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  1. Looooooong way to go, but in my 39 years no Bears QB has ever made a first impression like that. I hope you're right! The quickness in the pocket is special, the arm looks good. Just a question of whether or not he has the mindset and ability to get better. Of course that's a huge question, but let us fanatics have our day, the next decade looks bright.
  2. I know it's against the backups, but Fields is by far the best player on the field. He's gonna be able to make up for an iffy line, that's obvious
  3. Great stat, and it will determine if DM is a fantasy stud this year or just a solid #2, imo I think he will be a solid #2 back. Can't ask for much more from your#2 than a big workload with 10TD potential. Would gladly scoop him up in round 5 if he's there.
  4. Lebron showing why he is just a few pubic hairs short of Jordan. Doubt he would ever go out with such a whimper. Where does he go next to try and win another ring and who tags along?
  5. That's amazing. Pep is the man. People love to hate City and Guardiola, but they play the most beautiful football and it isn't even close, imo.
  6. I'll second this. Rose obviously went though a mid career crisis, so to say, when he realized he would never regain the world class athleticism that made him an MVP at such a young age. When the Cavs let him go a few years back, I truly thought it was the end for Rose. Remember seeing the sad looking picture of him shooting alone at some random high school gym when he was a free agent. But Thibs through him a life line in Minnesota, and he hasn't looked back since then, and is now one of the best reserves in the league. He put his ego aside and developed a game that is useful to NBA teams.
  7. Just don't trust anyone in this industry at this point, maybe the card grading/cutting/etc corruption has always been rampant but I'm just done with it. Sorry for the tangent, this hobby has become a playground for those with too much money and too little morals. Wish you all the the best
  8. This is exactly what will happen. Since the criminal justice system so often fails the victims, many view the civil route as a better alternative. Don't see this hurting Watson on the field in any significant way, as after the settlements are reached everything will be sealed, but it will hurt his bottom line in the future.
  9. 5 and 1, the score was so much closer than it should have been. Carolina will be a good team sooner than expected.
  10. Sorry for hijacking... The draft Kings app will not load the set lineup page for me regardless of what NFL contest I try to enter. It works fine for every other sport. Anyone experience this crap? Not sure what's going on. In short, the app crashes when I choose any NFL contest, but it works fine for the other sports.
  11. Chicago isn't letting him get away. Think he got his feelings hurt, or has an idiot for a social media manager
  12. 1-0 baby... Doesn't matter if they really shouldn't have won it lol.
  13. Mitch Trubisky, grew an inch today. Detroit needs to score a TD with 2 mins to get it. Still think Detroit pulls this out...
  14. Used: Offense: None Defense: None Week1: Offense: Indianapolis Defense: New England
  15. I feel bad for the current and future running backs in the NFL. They will make a decent living, and a few of them may even get a big contract from an idiot GM, but the analytics nerds have already won this battle. Tell your kid to find a new position while you can... They are two steps above kickers in terms of value to a good organization. Outside of true generational talents like ADP and well... Maybe Barkley(but I certainly wouldn't bet on him being better than an average RB in five years)... They are truly dime a dozen in today's NFL. The stats have already spoken and I don't think the clock is ever being turned back.
  16. Jackson is a flash in the pan, Harbaugh should be fired for not putting in Flaxco... He has to put this kid on the bench now, right?
  17. If Eddie Jackson isn't damn close to 100%, I don't think we win more than one playoff game. Which is perfectly fine give the history and trajectory of this team. After Mack, he's the most important/talented player on the team. I'm not feeling too optimistic given what Nagy said today, but I hope I'm very wrong. Regardless, this team has all the tools in place for a very nice 5 year run that could really result in a title. Gonna be a fun ride
  18. Enjoy watching him while he's healthy. Hopefully he can do this for a few seasons before he gets broken.
  19. As of today: NFC 3- Washington over 6- Seattle 4- Chicago over 5- Carolina 1- Los Angeles over 4- Chicago 2-:New Orleans over 3- Washington 1- Los Angeles over 2- New Orleans AFC 6- Cinncinati over 3- Pittsburgh 4- Houston over 5- Los Angeles 1- Kansas City over 6- Cinncinati 2- New England over 4- Houston 2- New England over 1- Kansas City Super Bowl Los Angeles over New England Don't see the title games being much different come January unless Philly, Minny or Jax get their #### together.
  20. Who really thought the Bears we're ready to win this type of game. Still on a very good path, not worried at all. On to next week
  21. Yep, he can still help a good team though, I think they trade him this week
  22. Some guys, actually the vast majority never because what they once were after shredding a knee. I don't think Dalvin was a guy that could afford to lose 10% of his athleticism and still be a good running back regardless of situation. Selling in all formats and moving on
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