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  1. What round would you guys target Michael Thomas in a keeper league? If I take him in the 7th for example, I could keep it for a 7th round draft pick next year.
  2. A lot of Shenault and Callaway love. Where are these guys going in your drafts? Lets assess whether they still have value at their recent ADPs given recent performances/happenings
  3. Seems like most teams have filled out their starters at this point and are stockpiling RBs and WRs in these rounds (besides those who missed the top QBs and TEs and are waiting). Whats your strategy here and what guys are you targeting in these rounds? There are a ton of guys who seem indistinguishable or uninteresting and it seems like many teams end up wasting these picks with filler because they didnt plan.
  4. Is Allen worth keeping? I know it depends on other keeper options but in general, do you keep him or figure you can draft a decent QB at some point?
  5. sorry if this is not the appropriate subforum. please move if so is there a way to find the complete list of players that will appear during my yahoo draft in the same order, in a printable or easily copyable format? ive looked for this in past years and have been unable to find it. thanks
  6. Any particular reasoning? Deciding whether to start. Doesn't seem like much of a red zone target and conventional thinking is he'll be even less so with Mike Williams back. Forecast big play(s)?
  7. Nice calls on this, guys. I have Blount in 3 leagues but didn't start him b/c I deferred to projections/cheatsheets instead of my own instinct and it cost me big. Props to y'all. I'll be checking this thread in the future.
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