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  1. Scherffs arms are 33 3/8 which is longer than Saadiq Charles and the same length as Ezra Cleveland https://www.nfl.com/players/brandon-scherff/ https://www.nfl.com/prospects/ezra-cleveland/3219434c-4567-0117-4b64-f3ef088b9fb5 https://www.nfl.com/prospects/saahdiq-charles/32194348-4159-6597-92df-2c5eba7d2e50
  2. yeah it will be interesting to see how they use Gibson, Skins kinda needed a receiver more than a RB. Moses is the worst starter on the team guy is an absolute turnstile 11th in penalties and allowed 5 sacks, Cornelius Lucas was a good tackle for the Bears allowing just 1 sack no penalties. Roullier is a decent center. Schweitzer only allowed 2 sacks last year hoping he's equivalent to Flowers. I think you're underestimating Caleb Wilson he's a better TE than Devin Asiasi who went in the third, not as good of a blocker but a much better receiver.
  3. I dont think they can cut him I read somewhere they cant
  4. I see about 4 wins on their schedule. They have worse talent than the Bengals.
  5. gocats

    any dynasty leagues you're in that are good with openings?

    1. EBF


      You could try the HyperActive leagues, run by jeter23. I am in Hyper 1, Hyper 3, and Active 4.

  6. Don't those RBs look suspect after Elliot? Taylor doesnt catch very well and has fumbling issues and Wisconsin backs are known for sucking in the NFL after huge work loads. He could end up starting out slow like Mark Ingram who was consider a higher level back.
  7. I love the Snell pick . Can you analyze that pick for us?
  8. which safer stocks do you like for a triple? I mean the crashes look bad but werent they flown by incompetent third world country pilots that couldnt make basic adjustments? Their backorder of planes has a valuation of $500 billion, a lot of growth possibility for a company with a market cap of $75 billion. The big risk you are taking is if they can get a bailout without becoming GM which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. By $XYX you mean $EADSY right?
  9. I think Reheaps has a hell of a team
  10. https://fantasyfootballcalculator.com/nfl-bye-weeks These accurate?
  11. What pick number would be a good place to take him?
  12. Warren Buffett is washed up and done, he plays it too safe. You can buy stock like Amazon and outperform Berkshire any day of the week. I would only invest in Berkshire if I was interested in tbills.
  13. they have a lot of potential on offense with Mclaurin, Gibson and Golden paired with their other young receivers and TEs. The RBs of Guice, Love and Gibson it's a strong core of players. If Haskins develops into a better Jason Campbell they could be dangerous offensively.
  14. It doesn't matter they have to have the ok to play and they're not going to get that and u can't have the players playing with the virus going around. U can't protect the players.
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