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  1. Welp just found this, anyone still out in there? I'm taking my first class on Tuesday at the young age of 47. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. Would be interesting to hear if you are still going at it @STEADYMOBBIN 22
  2. Fantastic find thank you for sharing. Terrible search interface which I guess is to be expected. If anyone comes across any good old school or underground hip hop stations, please share. I'm really digging ASTOUNDED out of Frankfurt and there is nothing like listening to reggae straight from the tap in Jamaica. GT Reggae radio in particular.
  3. Ok makes sense from that point of view. As someone who isn't a gun guy I'm really curious because assault weapons being banned seems like a no brainer. Not sure why anyone needs an assault weapon or high capacity magazines. Whats the rational use case for that type of gun? Why should the Joe Schmo have access to that type of weapon? Edit to add....me not being a gun guy means I have no experience with guns. I don't believe all guns should be banned.
  4. Do you think background checks, and banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines are a bad thing? Honest question. I don't see how this is coming after your guns.
  5. Sad to hear this, I was in a hard fought dynasty league with Chris. Cancer sucks.
  6. I think it's awful. Why do this? It's a physical advantage no matter how the boy identifies him/herself.
  7. No they aren't too long but are quite annoying. Happened a bunch of times again to me this evening...seems worse then before this patch...at least for me @Joe Bryant I have some screenshots of the errors if you want them for any reason.
  8. Site has consistently timed out on me this afternoon.
  9. True but that's a threat to the president elect.
  10. Ok great, for some reason it seemed easier then that in the article. Thanks.
  11. Can anyone smarter then me explain why in the world Pence wouldn't just overturn this on January 6th? He has the power to just override the electorals, so to speak? This is crazy. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/13/us/politics/trump-allies-election-overturn-congress-pence.html
  12. There is a .001% chance he doesn't go into his election fraud routine even though those in his party are pleading with him not to. Whether that hurts or helps....dunno.
  13. He should just yell something like" mickey d shakes, rainbow unicorns, fungos, michael jackson, dr pepper!!!!....sooo.....based on our great constitution we won Arizona!!'. It would make as much sense.
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