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  1. Well we might see a different tweet on Monday when it doesn't show up in his bank account.
  2. There was no direct physical threat and its probably open to interpretation on an individual level what one would consider to be intimidating, but I would think at a minimum any reasonable person would consider these to be harassment. He's certainly not making contact with her to have a friendly chat about the situation and any time you bring someone's kids into it that's going to escalate the situation.
  3. I usually just throw a hand towel over my.......ah nevermind.
  4. Yeah, I thought kidney or lung. He's back in the huddle right now.
  5. He was laying on the ground and looked to be in a lot of pain. Initially he jumped up and looked to be fine but as he walked off the field he slowly went to the ground on the sideline and called for the trainers. Might have been a shot to the ribs or something. Saw a tweet from someone that said he was standing on the sideline now and looked to be fine but not sure.
  6. Edmonds in for DJ on the current Cardinals drive.
  7. I believe Air Yards is in relation to the line of scrimmage, meaning he probably caught most of his passes last year at or behind the line of scrimmage (which I'm assuming would be 0 air yards per catch not 1 per catch). In other words he was running routes down the field on Sunday. I think on one of the podcasts they said he lined up and ran a route as a WR 15 times on Sunday and only did that 16 times all of last season. When he was the #1 RB in 2016 they said he lined up as a WR an average of 11.4 times per game.
  8. Maybe that's what Gruden meant when he said "Good luck to them" when talking about AB going to the Pats.
  9. Geez, you're really willing to go the extra mile to get him back sooner!
  10. My personal opinion is even if all of that happens, you are still going to have people in dynasty leagues that are tainted by this situation and are not willing to pay as much for him going forward as they would have been a month ago. Maybe 2-3 years down the line if he's still putting up top WR numbers his value gets back to where it was a month ago, but it's going to take a while IMHO.
  11. It's already been explained numerous times that nobody is ever totally vindicated once accusations like this are made. Like it or not there are going to be people that see him as more of a risk after this even if he never gets charged. A players value isnt what you see it as, its what others are willing to pay and if there are less interested buyers his value goes down. Simple supply and demand. If nothing else this brought his prior domestic violence incident to the forefront and is now fresh in peoples minds. That is going to be a factor in people deciding whether or not to trade for him going forward and it will take a while to recover from that even if he were somehow totally vindicated which is almost impossible at this point.
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