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  1. Where did you get that door? Wife wants to put a barn door for the utility room.
  2. PSA for those with pets https://investigatemidwest.org/2021/03/02/popular-flea-collar-linked-to-almost-1700-pet-deaths-the-epa-has-issued-no-warning/?utm_source=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=37305
  3. I think the drying agent is just required if washing plastics. If only glass/metal it shouldn't be needed. Emphasis on think
  4. Found it...good grief. Had to literally scroll through 10 pages to find it. Search function sucks ###
  5. Where is that car buying thread? Nm found it Search function sucks
  6. Where is the thread on car buying? Can't find it. Found it
  7. Which model? Been thinking about doing the same as well.
  8. We are having the same problem (training of new employees). We've been doing zoom type meetings/training almost daily and the new recruits are still falling behind. Senior leadership is aware of the issues and I doubt telework will be authorized for more than 1 day/week in a couple of months.
  9. Still up 6% on the year. Slow and steady.
  10. AXP helped deaden the blow from SE today.
  11. Next time tell us so we can sell.
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