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  1. There is a 13 year old 7th grade student sitting in my classroom right now taking a test wearing an Abbey Road T-shirt. While the reunion never happened, they live on, and that always makes me happy.
  2. Unbelievably pumped for this one, if for no other reason to justify the cost of having Disney+.
  3. Deshawn got good time last night with even a little "I'm not smart but I'll be a doctor" backstory.
  4. - Naseer's upbringing certainly seems to set him up well for the survival aspects this season. The anti-Tiffany, in that regard. - I love goofy Brad but the spy shack idea probably works better if you don't tell people that you aren't, you know, aligned with. - Pretty sure Jeffrey said "you guys" at Tribal. Woke only for Ua, or woke only for one episode?
  5. Biggest risers for me in the last year: "I'll Be Back", "Lovely Rita", and successfully hitting the low note at the end of each verse on "I'm a Loser." Biggest fallers for me: "We Can Work It Out", "All You Need Is Love" and Meg Griffin's value as an announcer, which was low to begin with.
  6. I just spent the last couple of weeks re-reading through this thread again. Just wanted to say hello to everyone, since I don't post too much in other, lesser threads. And I want to change my top 25 again. I did it all wrong.
  7. Some good advice in this thread. We are dealing with something somewhat similar, although ours wasn't totally unexpected. I agree that she needs to give it more time, even if this seems out of character for her. It is a super big adjustment for anyone. My daughter has had some social anxiety and homesickness since 7th grade. I never would have dreamed at that point that she would leave and go anywhere for college. When she decided to attend the alma mater of my wife and I, which is an hour from us, we were happy that she was branching out. Before we even left her on the night we moved her in a week and a half ago, she was in tears, and it was torture to leave her like that. She was texting my wife all night long about how she just wanted to get in her car and come home. She knew intellectually that she needed to give it some time and try it out, but emotionally, that's a hard sell. Now, almost 2 weeks in, she's doing better. She still wants to be home, but she understands what she needs to do. She is not going to attend parties, so she won't meet people that way. She gets along with her roommate. But she hasn't really made any friends yet, and frankly, seems peeved when my wife asks her every night if she's hanging out with people. She's just never been social outside of her closest friends. Ironically, since she misses us and home, we talk to her almost more often now than we did when she was home. My daughter is strong-willed too, so if she told us she was ready to drop out, come home and start at the local junior college in the spring, it would be a battle to convince her to stay like you're having. And she's only an hour away. But I agree with your position.
  8. I saw the same thing glvsav referenced earlier about the word "standby" being added to wait time verbiage yesterday. It is showing on my MDE app. We are going in a month, and I just wish I knew whether there was any real possibility they might be back that soon. I'm debating what to do about Magic Bands. The only trip my family has taken since MBs were introduced was in 2017. Since we were staying off-property, we didn't really see the point of paying for them, so we didn't get them. For our trip this year, my kids seem to want to get them. So, when I ordered tickets, I just got digital tickets, not the physical ticket cards, thinking we'd order Magic Bands. Well, first of all, the selection of Magic Bands on the Shop Disney website is atrocious. I've looked at Amazon and Ebay as well. The cheapest it looks like I can get them is about $20 apiece, so, for our family, I'd be shelling out $140 for something that really aren't necessary; they would just serve as our ticketed entry at this point. However, if fast passes are coming back, I'd be more willing to pony up to have them for that. I know the Magic Mobile is an option as well, but I don't want to do one more thing to drain my phone battery during a long day at the parks.
  9. Yeah, I set up Touring Plans reservation finder but nothing so far. As you say, hopefully more opens up in restaurants by July.
  10. Yeah, I know they're well regarded, but we're not foodies so the menus don't appeal to us as much. Even though our kids are teenagers, I think most of them would be fine with burgers and chicken tenders at every meal. Good thing.
  11. All this meal talk makes me jealous. We have 5 kids and I've been trying to get restaurant reservations multiple times a day for a party of 7 at about any place in the parks for our July trip and there's nothing. I know as we get closer people will cancel and hopefully stuff will open up, but our running joke now is that Biergarten and Chefs de France must be the worst restaurants in the parks, because every day we look, those are the only ones with any availability.
  12. I have had multiple teacher co-workers the last few years who were Seinfeld fans too. We got a new assistant principal a few years back that I thought looked just like the guy who installed the new kitchen cabinets in Jerry's apartment. I would never reference him by name to my co-workers, he was always "Conrad, Con, Connie, whatever you prefer."
  13. So, I see now they've moved up the Food and Wine Festival to start on July 15. That's our anniversary and the day we will be at Epcot. So, instead of making a reservation at a restaurant, maybe we'll just hit up a bunch of food at that. We've never been before since we can't travel in the fall.
  14. Thanks, glvsav. I had forgotten that we have been to Via Napoli. We did enjoy it, and that's always a good option. While I know it is not the same, we did hear that if we take the Skyliner over to Art of Animation, their food court has a pretty economical pizza deal with salad and breadsticks that's not bad. I will look into renting the space at Blizzard Beach. That sounds like a smart play. I did a little more reading and it seems as if there is a limit to one boarding group per day for Rise. And you make Savi's reservations 60 days out like you do with dining.
  15. Well, despite some ticket snafus, we are pretty much set up for our trip in July. We last went in 2017, so, even though none of the 50th anniversary stuff will really be going yet, there is plenty new there that we haven't done, so it will be a different trip for us. (This is our 6th trip since 2010) Since there are so many experts in here, please correct me if I'm wrong about any of the following thoughts: - We are staying offsite, but my kids want to get Magic Bands for this trip, so we're thinking of purchasing them. Can I still link my credit card to them for purchasing even if we are not staying onsite? If not, they would just be for ticket entry, since there are currently no Fastpasses, as I don't think we're doing the Memory Maker. - We will probably mainly do counter service, with maybe 1 or 2 table service in our 8 days there. We have 5 teenagers, so any sit down meal is going to run us probably minimum $200 (my wife and I are both teachers, so we're not making typical FBG money), so they will be limited. I know to use mobile ordering for counter service, and our 60 day is coming up for making ADRs. We're not particularly adventurous eaters, but we will be in Epcot on the day of our anniversary, so thinking of making one there. Best recommendations? The only 2 sit downs we've done in Epcot are Le Cellier and Coral Reef. The new Space restaurant is not open yet, correct? I've always thought about doing the Mexican joint. - My oldest son is a certifiable Star Wars nerd, so obviously Hollywood Studios is his jam. Hopefully we'll be able to get on Rise of the Resistance. I figure if I can get the teenagers out of bed, a bunch of us trying at 7 AM for a boarding group should allow one of us to get it. Is it possible for more than one person to get a boarding group if 5 or 6 of us are trying? If so, we could theoretically do it twice? That's probably asking a lot. Also, he really wants to build a light saber. That requires a reservation as well, I believe. How far out can you make those? - Any chump can get on the Skyliner, right? I figured maybe we'd leave a park and take it over to a resort on the line for a break or a meal or something. The kids seem like they want to take a ride. - We got the water park option added to our tickets. I wish the NBA Experience was up, my son and I would love that. Anyone ever played the foot golf course? Seems fun until I think of the idea of doing it in 96 degree weather. We figure we'll hit up Blizzard Beach once or twice. My wife and I have been to Typhoon Lagoon years ago, but none of us have ever been to BB. Any tips would be appreciated. Sorry for all the questions. I consider us Disney veterans, but enough has changed and we're trying enough new things that I feel a bit behind the curve for this trip. And that's with not even having to worry about making Fastpass reservations. Thanks in advance.
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