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  1. Or, as my wife once said as a player's helmet was knocked off, his head came off!
  2. We have the CeeDee Cee Mandates in my primary league.
  3. It's the headband thing; the football predictions are strange, but OK. Looking forward to your K contests this year.
  4. You've been putting too much of your sauce on your food, my friend.
  5. My OSU friends think that Wilson will be drafted before Olave, and deservedly so.
  6. Malwarebytes is flagging that DraftDominator.Lnk and DraftDominator.exe have been quarantined as possible ransomware.
  7. 67...looking forward to shooting my age when I play golf (not anytime soon).
  8. Two beers and a shot already...inside in central Ohio as it's degrees (but sunny...great football weather if the Browns had made it this far). MoP -- great post earlier about the serialism of hosting a Super Bowl party today. I'm picking up pizzas at 5:30 for my wife, daughter, and me. Enjoy the game everyone -- and go GOAT!
  9. I would guess that Hunt splits out most of the game and the two of them are in together.
  10. He may be a split out most of the game...will see more snaps than usual.
  11. Hunt as a split out and Chubb as the RB for most offensive plays tomorrow?
  12. QB: Brady, Hurts RB: A. Jones, Jacobs, Montgomery, Pollard WR: Ridley, AJ Brown, Claypool, Coutee TE Waller PK: Fairbairn Def: TB, Phil 14-team league, no PPR
  13. I'm going to go with TB against Detroit: a good (not great) D, Stafford (if he plays, probably will) gets sacked a lot, and most of the Lions' defensive coaches are out with COVID. My alternatives are LAC vs Denver, Philly vs Dallas, and Seattle vs LAR. I think TB gives me the best chance.
  14. Are both Team A and B still active in the playoffs? If yes, then nothing wrong -- Team A could have grabbed one of those QBs. If Team B no longer in the playoffs, then it should be precluded from FA market.
  15. Koo? Didn't have a lot of opportunities last week...more this week? Or if (when) Atlanta falls behind do they go for TDs and not FGs?
  16. Brees or Brady? Brees or Watson (or Goff)? Dang!
  17. 1.11: Josh Jacobs (whom I did not start last night 😣) 2.04: Aaron Jones 3.11: AJ Brown 4.04: Calvin Ridley 5.11: Darren Waller (whom I did start last night) 6.06: David Montgomery 7.11: Tom Brady That's it. But my first 7 were pretty good and I'm favored in my semi-final match (despite not starting Jacobs -- I picked up Akers and am starting him instead).
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