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  1. Hey, my wife works there! (Atlantic Council). FYSA, they're very non-partisan.
  2. Let's take that call and change it to a Union leader and a Mafia Don and see if it is a bit more clear: Mafia Don: I'm a big fan of yours, congrats on winning your election. What an achievement. Union Leader: Thank you Mafia Don, you're the greatest, I only won because I followed your footsteps. I hope we have more frequent elections so you can call me more frequently. Mafia Don: Heh! That's a great idea! Union Leader: Yes, well, to tell you the truth, we fought very hard to win so we could install our own people and take full control of the union, much like you did with yo
  3. The man elected by the people and for the people has clearly demonstrated he is governing in his own personal interests above the interests of the people. For that reason, he needs to go. ETA: Not a democrat and never have been one. Still hate him. Didn't favor impeachment/removal until the Ukraine situation illustrated what I already thought of him, that's he's a selfish ##### who only cares about himself, and does not care what happens to the country as long as it benefits him.
  4. I still remember how close it was to McCain having Leiberman as a running mate. All downhill from that point to present IMO.
  5. And I'm all for treating people decently and a bit sad that it is taking this much effort on the part of you and your staff to ensure that is the case. Politics has just become soooo divisive. "The Grand Debate" is kinda dead, and I mourn it.
  6. Food for thought: I barely care about FF anymore, I only play casually. I still subscribe to the site almost exclusively because of my decade plus participation in the forums. I'm probably not the only person like this. I have no idea how expensive they are to maintain, or how many subs you gain because of the forum, but you definitely gain at least 1 user from them.
  7. Although, I also think Pence would put country first too. I strongly dislike him as well. Unsure if I dislike him or Pelosi more, and I dislike them both for completely different reasons.
  8. If both Trump and Pence go down and are removed, does that happen? :shudders: Still, even at that high price, removal still needs to happen. At least she'll put the country before her personal agendas, or at least try to do it that way.
  9. Like me ask you something: When a mafia Don tells his enforcer that he doesn't like someone and that he'd probably enjoy his life more if that someone just disappeared.... did he order an execution? Because what Trump did in that conversation lines up in a very very similar manner.
  10. OMG I hope he does a Marlon Brando accent when asking for a favor immediately after being asked what was up with the military aid. Cause that's how I read it in my head.
  11. I'm not sure the theory holds water. Usually whenever something is invented, someone else was moments behind the inventor in getting there themselves. Pretty sure it was something like the telephone where the patent applications were on the same day or something. My memory sucks, but without Einstein, we'd still have split atoms, maybe just a year or two later. Unsure if the same applies to political leaders, but maybe. Having met many famous folks who are considered extraordinary, for the most part, they're just people like everyone else is. ETA: We mythologize it a LO
  12. If I'm being critical of politics in another country and it is isn't immediately clear that I'm not from that country, I would state so. Not sure I've ever been in that situation though. I certainly wouldn't pretend to be English, post on a footie message board and go on and on about how Prime Minister Stupid Blonde Man-Child is the best thing since sliced crumpets. Mainly, I'm saying if you want to curb the intentional spread of misinformation, maybe make sure people are who they say they are. Some stuff is just soooooo out there, I question it myself. Maybe I need more tinfoil, I
  13. Are they pretending to be American whilst doing it? Then yes. Banned forever actually.
  14. I refuse that people mentally smart enough to type AND actually care about the USA would type some of the stuff I read here.
  15. Yes, I don't want non-Americans making divisive posts in the political forum, which is geared toward the USA.
  16. Serious question, can you look at IP addresses and if someone is making a bunch of constant noise and coming in from Russia or hidden by proxies, and just ban them? I just get the feeling that some posters aren't real Americans. I hope I'm wrong, but I can't shake that nagging suspicion.
  17. We know the was\is one. We know some one (s) writes the stuff, an army of bots spread it, etc. Do any of you think there are plants all over forums and social media actively waging this information war? I had always dismissed that possibility as it would require too many actual people, but maybe. When I read certain posts here and elsewhere I legitimately wonder if they're maybe Russian plants.
  18. Just read that and was coming here to post it. So nice of Trump to withdraw from the area so Turkey could facilitate the escape of ISIS from prison.
  19. I heard Elizabeth Warren said she had a wall put around her garden and got Mexico to pay for it! But last time I was at her house there wasn't any wall. What a liar!
  20. Has Trump made any move that hurts Russia during his presidency? Anything on the level of the things he's done that clearly help them, like with Syria? I kinda thought the Russian asset thing was BS for awhile, but his track record looks like a bunch of moves that help Russia. And hurt the US and it's allies.
  21. So telling a foreign power to investigate 2 particular American citizens doesn't hurt those 2 citizens?
  22. Political party has no bearing on being a traitor. I'm not certain Trump is one, but I would not be surprised if he were indeed a Russian asset. His actions certainly support that possibility. Regardless of all that, he certainly should be impeached for putting his personal agenda ahead of America's agenda. He's abusing the power of the office to benefit himself over our 350 million citizens. It doesn't matter what party he is, he needs to go. Question for those who are still defending him, what would Trump have to do to lose your support? Where are you drawing that line
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