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  1. I'm really not convinced that people with penises and people with vaginas pooping in the same room leads to rape.
  2. When I got the MMR booster as a 2 year old, I was paralyzed for 3 days before regaining the ability to move. My parents were pretty freaked out, I have no memory of this at all. Apparently a low % of the time things go sideways with pretty much any and all vaccines. Taken on the whole though, and compared to the damage Covid has wrought, these vaccines are basically a miracle and being vaccinated is clearly overall safer. But I wouldn't be shocked to hear of some terrible reactions here and there. It's going to happen, but that doesn't change that it is still much safer to get it than to not.
  3. For additional context, those 'news' sites are just one piece of a multifront information assault that has been waged by Russia for several years. There are myriads of Facebook groups, Twitter bots, etc etc out there pumping disinfo into the US conversation hard-core. I literally just picked the first link that covered it from a very non-partisan source (if Reuters is biased, I'm not aware of it). Feel free to research yourself down that rabbit hole if you like, there is plenty there.
  4. It's a massive problem and I literally lose sleep over it. Not my current job but long ago propaganda used to be, so I keep up with this stuff a fair amount.
  5. :blowsout: Lots of nuances and unclear answers with the issues surrounding trans-kids in school. Not yet discussed in this thread, and something I'd like to bring up first, is kids choosing to be trans. I guess, from their perspective, it may not feel like much of a choice, but choosing to be out about it vs closeted or whatever, that is a choice. There is downside to this, for these kids. Especially ones that have not yet fully gone through puberty and have started hormone treatments. Some of these kids, who don't let their biology follow through with its blueprint through biological post-pubescence they have issues. Like, some are never able to achieve an orgasm. That is an impact for some. I'm not an expert on biology or gender re-assignment, but I've read about that issue and am under the impression that there can be other impacts too. Also not covered in this thread: sports. I personally do not think that whatever you identify as should determine which gender you compete with. The reason we have separate sports of separate genders is because of biology, not gender roles or how people dress. It was to maintain fairness, as biology builds men and women differently. Covered here some, are trans-people more dangerous than regular people? I think this is probably a no, so I do not think there should be special 'safety' methods put in place to protect people from them. If there is research that determines otherwise, then I'm open to discussing more. Covered here plenty, bathrooms. This whole conservation strikes me as silly. We're so prudish in this country, just go to unisex bathrooms and call it a day. I say that as a father of 2 middle school aged girls. I do not think they'd be any less safe if their school went to unisex bathrooms than they are presently. And the final issue here... these kids themselves. They feel like something they're not born as. It's gotta be real rough for them. I do think we should do what we can, and within reason, to help them out with this. Do we need to make additional bathrooms in every school for them? No. Do we need to let someone who is 6'5" and identified as male last month join the girls basketball team because she now identifies as female and wants a scholarship? No. Can we treat them with 100% respect and recognize what a personal struggle life must be for them? Emphatically yes. Gosh man, high school is a tough and awkward time when you're a standard gender, I can't imagine these kids struggles. ----- So, that's my view of it all in a nutshell. And I bet, most of you think similar or close or can at least see why I think what I think. And I'm open to updating these thoughts if there is more information to inform these opinions. It is a shame that this issue, like so many others today, devolves into partisan BS. Everyone's so worried about what the other side can/might/will do. Some people are over-afraid of something different, but I bet those people at their core do not wish for a kid's life to be hell just because he or she is trans. Some people are hyper-reactive to protect those trans-kids, and ready to cancel anyone who takes a stance with any deviation from what they see is correct. Lots of name calling. Meltdowns at school boards, protests, conspiracy jibberish. No one seeing that all of that, from cancelling to conspiracy mongering, it's just wrong. It is bad for everyone. Bad for trans-kids, bad for regular kids, bad for schools, bad for the country. We're setting a terrible example. There is no longer any debate. The world isn't black and white, it's all shades of grey and if we cannot discuss things with nuance anymore, then we are a failed state and what we're living through is the fall of this country.
  6. I'm not remotely trying to be dismissive of the incident. I am trying to be dismissive of labeling it a 'cover up,' as I don't think it meets that standard remotely.
  7. I don't live far from Loudon and have many friends with kids who go to school there. Loudon does not teach CRT. Pretty much everyone I know there, Bernie Democrat to full on Trump Republican thinks what goes on at these school board meetings is complete bat-s nutso.
  8. I can't think of an incident of a girl being raped at school where the school and school board shouted it from the rooftops. I'm not sure this is a 'cover up' so much as standard operating procedure for how to handle a rape case at a school.
  9. I hope people understand that a portion of these anecdotal stories are not even true, but manufactured by Russia with the intent of sewing disinformation. I'm not sure what % of them are, but enough that it's widely known about. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-russia-covid-disinformation/u-s-says-russian-backed-outlets-spread-covid-19-vaccine-disinformation-idUSKBN2B0016
  10. Made it, squeaking by with just 1.4 points above the cut. With injuries making me very thin at QB and TE, I think I won't be able to stay alive in this thing much longer. Only once have I been comfortably above the cut line lol.
  11. Hasn't it been shown, conclusively, that the safest folks out there right are the ones who had Covid and recovered and also got vaccinated? Hybrid immunity they're calling it.
  12. Well, the issue is a business refusing to serve someone. I guess the distinction you're drawing is if the exclusion is based off who they are -vs- what they do. In which case, yes, that makes them different. People can't help the skin color they're born with or their sexual orientation, it is what it is. People can choose which actions they take. I guess that is where you can draw the line, but I still think it's slippery. Like, if Twitter decided to ban all people who previously registered as a Democrat in their lifetime. It's an action based denial of service, and one that I think most would think was discriminatory. Funny thing, that ban would still hit Trump lol.
  13. I agree that the vaccination will not go great for 100% of the population. However, I don't think the numbers that it will have negative outcomes for come close to the negative outcome numbers generated by Covid. I think the disparity between those numbers is so high that it isn't worth debating, but I'm open to listening to those who feel differently. I have no problem with those who think differently and want to debate it though. So again, no one in here is threatening to doxx you, to silence you, to get you fired from your job and/or career. I'm saying, apples to apples, everyone being vaccinated would be significantly less harm overall than our present situation. You're shifting the goalposts to something else. I'm not in favor of not discussing things either.
  14. Looks like I'm 1.75 points above the cut with just Michael Pittman and Jack Doyle left to play. The cut is crazy high this week. Just 13.6 points from the QB position, pretty sure it'll be a miracle if I move on, and even if I do, I'm toast with just Darnold healthy (Wilson and Tyrod out still).
  15. Wilson, Darnold, Tyrod T here. Pretty dire straights for me now.
  16. Fellas, you are not censored or silienced or cancelled. You can reply to this thread. I tried to answer your thoughts/questions/points.
  17. For reference and potentially of interest to Patterson owners, I just flipped him and CEH for Saquon Barkley. ETA: FBG's trade analyzer said this was a huge mistake for me too, but I did it anyways.
  18. Awesome, thank you. I guess I'm better off than I thought, sitting in 968th place with 28.5 points on the cut line.
  19. I have no idea how many points I have, but I suspect I'm in trouble. The first 3 weeks I had at least 1 guy go off. This week, just a bunch of 'eh - okay I guess' performances. Is it enough to stay above the line? I dunno. I guess I'll find out tomorrow whenever the scores update.
  20. To zero in on one item there that I think about is extra fascinating is the big tech comment. Take Twitter banning Trump. Trump is free to say whatever he wants, just not on Twitter. So, in theory, his free speech is not impinged upon... that's the argument. What I find fascinating is comparing that to a baker not wanting to make the wedding cake for a gay marriage. The gay couple are free to get a cake somewhere else, so really, their right to buy a product isn't impinged upon. It's the ~90% same thing, and depending on which one of the two we're talking about, most people are arguing the opposite side of it. Yes, now with Trump there are larger issues, if he's posting health misinformation or literal calls to treason. But, if you ignore that, it's almost the same issue. My personal take on this is down at the root question: is a company obligated to serve all customers? And that is tricky question, if you say YES, then Twitter shouldn't ban Trump and that baker better make the gayest rainbowiest cake of all time for that couple. And if you say NO, then, can a restaurant decide to be "whites only"? I don't like either of those outcomes, and I suspect most wouldn't... so we've got a gray area issue, and where do you draw the line? Wherever you draw it, some people will be upset. Where is the morally correct point to draw that line? I honestly do not know. Which is why I find that topic fascinating.
  21. Censorship? I said there was mountains of evidence, you questioned that, and I quickly demonstrated that we have more real world evidence about how the vaccines are generating better outcomes than Covid infections are. I'm not sure how I'm censoring you, or how I'm mischaracterizing your argument? Are you saying that yes, it is safer for people to be vaccinated than for them to forgo vaccination? You agree on that, but think it isn't morally correct to dictate that the populace be required to get vaccinated? If that is your argument, I'm happy to address it. This isn't a seatbelt situation. Mind you, the vast majority of this country doesn't think that seatbelt laws are tyranny, but if someone doesn't wear a seatbelt, they're really only putting themselves at risk, right? Yes, you may have some indirect impacts, like more people not wearing seatbelts results in more overall auto-crash deaths, which results in higher insurance premiums that people have to pay... but for the most part, you not wearing a seatbelt has minimal impact on me. Now Covid, you not being vaccinated, it DOES directly impact me. That is another transmission vector that I have to dodge in the effort to keep myself healthy. That is another variant incubator that might be where the virus mutates yet again into a newer, worse form. For me, morally and ethically, a vaccine mandate is in the same boat as drunk driving laws. Not only are the unvaccinated endangering themselves, they're endangering everyone else. If you think that's wrong, please explain why. Thanks. Also, if you want to actually debate this, do so. I have no intention of mischaracterizing you or trying to cancel your opinion. I actually want to understand your opinion, because in my mind, when you weigh the pros and cons of a mandate, the scales tip heavily in favor of it. I'm not infallible though, so let's hear why you think the opposite is the case.
  22. There have been 6.2 BILLION doses of Covid vaccine administered worldwide. Only 2.3 billion people have caught Covid (that we know of). 4.5 million people have died from Covid. How many have died from the vaccines? If you think the vaccines are more dangerous than Covid, you are willfully burying your head in the sand. It is cut and dry and the debate is settled.
  23. It would require the Republican party divorcing Trump. Which they really should do, but probably won't. It really sucks because if they keep running Trump and his stooges, my vote is already cast for the other side, which allows the Dems to put up stupid candidates too. And I'm stuck always picking the lesser of two evils instead of us actually finding good leaders. The present dynamic is terrible for the future of the country.
  24. The majority of states in this country are 'right to work' states, where you can be fired for ANY cause. So, refusing a vaccination falls into the "any" category. I personally think it SHOULD be mandated. There are mountains of evidence at this point showing that whatever risks remain with the vaccines, they are far, far smaller than the risks that exist with Covid.
  25. Don't we see this as entirely problematic? I would like actual good conservative options and good liberal options to choose between. Instead we have the dynamic you describe, which is just awful.
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