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  1. Just a Reminder. if you want the $10 discount you have to got through the menu at the top of the page. For commissioners>renew league. Do not go through the message on your homepage.
  2. Both get rating of 6.4 at IMDB.com. Nighthawks deserves better. Rotten tomatoes,. Nighthawks ratings- critics 70%, fans 55%. Critics got that one right. Blue Thunder, critics 78%, fans 52%, I liked it, but it's not a "i'll watch it again" Nighthawks is worth watching multiple times just for Rutger Hauer. I'd like to see a remake of The Eiger Sanction.
  3. RB Jaret Patterson (buf) is still out there. MJD bowling ball type runner. Nope, just signed with Washington. Search function on FBG's news blog is about as good as this one.
  4. Threaten them, they pay to fix the car. You do not have to take their lowball offer. They will not fix the car and you probably don't want them too, but that is the process you go through.
  5. For Campy/fun movies-The Blues Brothers, Gumball Rally (cross country auto race), Freebie and the Bean- the original buddy movie with James Caan and Alan Arkin as cops. For campy with a touch of gore- Depalma's Body Double. Horrorish/mystery- Lord of Illusions. Old school- Steve McQueens Le Mans.
  6. T Bridgewater was bad throwing passes to- C Samuel, DJ Moore, R Anderson and M Davis, who almost averaged 4 catches per game. S Darnold was bad with who? You cannot compare their ratings unless their WR's/RB's were some what equal. Not even close. S Darnold will be better with just the new talent around him. I have no idea how much better, but it won't be worse than 2020 Bridgewater.
  7. You're not selling the home. it's close to junk. The land is the value. In southern Maine, mobile home lots rent out for 600+ a month. Take your time and research this. Do not sell that land on the cheap.
  8. Unless/until they replace Hardman as a returner, I don't see his snap count going up.
  9. After T Hill, T Kelce and Edwards Helaire, Hardman and Robinson could be fighting for the 4th receiving option. Mahommes threw for 4740 and M Hardman only went above 60 yards two times. He also only went above 3 catches three times. B Pringle could also be in that mess. Robinson's season mirrored Hardman's. I own Hardman in dynasty and he is on a short leash. If one of the other three were injured, you still wouldn't know when to start Hardman as Robinson and Pringle would split time with him.
  10. So, to keep track of the price I google cydy and the top story is- CytoDyn And Humanigen: Ticking Time Bombs, Impending Results Likely To Fail The story is from Jan 26th. Im in(long) for 1000 shares
  11. Any car with a battery that is hard to access take it to some place that offers free installation. You are going to pay more for the battery but save a lot of time.
  12. Only $3 million. His salary goes up $7 million. No cap hit for 2022-Eagles save $6.7 mill. $25 mill in dead money.
  13. The Saints are now $79 million over the cap. The currant (projected) cap is $180 million. That could change if the NFLPA agrees to it.
  14. The cap situation will look better with V McDonald and E Ebron gone. That would be $11.2 million of space cleared. If M Pouncey retires that's another $8 million. Those 3 would be 19.2 mill against the $21 mill that the Steelers are over the cap.
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