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  1. NFL rules do not reference "lateral" anywhere in the body with respect to field of play. The only time lateral is used in NFL rules is with reference to where teams can move laterally on the sidelines. The clear definition of a forward pass as described above. What jaborony is describing as a sideways lateral is NOT a forward pass; it is not moving forward or to a point near the opponent's goal line: "It is a forward pass if: the ball initially moves forward (to a point nearer the opponent’s goal line) after leaving the passer’s hand(s) the ball first strikes the ground, a player, an official, or anything else at a point that is nearer the opponent’s goal line than the point at which the ball leaves the passer’s hand(s)."
  2. I don't have any other videos. The ball first touches his hand behind the 3 yard line when you go by frame, which speaks to the direction in which the ball left Mahomes hand. The definition of forward pass doesn't default to where Kelce gained full possession, but the direction in which the ball was traveling.
  3. Every view I have, the ball left Mahomes hand in front of the 3 yard line, and first was touched by Kelce behind the 3 yard line. By definition, not a forward pass. Review relative to Mahomes' back foot and where the ball was positioned on his body as was delivered.... Not sure how say 100% a pass, and clearly wasn't backwards??
  4. Section 1, Article 1 SECTION 1 - FORWARD PASS ARTICLE 1. DEFINITION It is a forward pass if: the ball initially moves forward (to a point nearer the opponent’s goal line) after leaving the passer’s hand(s) the ball first strikes the ground, a player, an official, or anything else at a point that is nearer the opponent’s goal line than the point at which the ball leaves the passer’s hand(s). https://operations.nfl.com/the-rules/nfl-video-rulebook/forward-pass/
  5. https://www.insider.com/video-patrick-mahomes-chest-pass-andy-reid-saints-2020-12 From the time it left Mahomes hand to first contact to Kelce's hand, did the ball advance forward making it a forward pass as it was ruled? My son has done some cool things on his iPad and trying to apply geometry from stationary points. I really don't think the ball advanced forward, and that it was a rushing TD by Kelce! Has anyone else seen anything on this?
  6. This was corrected, it looks like Chargers & Rams were somehow intertwined this week. One other glaring error requiring adjustment is Chase Daniel who is projected for a PERFECT 29 of 29 passing. In a league where completions / incompletions count, this throws off customized rankings dramatically, and flows downhill to Matchup Dominator for projected scores with best lineups, etc....
  7. I believe there is an error in the Chargers defense projection for Week 15 which is likewise affecting ROS rankings. They are projected to give up 14 points this week in the Vegas/Chargers games (o/u 54.5, Chargers +3). The line is projecting more like 30 points allowed this weekend. Don't want some racing to get the Chargers defense based upon projections alone...
  8. Some questions I'm thinking through as head into the most important weeks of the season for lineup selections and future roster choices: QB 1. Mitch Trubisky has a history of success against Detroit. Will he play well enough this week to hold the job for duration of 2020 and as final audition for 2021 (for the Bears or someone else)? 2. Can Colt McCoy push the ball down the field against Seahawks defense in Week 13 to have value in leagues that start 2 QB's? 3. Home / Road splits not as dramatic in 2020. We watched Mike Glennon & Brandon Allen at home last week. This week they are on the road...how about the Vikings & Dolphins defenses? 4. Some optimism now being expressed Tua could play in Week 13. If you own Devonte Parker, do you hope it's FitzMagic out there? If both active, can you start either in 2 QB leagues? RB 5. Ito Smith outplayed Brian Hill in Week 12. Gurley's status is unknown. If Gurley can't go, who can be trusted? Next 4 Falcons games: vs Saints, @ Chargers, vs Bucs, @ Chiefs (negative gamescripts) 6. Adam Gase and the 0-11 Jets gave Frank Gore 18 carries in a 20-3 loss, with 2 carries for Ty Johnson, and 1 carry for Josh Adams. Any chance this may change down the stretch? 23 year old Ty Johnson (2019 6th rounder out of Maryland) has 71 carries between Lions & Jets organizations. 7. Will David Johnson return in Houston? If not, will CJ Prosise get more run? He had 6 touches but lost a fumble on Thanksgiving. They will need more playmakers with Fuller out, and Cobb still on IR. 8. Does Myles Gaskin return to lead Dolphins backfield in Week 13? If he's not ready, how do they split it up given DeAndre Washington led team in snaps, though mostly late in game. 9. Giovani Bernard got 8 carries in Week 12, Samaje Perine 0 and Trayveon Williams 1. With only Trayveon signed for 2021, will they give him more run? WR 10. Denzel Mims has seen 8 targets in 3 straight games. Can he develop connection with Darnold? Crowder is a potential veteran casualty in offseason, Perriman a free agent again. Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields train coming in NY? 11. Nelson Agholar has seen 42-44 snaps the last 4 weeks and 3-9 targets. Will the Raiders rebound off awful loss to Falcons and get him more involved in game plan? TE 12. Indianapolis reported committing to Trey Burton in Week 12. Will that trend continue?
  9. Interesting article from September: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/09/03/no-quarantine-quarterback-for-broncos/ Coach Vic Fangio told reporters on Thursday that Denver won’t have a so-called quarantine quarterback. “I don’t think it’s necessary to be honest with you,” Fangio said. ... Here’s the thing. It’s not an issue until it is. And then it’s a huge issue, if the team has no quarterbacks. But that’s a calculated risk the Broncos will be taking. And it’s one of the reasons why teams shouldn’t get a dispensation from the Commissioner and his outside advisory committee if, for whatever reason, they don’t have 46 players to dress and/or if the virus and/or injuries wipe out one position group entirely. Football if the ultimate next man up sport, and if a team makes the tactical decision to not keep a quarterback away from the rest of the quarterbacks in the event all of the quarterbacks get the virus, the team should be expected to deal with that development if all of the quarterbacks end up being unable to play, notwithstanding any and all knocking on wood.
  10. Trubisky practices today, and Foles sits. Nagy praises Trubisky in Zoom meeting. Tea leaves? https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/11/25/nick-foles-doesnt-practice-mitchell-trubisky-listed-as-full-participant/
  11. This is even more of a burning question now with Bernard missing practice due to a concussion: https://twitter.com/Ben_Baby/status/1331710761979310080
  12. Reported that David Montgomery returned to practice on Monday: https://bearswire.usatoday.com/2020/11/23/bears-rb-david-montgomery-returns-to-practice-monday/
  13. Barry Jackson of Miami Herald noting Gaskin faring well in recovery, but no update on whether he will be activated from IR as of yesterday: https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/dolphins-myles-gaskin-faring-well-in-recovery/
  14. Update in Chicago where local reporters believe Trubisky; Rapoport reporting up in the air: https://www.bleachernation.com/bears/2020/11/25/the-first-indication-that-mitchell-trubisky-is-starting-on-sunday-night/ ESPN earlier reported Mike Glennon getting start in Jacksonville: https://twitter.com/ESPNdirocco/status/1331599539615240194
  15. Can further expand on Question 3, with Mike Garafolo sharing that Brandon Allen starting over Ryan Finley in Cincinnati: https://twitter.com/MikeGarafolo/status/1331583483974705156?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  16. Here's a listing of questions I'm looking to for deep leagues heading into Week 12 as seeking to hold ANY advantage in some leagues. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! I'm not aware of any definitive clarity on any of these and will be watching the updates / practice reports... 1. Who is starting QB in Jacksonville this week? Does Minshew return post last couple weeks of Luton? 2. Who is starting QB in Chicago this week? Is Foles healthy? Is Trubisky healthy? Do we see Tyler Bray? 3. How does Burrow injury affect Bengals offense? Will we see less of Bernard, and see what they can do with Trayveon Williams (as well as Samaje Perine)? 4. Who is the Jets starting QB this week, Flacco or Darnold? Does Denzel Mims continue to see significant air yards? 5. How do the Jets RB carries look moving forward? Will Josh Adams or Ty Johnson be worked in? 6. Will Myles Gaskin return in Miami? If so, who gets carries, him or Ahmed? Does Malcolm Perry fade out of use where has seen uptick? 7. How involved will Justice Hill be for Ravens? Particularly if they fall behind and Steelers press through the air? 8. Does D'Andre Swift return on Thursday? If not, more of Kerryon Johnson or Peterson this week? 9. Will David Montgomery return this week? If not, do we see Cordarrelle Patterson this week, or see Lamar Miller, Ryan Nall or Artavius Pierce worked in? 10. What does the Patriots backfield look like with Burkhead out, and Michel likely back in? Does Damien Harris maintain lead role? 11. Does Raheem Mostert return this week? Does he grab the majority share of backfield this week against Rams? 12. Who will Rams feature at RB against the 49ers as 7 point favorites? 13. Will Julio Jones play at WR? Should Russell Gage be prioritized for any leagues that let him go? 14. Will the real Nelson Agholar please stand up?!?! 15. Dr. Jene Bramel reported a high ankle sprain for John Brown in week 10, but haven't seen that confirmed elsewhere. When will he play? I'm sure I have some others, but these a few on my mind for deep leagues. Any input/thoughts appreciated as believe will help all scratching and clawing for final playoff spots.
  17. I've got to think he or Rodney Anderson transition in for Gio at some point this year or next. I'm taking a look at him in 30 man dynasty league and was looking at other feedback here.
  18. You have to go to 17th place (!) in final standings to find a team that scored more than 60 points in Week 1 (https://subscribers.footballguys.com/playoffcontest/2019/101933.php) and likely would have advanced if entries had been as normal. I correctly picked San Francisco with 8 players and captured a good majority of their scoring (http://subscribers.footballguys.com/playoffcontest/2019/100680.php) but didn't have money to invest in a 2nd team (whom, based upon other playoff contests I entered would have be KC) so as to advance in early rounds - 103, 147, 131. Reading the thread here and smh ???
  19. Interesting to see Rappaport state Lindsay to see majority of carries in Denver; and albeit injuries, Miles Sanders & Tevin Coleman to take clear lead back status' this week. I think you may see more Duke Johnson against the Ravens today, but that's just a hunch.
  20. I was curious any opinions on a range of different topics where I don't think there is/was a clear 100% definitive answer. With each passing game the picture typically becomes clearer (or more cloudy) - Trubisky's fate appeared sealed 25 minutes into the game yesterday, but the momentum of that 4th & 1 from their own 30 turned into 3 TD's. For 2 QB leagues that were holding Chase Daniels in hopes of filling in for a Rodgers, Cousins or other bye in coming weeks; that doesn't seem likely any longer. - Denver noted Drew Lock started practicing today, so will be curious to what how this one plays out this week and remainder of season - There weren't many whispers of Titans going back to Mariota; but had they been blown out by KC (versus a surprising upset); could have made that case. - With exception of play that he had to leave for; job seems to be Fitzmagic's for now. However they are winning, and losing draft position...do they still need to explore Rosen now that the rest of the team is playing better (or is that the reason?). - The Bengals got crushed by Baltimore and they ran the ball for the first time all season despite the score. Are they going to continue to protect Ryan Finley like that? Dalton's prospects next year are more interesting; but what if they pull a Eli 2018 here and recognize their faults and turn back? Nevermind...it's the Bungles. - I think the RB questions posed saw interesting outcomes also. Hyde was on the field 55% of the time, and reportedly 43% of the time with Chubb. - The Rams tried Henderson for change of pace early then turned to a slightly more effective Malcolm Brown. This one seemingly got muddier as nothing was clicking for Rams yesterday. - Ronald Jones per Arians looked good but made blocking mistakes and coughed up the ball. - David Johnson was outtouched by Drake and continues to work through injury - The other 60/40's were on bye or playing tonight. Through this week there seems to be a leader; but I think one or more of those teams COULD alter the timeshare coming out of bye or extended week of practices. Time shall tell. - Of course, we know now that Kittle was marked doubtful and then out tonight. Trade deadline in my league was this weekend, I shot all of the bullets in my gun; including trading away Witten (as was on the surprising Stafford/Driskel news); but was fortunate to get OJ Howard points. That one played out well.
  21. With fantasy teams looking to make a playoff push, trade deadlines looming, lineup decisions pending amidst 3 final weeks of byes; here's some open-ended questions for discussion: Quarterbacks: We are back to full health (if Brissett goes) amonsgt starting QB's, but particularly for 2QB leagues - what QB currently on the bench is more likely to see action (barring injury)? Chase Daniel if Trubisky struggles versus Detroit? Marcus Mariota getting job back if Tannehill gets blown out by KC this weekend? Drew Lock or Brett Rypien in Denver? Organizations going back to Josh Rosen, Case Keenum, Garnder Minshew or Andy Dalton? Will Jacoby Brissett play this weekend and open up a roster spot for those holding both Brissett/Hoyer? Running Backs: Will a significant lead dog emerge out of Denver (Lindsay/Freeman), Houston (Hyde/D.Johnson), San Francisco (Coleman/Breida, etc), Philadelphia (Howard/Sanders) backfields to take a larger share than 60/40 split seeing from these today? Who is the backup to Gurley in LA? Darrell Henderson or Malcolm Brown with both healthy now and Henderson looking good in his opportunities over recent weeks. What type of share does Drake get in Arizona with David Johnson not on injury report? With declaration of RoJo in Tampa Bay, does his arc path change for better? How does the Cleveland backfield shake out with Kareem Hunt coming back? What does the Washington backfield look like once Derrius Guice returns? Wide Receiver/Tight End: Will George Kittle play on Monday night? If there is no word ahead of Sunday 1 pm EST games, what's the threshold of what you would consider? Is the best fallback option for MNF Ross Dwelley, Jacob Hollister or the returning Ed Dickson? Asking a few questions to provoke though and help us grind it out over next month and a half!
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