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  1. The official answer I got was "The Season-long and DFS Week 1 landing pages have the projected (and already released) Week 1 content. Some features from 2019 were not renewed for 2020 unfortunately.". Which is really too bad. I enjoyed that feature.
  2. Sorry about that. Not sure why I can see it but not you since, I am not a Sun paper subscriber. I would paste the article but I am not sure how legal it is, so in summary it was an article written by John Steadman in 1999 (long ago, I know). The essence of the article is how the Baltimore Colts identity was overlayed with Indianapolis Colts references, so that stars like Unitas and others took offense to being identified as a Indianapolis Colts star and HOF in NFL brochures and plaques.
  3. The NFL has a history of whitewashing history. https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/bs-xpm-1999-01-24-9901230254-story.html
  4. I watch often. Definitely a liberal slant, but not sensationalist. Tends to cover one story every night pretty deeply if slightly one sided. More world news info. If you get a chance, check out BBC America's News. More of a world view of things including American news.
  5. Schooner Wharf to listen to Michael McCloud. Sets the whole mood of the laid-back, who gives a damn attitude all near the water. Don't expect high-end because this is a typical KY bar where people watching is part of the sport of being there. Enjoy.
  6. Bernie is taking this all the way to the convention because he has been in politics for a long time and this is the most he has been able to voice his opinion and have people listen to it across the country.
  7. Thanks I checked that out and it is limited right now but it sounds like they are expanding the capabilities in the near future. Seems like the software hasn't quite caught up to what I want (queuing alerts for new episodes from traditional cable/satellite channels). This Roku feed seems like the most promising in the works. I'll keep an eye on improvements.
  8. Maybe something like this is more of what I am looking for. Now that I think about it, recording isn't really what I would need. It would be more of a notification listing of shows I am interested and episodes I haven't watched yet. If I can get to those episodes anytime then I don't need to record it. I just want a listing to tell me that the latest unwatched episode is now available. I will look into "next episode" as an option. Thanks.
  9. I have Directv (Premiere Package) and want to cut the cord by using Roku 3(?). Before doing so, I have been searching around for a DVR-type of hookup for non-air channels (such as AMC, HBO, Showtime, etc.). "Why would I need that when I can get the shows anytime I want?" you ask. Basically it would be to know when a new episode or season starts without having to remember to search and every 3,6, 18 months only to discover it hasn't started yet. It would just automatically record these shows and it would show on my queue when a new episode is available. Is there any process/add-on/app/hardware that would be able to do this? I have found solutions for over-air recording and that is great, but nothing so far for non-air.
  10. Elizabeth Warren fits Bernie's viewpoint best, but I was wondering if Joe Biden wouldn't be the perfect running mate for Bernie.
  11. Bernie's Book: Outsider in the White House http://www.versobooks.com/books/2060-outsider-in-the-white-house
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