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  1. I voted Lawrence. A rookie contract for 5 years plus the franchise tag years or a chance for an extension. You're talking 6 - 8 years of control and you can still cut bait if he just doesn't have it.. I suspect even poorly run NFL franchises can trust their scouting on a guy like Lawrence. We all know Watson is really good and there's value in that knowledge but he's already getting paid. He's also only under contract for 5 years at already high salaries after the first couple years.
  2. no PPR no PPR PPR 6 pt pass TDs 5 pt pass TDs 4 pt pass TDs Aaron Rogers Jalen Hurts Jalen Hurts (was Wentz) Jonathan Taylor JK Dobbins Ben Roethlisberger DK Metcalf Miles Gaskin Mike Davis(McCaffrey) AJ Brown DK Metcalf DeAndre Swift Tyreek Hill Mike Evans DK Metcalf Travis Kelce
  3. 3 leagues; already in two finals and can make the third with Roethlisberger outscoring Ebron by 1 point. I beat a 12 - 1 team, a team starting both Dalvin Cook and Derrick Henry and might beat a 2QB team starting Mahomes and Tannehill. I can thank Taysom Hill for keeping me alive and Jalen Hurts for getting me over the top when i lost Brees and Burrow. DK Metcalf is only player on all three teams but had Hurts, Crosby and Ravens D on two teams each. I'm psyched!
  4. I've got T. Hill and R. Fitzpatrick and probably rolling w/ Fitzmagic if he's starting.
  5. Lucille Ball Andy Griffith Sherman Hemsley Ted Danson
  6. I would prefer Fuller and Akers. At least Akers still has a chance to make a late season impact; if he wasn't stuck in a 3 way committee it would be a no brainer. I re-read and see it's dynasty and I'm 100% on Akers over Gaskin.
  7. Starting Taysom Hill at QB, probably for rest of season. Jared Cook is my only currently rostered TE but last three weeks have been basically zero and I'm looking for improvement. Hill to Cook could theoretically be a nice connection but is likely the last option in that offense. Austin Hooper is available and ranked top 12 on fbg perhaps because Jacksonville has been poor against TEs but I have little confidence he'll get much use. Jordan Reed is also available, I like his talent but avoid due to injury and concussion history.
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