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  1. I only subscribe to three things, FBG's PFF, and NFL gamepass. Gamepass for the all 22. No amazon prime, streaming subs, music subs, or any of that Apple nonsense. I'll give them this season, but after that, forget it.
  2. You want to ask for your old parts when they bring you the bill. A reputable shop will give them to you and you can hand them back if you don't want to keep them.
  3. I'll come back Week 7 and let you know if I made it. First time going with a roster this small(22). QB - Matthew Stafford - 14 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - 9 week 7 bye QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick - 9 These three are cheap but one (or more) will put up top 5 numbers each week. RB - Ezekiel Elliott - 27 week 7 bye RB - Nick Chubb - 26 RB - James Robinson - 16 week 7 bye RB - Damien Harris - 16 RB - Gus Edwards - 11 RB - Rhamondre Stevenson - 3 Bye week -7 is a weakness and I went with the obvious bargain guys. Eliot and Chubb are too good for that price. WR - Justin Jefferson - 25 week 7 bye WR - Terry McLaurin - 23 WR - Laviska Shenault - 13 week 7 bye WR - Corey Davis - 10 WR - Marquez Callaway - 5 Jefferson is underpriced, and Shenault is a player that will finish top 24. Again, the whole group is bargain with week 7 bye issues. TE - Mark Andrews - 16 TE - Mike Gesicki - 12 First time going with only 2 but both are top 6 candidates. Gesicki is Miami's top option and his number went up when Tua started. PK - Daniel Carlson - 3 PK - Brandon McManus - 3 PK - Dustin Hopkins - 3 No one cares about K's TD - Green Bay Packers - 2 TD - Dallas Cowboys - 2 TD - Tennessee Titans - 2 No one cares about D's, but Cowboys and Titans are a lot closer to mid pack or higher.
  4. Watching The Good...the Ugly with Oppo 4k player and Sony projector and the difference with 2k and 4k is the shadows. 4K wasn't brighter but had a little more detail. Sound quality seemed the same. This is the only movie I've done this with. It would be nice to see more older movies Bullitt) on 4K. Heat 4K is only a on Amazon Prime.
  5. 3 QB's, 6 RB's, 5 WR's, 2 TE's, 3 D's, 3 K's. Achilles heal is week 7 with 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and a QB on bye. 22 players, first time I've gone with less then 3 at any position and with that small a roster but I like the guys I've picked. Week 7 be damned as one RB and WR are ranked top 12. The TE's are M Andrews and M Gesicki so I think i'm covered. The 3 QB's are Stafford, Roethlesburger and Fitzpatrick, who total points wise are probably ranked correctly but each week one of these guys will put up 18-22 points. I usually go with 3 at QB, TE, K, and D. So a small difference.
  6. Cracked the wallet open and bought The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly on 4K for $32. Also Interstellar for $22 and Hell or High water for $12. Interstellar I won't watch that often but when I do its going big sound and screen. I usually buy used for $20 and under but I wasn't going to wait for the price drop.
  7. i thought the best part of EP3 was Jerry Jones in the helicopter. Best episode of the series, but it's not close to "You should watch". Ravens and Jets series are "You should watch",(even if you don't like Rex). The players are not giving HBO anything to make this compelling.
  8. Pro-football-reference.com has LT listed at 5' 10" and D Brees at 6' 0' They are the same height. 5' 10"
  9. 1988 RB's D Hilliard, J Brooks, both Houston RB's(Pinkett, Highsmith) WR's S Paige, Roy Green, QB's N Lomax, C Miller I can't remember the rest. 1993 we went 12 team dynasty TD only. We still have 9/12 of the same guys.
  10. Run. As quick as you can. You know in your gut it's what you should do. Do not let fear of the unknown stop you.
  11. The Battlebots Bounty Hunters series was pretty good. 12 episodes of contenders fighting each other for the chance to kill an "elite" bot.
  12. He's Mahommes fourth option. CEH will improve upon his 55 targets versus Hardman's 62. Hill, Kelce, CEH, then the cluster of Hardman, Robinson, Pringle, and if you believe the latest training camp new, N Grey will have more action.
  13. S Watkins missed six games last year. M Hardman only surpassed 3 rec's ONCE with Watkins out. BIG MAYBE. A Reid has decided to add another big target( N Grey) to beat the pass rush. M Hardman is fast, but he does not replace T Hill's short area quicks.
  14. I'm going to target D Johnson in best balls. If healthy he will be mid to late RB2 in PPR leagues.
  15. Yeah, M Flynn signed a huge contract and no one believed P Carroll when he said it was an open competition. Also T Taylor had some WR's in Buffalo, R Woods, S Watkins, and TE C Clay at least for 1 year.
  16. It's probably UPS. Go to UPS.com and refuse it. Your'e going to need the tracking number, it should begin with a 1z.
  17. The Enemy Below is just as good as anything on the first list. Where Eagles Dare is dated and is the original "put your brain on hold" movie. The ONLY thing that saves it is the twists at the end. Kellys Heroes is ridiculous(but fun) and knows not to take itself seriously.
  18. All or Nothing, The Arizona Cardinals. Great series. Yeah,Amazon.
  19. I'm thinking maybe an ex wrestler/athlete, but has to add some light heartedness like Kennedy
  20. Maybe Hugh Jackman for Jonathan Hemlock. Hopkins for Dragon, Ben Affleck as Pope. Drawing a blank for Ben Bowman-George Kennedy was great in that role. Eastwood was just too Eastwood for Hemlock.
  21. Just a Reminder. if you want the $10 discount you have to got through the menu at the top of the page. For commissioners>renew league. Do not go through the message on your homepage.
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