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  1. :popcornbutterwith2ozofWoz:

  2. :butteredpopcorn:

  3. Welcome :e: members! Don't be shy ...

  4. If you do not like comments posted about your personal life, don't post on a message board. Having interaction with you is like trying to communicate with a 5 yr old. You have nothing of substance to say so resort to personal attacks. Quiet desperation? Angry at the world? Lol thanks for making my point.

  5. You're not smart enough to argue with, and in fact, it wouldn't be a fair fight. You live a life of quiet desperation, and for some reason, you chose to attack me. I don't care why, and have spent entirely too much time interacting with you. Here's a thought: I will continue my life, and you continue your pathetic existence, and we will ignore each other.

  6. From your knowledge, what makes you think I am mad at the world? I simply stated my opinion in your thread. What about that, makes me unhappy? Are you that self centered?

  7. She's not worth my time--I spend about 5 minutes on her last night, and that's time I will never get back. I said what I wanted in the thread. For lots of reasons, she's mad at the world.

  8. looool let's move that thread in here

    get in here, chet, if you aren't banned, and get this e-fight rollin'!!!!

  9. Hi and welcome! Something that I have said must have struck a nerve with Chet... The truth, perhaps? In any event, for an iGuy to spend hours researching my past posts ... Well, what can I say, I'm flattered. Maybe Chet should spend more time researching his accountants or hoping for others misfortune to happen. It's little penis syndrome. Something money can't buy.

  10. don't waste your time.

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