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  1. I used to stress about getting funds and freezing rosters but it just isn't worth the headache. I just reach out to people once they are out and let them know what they owe and to wire it over and that's been working fine. Chasing people for money early in the year or before the draft hasn't ever worked for me, just got in the way of the fun, and factored into a dynasty league just dissolving unnecessarily. I think the approach just depends on the leagues mentality and how quick everyone wants to get paid at seasons end.
  2. H2H is a fine tie breaker. It definitely doesn't ensure that the best teams make the playoffs but that's true of any league where you play games against each other and track wins and losses. It can create some more trash talk or anxiety for specific games but it doesn't always work that way. The most fair tie breaker is always total points, then a menagerie of H2H, division record, ect.. If H2H is your first tie breaker your rules need to be clear that it's only used in cases where two teams are tied. If three or more team are tied you should always use total points as the first tie breaker to
  3. My first time in the playoffs as well and this contest is always the highlight of my season despite me generally bowing out early. Thanks also to the regular posters in this thread. The superstitious side of me couldn't bring myself to jump in until the turk left the building. Can't say this is my favorite contest team ever but Kelce has dragged me through 11 weeks so far. https://subscribers.footballguys.com/contest/2020/103082.php
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