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  1. This is unacceptable.............correct this.
  2. Didn't see the cost/value chart by Dodds week 1. Couldn't figure out why this week didn't feel right....until I remembered this. I would use this every week to help write down notes, etc. Am I missing this? Or is this not a thing anymore?
  3. Let me know if you start up a new group. I have a couple hundred sitting in my PayPal itching to get out.
  4. This makes me want to switch our league to an auction format.
  5. Your right. They are not there. But it may be the scene is trying to emphasize Delores is so focused on whatever the hell she is doing, she has zoned them out.
  6. That's part of her daily loop. Happens every day. But this time, she remembers a previous day. They also show a different guest standing on the porch. Different father, etc.
  7. Here are some selections that are on teams with crappy (or unproven) QB's. QB - Blake Bortles - JAX/8 - $7 QB - Marcus Mariota - TEN/4 - $7 QB - Brian Hoyer - HOU/9 - $5 QB - Kirk Cousins - WAS/8 - $3 QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick - NYJ/5 - $3 RB - LeSean McCoy - BUF/8 - $25 RB - Latavius Murray - OAK/6 - $21 RB - Carlos Hyde - SF/10 - $19 RB - Chris Ivory - NYJ/5 - $15 RB - Cameron Artis-Payne - CAR/5 - $4 WR - Mike Evans - TB/6 - $23 WR - Sammy Watkins - BUF/8 - $19 WR - Amari Cooper - OAK/6 - $19 WR - Allen Robinson - JAX/8 - $17 WR - Brian Hartline - CLE/11 - $5 TE - Vernon Davis - SF/10 - $7 TE -
  8. What's the play here if you already drafted him in redraft leagues? Do you plan on holding?
  9. Not sure if you guys have seen this, but I thought this was funny. Happened here in Charleston, SC. Would a law which prevents passing on the right help with idiots driving slow in left lane?
  10. I might be able to help, I have lived here most my life. What are you interested in doing? I see the beach is one. How about history? Seafood?History:1. Take the boat to Fort Sumter2. Carriage rides downtown are touristy but cool3. Some guided ghost walks through cemeteries downtown4. Really cool old architecture through downtown streets south of Broad StreetSeafood:1. Bowens Island Restaurant near Folly Beach has killer oysters and fried seafood2. Watersedge on Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant has a great selection of seafood - I recommend the crispy flounderHit me up if you have any other qu
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