lying. Jon believes what he writes, he'll make any excuse for anyone who has a R after their name. He's just another dolt who thinks Politics is a Sporting Event.
  3. Until Dan realizes he's the major issue here nothing will change. If the Caps have a good season again I think we might hear grumblings about that. Snyder can't be happy watching the Caps get celebrated all over town.
  4. Sounds like it's just a sprain and he'll be good to go this weekend. The Junkies did report this morning he is getting a second opinion.
  5. That's a crazy high number. Seems like there is lots of different reports on the topic on The Googles.
  6. wow and their literacy rate is at 99%. I think my number is off, I can't find the article I seem to be misremembering. Although your link has them at south of 10%, I do not think that is accurate.
  7. I'll see if I can find it, it was in an article about education I recall reading a few months ago.
  8. If you are serious about betting I'm sure more than one person here would take you up on it. Which is why I asked you how much, if it's worth my time I'd be in.
  9. People who use the "boys will be boys" are doing so because they have similar incidents in their past as well.
  10. Yes I read that, which is why I asked where he stayed. If a hotel has a 4 or 5 star rating on Priceline or Expedia it doesn't make it a 4 or 5 star hotel.
  11. I've worked in Luxury Hotels for over 15 years. Just trying to throw out some useful information, I'm sure you can find good deals here and there online. But you'll miss out if that's the way you book 100% of the time. Also this is the Luxury Market, where are you staying in Manhattan for $150?
  12. And if you book online you'll have zero chance of having that Resort Fee waived or getting a room upgrade, or an amenity in your room for your anniversary/birthday/whatever you are celebrating. My experience has been predominately on the luxury side of the market though.
  13. In a free game I don't mind. In a game I paid for I'm annoyed.
  14. I mean from that angle. You have a better chance of having your room upgraded, not being charged a resort fee, etc if you book directly. If you book on Expedia for example the hotel only sees about 2/3rds of that so the hotel will be less likely to help you out.
  15. FYI this is the worst thing you can do. Always book directly with the hotel, at worst they'll match the price you found online.
  16. I'm not digging back through that thread but KCitoins is right, it was said in that thread. Now please stop cluttering up another yet another thread with nonsense back and forth with your usual fan club.
  17. If there was a common sense test for gun owners all of Stealthy's guns would be taken away immediately.
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