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  1. So, to keep track of the price I google cydy and the top story is- CytoDyn And Humanigen: Ticking Time Bombs, Impending Results Likely To Fail The story is from Jan 26th. Im in(long) for 1000 shares
  2. Any car with a battery that is hard to access take it to some place that offers free installation. You are going to pay more for the battery but save a lot of time.
  3. The Saints are now $79 million over the cap. The currant (projected) cap is $180 million. That could change if the NFLPA agrees to it.
  4. The cap situation will look better with V McDonald and E Ebron gone. That would be $11.2 million of space cleared. If M Pouncey retires that's another $8 million. Those 3 would be 19.2 mill against the $21 mill that the Steelers are over the cap.
  5. 95.30 out of 4 guys for this week. If it's a Bills/Packers Super Bowl I will be happy and bummed.
  6. Bills-Packers Super Bowl. I made the cut but will not survive the next round. This entry is still alive. Josh Allen $40 39.60 Devin Singletary $16 5.90 Zack Moss $13 6.70 Stefon Diggs $32 24.80 John Brown $18 0.00 A.J. Brown $13 20.30 DK Metcalf $20 26.60 Aaron Rodgers $36 0.00 Aaron Jones $25 0.00 Davante Adams $36 0.00
  7. If anyone tells you we are worse off since the internet, just show them this.
  8. Shutterfly is still around? They were huge 6 years ago, now Walmart is eating their lunch.
  9. Gamepass from the NFL. If your in the U.S. it's $100 a season. You can watch all 22, whole games, shortened games and ultra short games. With all 22 you get a drop down menu that will show you all the plays for that quarter. Click on the play and it shows you a sideline view then an endzone view. I don't know why more FF'ers don't rave about it.
  10. In that M Jordan doc they showed him playing a game in one of his older versions. At the end of the game his feet were bleeding and he could barely walk, so sell.
  11. No way I do that trade. C Claypool is going to be a stud no matter who gets him the ball. CEH is dependent on A Reid's game plan and not going RBBC. Juju is a good WR2 but that's it. Your trading a stud and a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for a good player(Juju) and maybe a stud.
  12. 4K's are not that expensive. I just bought Full Metal Jacket for $16. The Back to the future trilogy is cheap. If you don't mind used, Ebay is your friend. Everything I bought from there has been good. We're talking Matrix trilogy, D Craig Bond collection, Mission Impossible collection, and Star Wars 6-9. My local shop is bullmoose.com. They have some good stuff. Movies, along with a lot of music. Free shipping for orders over $35.
  13. For all of you guys that haven't made the jump to 4K. Think about this, buy the movie you want in 4K and you get the blu-ray along with it. Sooner or later you will go to 4K.
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