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  1. Just sold my FIT position for a 10% gain. Arbitrage had dropped under 5%
  2. My dhcpu sell limits of 31.50 hit tday. Thanks for the impetuses to this gents. I bought too soon so only a 15% gain
  3. MIL has been in international for the last 6 yrs. down about 5 % over that time. I don’t see the draw when the us market will make you rich
  4. So much for Seattle being a rushing team. Loving me cheap shares of Russ
  5. Out of BZQ. Sold my last position for a 23% profit. Nice when a bear position is up on a market green day.
  6. Stuck with just a phone so it’s hard to research to try and get historical perspective. Gut feel is that you are pretty much dead on and that’s impressive you came up with that number that early.
  7. You can’t compare a week with 6 nfl teams on a bye with a non bye week. Many more zeros sitting in people’s lineups. Also most of these guys tonight aren’t highly owned. Excluding kickers and def, I saw Dobbins and brown in the low 1000 ownership range. Mahomes is at 939 but most of those owners have something on the board already
  8. Vacation this week will limit my activity. Everything seems pricey right now after the discounts last week but haven’t run enough to take profits
  9. Come on guys. Act like you’ve been there before. 17 and 22 points with bullets left is an auto advance. 17 without bullets is an auto advance
  10. Congrats. I thought it was a decent way to bring out profit in the past. The stupid lineups out weighed the stupid juice. I’ve split several top prizes before. It’s par for the course
  11. I hope you pulled this off. It will be December before Mixons season totals match what Lockett did today
  12. Yuck. 2.5 below the cut with Lazard Watkins hardman not counting for awhile
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