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  1. Schools are hurting 4 sure and not sure if this belongs here but... My daughter turned this Lemons thing into something sweeter. Architecture student at Northeastern U second year. Covid thing has been front page and she contacted about 50 architecture firms about an internship. Most responded "thanks but we aren't looking for someone with your experience at this time". She got one to bite based on her portfolio. She's doing menial stuff but getting a #### load of experience. Plus she's helping them with there social image, and she's taking a year off from school as they've offered her a ft position. She will need a ton of hours before she can get her license and she'll be getting experience that should make life easier to get her degree. Proud papa here.
  2. My parents charged me rent and all of it was mine when/if I bought real estate (not a car/trip). Really helped buying my first home.
  3. Started reading this thread and almost pissed myself and puked at the same time by all the comedy. Summer tires are dangerous in the winter regardless of tread depth. get a dedicated set of Blizzaks for the winter or if things are tight financially. Park it until spring ya cheap mofo .
  4. I just got back from a short trip to this fabulous city. The people are friendly and helpful. The city is clean and seems safe. The architecture and character is amazing. My first day I easily walked over 20 miles. Old port area is something to be seen.
  5. I'm guessing that they discussed the case with there SO and were told the truth.
  6. Ya got me. Wasn't NJ. Was on my way to NJ. Happened in NY.
  7. I can relate to the OP. I felt/feel horrible after being a juror on a wrongful death case. We heard case for a few days. Deliberation came and 2 jurors were siding with the plaintiff, the rest of us were with the defendant. (both jurors had spouses with medical backgrounds) I was the foreman and leaned heavy on the 2. Eventually they relented as they had nothing to argue based on the evidence/testimonies presented. When I got home I called a friend who's a doctor and asked his opinion on the case. He said that we were lied to by witnesses, as he said things that lead to the victim dying happen all the time. I wanted to puke and still feel horrible about letting the hospital off/pressuring the 2 jurors to switch. Our system has flaws and I wish I'd have listened to my gut instead of listening to the letter of the law.
  8. Thompson is pretty flat. IMO the only interesting elevation change would be the last turn. The turn ends at the crest of a small hill, and if you have lots of HP or take the turn wrong the rear end steps out. The L/R turns coming off the oval are fun. Other than that it's not a very interesting track, just a bunch of drag strips connected by hairpins. Not my favorite track but it's close and travelling gets expensive. We spent about $6,000 to race at Pitt. If we race at the tracks closer it's about $3,500. Travelling to Pitt also required us to take 2 additional days off for travel (Thursday and Monday).
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