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  1. Ronnie Brown at #7 is WAY , way too high, IMO..the guy has shown little since turning pro. Let me ask you: Who is your Dolphins QB? because they will need a good one to keep defenses from stacking 8 or 9 in the box. how's that O-line? oh yeah, it's in shambles. is Cam Cameron a good Oc, or just the product of a system that has Tomlinson as its RB? Tomlinson, by the time he's finished, could be the best RB of all time..not hard to look good as an OC with that guy hanging around..I wonder how Cameron does in Miami as a first year as a head coach.. I thought most of your work here was great! AJ was just right, IMO..Maybe you're a bit high on VY , probably too high for my liking..I think defenses spend time trying to figure him out, he kind of snuck up on people last year,so to speak.now the cat's out of the bag..I think he's going to struggle..that begs the next question: why so low on Jay Cutler? he performed at or above the level that VY did, has a much better supporting cast, and plays four games against the defensively challenged Raiders ( still a year away from being dominant) and Chiefs...factor in Travis Henry as a serious upgrade at RB, and the writing is on the wall for a great season for Cutler...
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