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  1. So, I see now they've moved up the Food and Wine Festival to start on July 15. That's our anniversary and the day we will be at Epcot. So, instead of making a reservation at a restaurant, maybe we'll just hit up a bunch of food at that. We've never been before since we can't travel in the fall.
  2. Thanks, glvsav. I had forgotten that we have been to Via Napoli. We did enjoy it, and that's always a good option. While I know it is not the same, we did hear that if we take the Skyliner over to Art of Animation, their food court has a pretty economical pizza deal with salad and breadsticks that's not bad. I will look into renting the space at Blizzard Beach. That sounds like a smart play. I did a little more reading and it seems as if there is a limit to one boarding group per day for Rise. And you make Savi's reservations 60 days out like you do with dining.
  3. Well, despite some ticket snafus, we are pretty much set up for our trip in July. We last went in 2017, so, even though none of the 50th anniversary stuff will really be going yet, there is plenty new there that we haven't done, so it will be a different trip for us. (This is our 6th trip since 2010) Since there are so many experts in here, please correct me if I'm wrong about any of the following thoughts: - We are staying offsite, but my kids want to get Magic Bands for this trip, so we're thinking of purchasing them. Can I still link my credit card to them for purchasing even if we
  4. I'm excited to get to the top four, because, as you say, the top four seem to be relatively staid for most fans, and, up until about 2 years ago, I would have probably agreed. But, my tastes in the Beatles have shifted as I've listened to their music more than ever before, and my top 4 are more than likely not going to be chalk. I've never really ranked the Beatles albums before. I'm excited to sit down and really think it through and see where things lie.
  5. I have no qualms with where you're ranking things, although our opinions have diverged. While there are probably only 5 songs on the White Album that I actively dislike, and another 5 or so that I could take or leave, it does have some really good stuff. But it would be below both Beatles for Sale and Help, which is top-tier for me. And part of what drops The White Album for me is exactly what you said: the group dynamic isn't there as much. Fewer harmonies, fewer co-writing of songs. It's the beginning of solo era work.
  6. 3/3 for me still. I love so many songs on this album, and the Beatles harmonies that permeated these early songs will always be sublime. Covers vs. original songs knocks it down compared to later albums, but, as you said, that was very much the norm of the day. John's growl on the "Come On"s on "Please Please Me" get me every time.
  7. I will be curious to see if my Beatles sensibilities remain in line with yours, as I wholeheartedly agree with both rankings so far. While I totally appreciated the sentiments of "getting back" to their roots and taking out all the bells and whistles, I just don't connect as much with many of the sounds of this album. I am an unabashed melody over lyrics guy, and there are not as many hooks and tunes in these songs. My two favorites match up with yours: "One After 909" is joyous and "Two of Us" harkens back to a simpler era of the Beatles (you know, a whole 5 years earlier) when there was
  8. As a primo aficianado of your originial Beatles thread, Guido, as well as both of Krista's magnum opuses (opi?), I'm here for this like Phil Spector at an Overproduction Seminar. It is pretty much impossible to argue with this as the worst Beatle album, and I might feel that way with even a couple more songs. "It's All Too Much" would be better at half the run time, and "Yellow Submarine" and "All Together Now" are fine for a trifle melody, but nothing substantive. My love for "Hey Bulldog" is perhaps unmatched. It is in my top 5 Beatles songs. It is so interesting how it has really seemi
  9. I loved your thread about the history of the Beatles from way back. I read through that thread multiple times back in the day. Glad you've joined up.
  10. Pretty sure I could listen to "Long Tailed Winter Bird" 41 consecutive times and love it each time.
  11. We are a family of seven, so staying on property was always really expensive to us, but we did it multiple times when my kids were younger. Now that the kids are all teenagers, we did off-property our last trip, and we were heavily leaning that way for our next trip this summer. Even though ME will still be around this year, this and the ending of extra magic hours provide us with literally zero incentive to stay on property, and I LOVE staying on property and being in the bubble. But there is no way to justify the cost now that the extra benefits are gone. While I am one of the few who li
  12. This was pretty much our experience. We got my daughter tested the day after she complained of a minor sore throat, and she came back positive. My other daughter, who had a worse cold for 3 days prior, tested negative. We didn't try and isolate my daughter from the rest of the house through her 10 days, and the extent of impact on the rest of us was some minor congestion for a day or so. Yesterday, we all tested negative. Who can figure.
  13. Just checking back into this thread and I'm glad to see the conversation continue, although I'm not even 2% smart enough to understand the majority of it, but that's ok. I loved the interview with Paul, Krista. I assume he texted you the whole thing. Been a tough week in the Shaft household. My daughter, whom many of you have heard sing and, hopefully, enjoyed, tested positive for The Rona on Monday. She's feeling pretty good, so we're not worried, but with my wife and I both being teachers, we have 5 kids doing school from home, while my wife and I teach from home. It's chaos (and
  14. My 18 year old daughter tested positive Monday. My middle daughter had cold symptoms all weekend, and then my oldest said Sunday she felt kind of "bleh." So we got them tested on Monday, and were pretty surprised when she tested positive. What's weird is how the quaratine works. At our school, my daughter who tested positive can go back after 10 days if she feels fine (So far, she has cough, congestion and started a fever tonight). We have 5 kids and don't have a big enough house to really keep her isolated for those 10 days. I mean, she's an 18 year old girl, so she spends most of her t
  15. I just got an IPhone last weekend, and I went ahead and signed up for the free year, but I haven't watched anything yet. I figured the Hanks WWII movie would be worth a watch. I love a good free trial, although I also like to wait for the half-off sales at Dollar Tree.
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