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  1. On 5/20/2020 at 11:03 PM, fatness said:

    Been away while so I'm reacting to some older posts for a bit.

    His arms are too short and he cannot play tackle in the NFL.  The Skins wantedd badly to say he was drafted to be a tackle to justify his draft position but IIRC he was the first player in training camp whose position was switched (to guard) because he was so inept at tackle that early on.  To his credit he's an all-pro (and to me overrated but still good) guard when he's not hurt.

    Scherffs arms are 33 3/8 which is longer than Saadiq Charles and the same length as Ezra Cleveland 





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  2. On 5/20/2020 at 11:39 PM, fatness said:

    Pretty underrated roster for the Skins


    QB Dwayne Haskins/Kyle Allen/Steven Montez     OK if Haskins keeps progressing
    RB Adrian Peterson/Derrius Guice/Bryce Love     More like Peterson/Gibson/prayer/Guice
    TE Caleb Wilson/Thaddeus Moss/Jeremy Sprinkle/Logan Thomas     Weak. Hope Moss and Sprinkle can be adequate.
    WR Terry McLaurin/Cam Sims     McLauren is going to be great
    WR Steven Sims / Antonio Gandy-Golden     Still think Sims is a gadget player but he improved last year. Gandy-Golden is the key.
    WR Antonio Gibson / Kelvin Harmon     I like Harmon a lot, but this is the year for him and the 2 Sims's to show if they're really NFL players. Overall               at WR they are weak.
    LT Geron Christian Sr. / Saahdiq Charles      Weak unless Charles is functional his first year. Christian is a bust.
    LG Wes Schweitzer / Wes Martin     Below average if Martin can almost hold his own.
    C Chase Roullier / Ross Pierschbacher     Below average. Rouillier is just a substitute and Piersbacher will likely be cut.
    RG Brandon Sheriff / Keith Ismael     Good where Scherff isn't hurt
    RT Cornelius Lucas/Morgan Moses     Good because Moses is good and almost always plays


    I'll do the defense another time, but they're better than the offense. And don't forget that John Allen can play DE. I think we may see a lot of that this year.

    yeah it will be interesting to see how they use Gibson, Skins kinda needed a receiver more than a RB. Moses is the worst starter on the team guy is an absolute turnstile  11th in penalties and allowed 5 sacks, Cornelius Lucas was a good tackle for the Bears allowing just 1 sack no penalties. Roullier is a decent center.  Schweitzer only allowed 2 sacks last year hoping he's equivalent to Flowers. I think you're underestimating Caleb Wilson he's a better TE than Devin Asiasi who went in the third, not as good of a blocker but a much better receiver. 

  3. 6 hours ago, Brunell4MVP said:

    I'd pay off Alex Smith's contract  by cutting him pre-June 1.  That dead money would eat up $32M of the $35M remaining cap space in 2020.  But get him off the books forever.  Freeing up I believe $21M over 2021 and 2022.  The team is not going to the SB this year, nor probably the playoffs.  And no matter how hard Alex tries he's not gonna be a starting QB in the NFL again.  I'd rather have the extra money in 2021 and 2022, after they know what they have or don't have in Haskins.

    I dont think they can cut him I read somewhere they cant

  4. 3 hours ago, Mr. Irrelevant said:

    Really like this squad with one glaring exception.

    Jones and Burrow should be a fine pairing. Kyle Allen was steaming hot garbage last year and in this format he still averaged 22ppg.  If you can get that from Burrow and 25ppg from Jones in a best-ball you'll pretty much keep pace with the pack.

    Taylor is my favorite back from the 2020 class and he got a dream landing spot so I wouldn't call 3.03 a reach. Lindsay is a tough nut to crack ... I was shocked to see he only caught 35 balls last year (thought more like 55) so on one hand - how would he hold any value if most of his 1,011/7 rushing goes away? - on the other hand - if he transitions to a pure receiving back, well, that's what Ekeler was with Melly in LAC and he still put up RB2 numbers. At RB40 he's worth the gamble. And I noted earlier that where you got Waller and Parker was highway robbery.

    OTOH I want zero, nada, nothing to do with DJ this season. Maybe it's unfounded but I'm convinced he's chained to the giant boat anchor that is Teddy KGB's complete unwillingness to throw past the sticks. If you watched Amari his last 10-15 games in Oakland with Carr, that combo's not just fantasy poison, it's ####### infuriating.

    For your first draft in a long time it's a great start though.

    Don't those RBs look suspect after Elliot?  Taylor doesnt catch very well and has fumbling issues and Wisconsin backs are known for sucking in the NFL after huge work loads.  He could end up starting out slow like Mark Ingram who was consider a higher level back.  

  5. On 5/5/2020 at 1:13 AM, BassNBrew said:

    This season so better happen.  Stoked about this team.

    QB - Still loaded with four starts.  Big points.

    RB - Small downgrade for Swift, huge upgraded for CEH.  With Brieda gone Coleman gets and upgrade.  I think he's posts more points than Mosert.  Just need two.

    WR - Draft didn't impact any of these guys.

    TE - Still the best int he league.

    K - Still worst in the league

    D - Still best or second best in the league

    I love the Snell pick :lmao:.  Can you analyze that pick for us?

  6. 14 hours ago, siffoin said:

    Boeing is a darling of this thread.  It's not for me.  Why?  Through the marvel of financial engineering $BA's stock went to all time highs a year ago (around $450) by issuing debt to buy back shares.  All the while sales growth imploded.  On top of this their newest flagship product - through the ineptitude of management - crashes and kills people.  We are in the very early stages of what is likely a new paradigm for travel.  The greatest investor of all time said as recently as Saturday "there are just too many planes." The slope of the trend is so downwardly negative if it were a ski slope the most extreme skier could not ski it.  With that said - the move down has been so violent that it is possible to make a significant profit with a much shorter time frame than the "investors" time frame.  You better be nimble as #### to do that.  Hard pass for me.

    Put it another way - imagine Boeing went on Shark Tank...give me the compelling reason they could get someone to invest.  Just because this stock was priced at $450 12 months ago doesn't mean it's ever going back there again - certainly not anytime soon.  If you are looking for a triple there are so many great companies, with a great future story, with great management,that have been beaten down that have far greater odds of hitting a home run 2-5 years from now. Why not find and invest in those?  $BA is a herd stock.  There are others you guys discuss too.  It worries me.  The herd is potentially about to be slaughtered.  I take ZERO pleasure in that. (side note: you guys discuss some great stocks too...many of your plays are great imo...a few are ####)

    If your analysis consists of $XYX is priced at $13 today and 6 months ago it was priced at $45 so it must be a bargain.  Is not the best way to be successful.  We are on the precipice of what might be a very dangerous time.  I might be wrong...and if/when I am there will be plenty of opportunity.  I don't want for anyone to be panicked into selling or move into the mindset of "forget the cheese let me out of the trap".  There are very solid opportunities right now, and many more that may unfold over the next months.  I urge caution and thought-thru strategy to find and act on that opportunity.

    which safer stocks do you like for a triple?  


    I mean the crashes look bad but werent they flown by incompetent third world country pilots that couldnt make basic adjustments?  Their backorder of planes has a valuation of $500 billion, a lot of growth possibility for a company with a market cap of $75 billion.  The big risk you are taking is if they can get a bailout without becoming GM which is certainly nothing to sneeze at.  By $XYX you mean $EADSY right?

  7. 6 hours ago, -OZ- said:

    I'm starting to think it's time to sell the BRK-B shares. keep the rest of the portfolio intact. 

    I'm really not sure what to do with JETS. he'll sink it a bit just by people following. But (and I'm clearly not as smart as Warren) I still think the industry comes back alright.

    Warren Buffett is washed up and done, he plays it too safe.  You can buy stock like Amazon and outperform Berkshire any day of the week.  I would only invest in Berkshire if I was interested in tbills.

  8. 1 hour ago, tangfoot said:

    I see it more as underwhelming. 
    The D better be better than the ‘85 Bears, because the offense isn’t scoring many points. 

    they have a lot of potential on offense with Mclaurin, Gibson and Golden paired with their other young receivers and TEs.  The RBs of Guice, Love and Gibson it's a strong core of players. If Haskins develops into a better Jason Campbell they could be dangerous offensively. 

  9. Pretty underrated roster for the Skins


    QB Dwayne Haskins/Kyle Allen/Steven Montez
    RB Adrian Peterson/Derrius Guice/Bryce Love
    TE Caleb Wilson/Thaddeus Moss/Jeremy Sprinkle/Logan Thomas
    WR Terry McLaurin/Cam Sims
    WR Steven Sims / Antonio Gandy-Golden
    WR Antonio Gibson / Kelvin Harmon
    LT Geron Christian Sr. / Saahdiq Charles
    LG Wes Schweitzer / Wes Martin
    C Chase Roullier / Ross Pierschbacher
    RG Brandon Sheriff / Keith Ismael
    RT Cornelius Lucas/Morgan Moses

    4-3 Defense
    LDE Montez Sweat / Ryan Anderson
    LDT Jonathan Allen / Matt Ioannidis/ Tim Settle
    RDT Daron Payne / Caleb Brantley
    RDE Chase Young / James Smith-Williams
    WLB Kevin Pierre-Louis / Cameron Malveaux
    MLB Thomas Davis Sr / Jon Bostic
    SLB Rueben Foster
    CB Kendall Fuller / Fabian Moreau
    CB Ronald Darby / Jimmy Moreland /Free agent signing
    SS Landon Collins / Khaleke Hudson
    FS Sean Davis / Kamren Curl/Free agent?

  10. 25 minutes ago, Mr. Irrelevant said:

    Gawd. I was clicking through the prior year links and here was the Jets' dumpster of garbage from 2015 ...

    1.6 Leonard Williams DE  USC
    2.5 Devin Smith WR Ohio State
    3.18 Lorenzo Mauldin LB Louisville
    4. 4- Bryce Petty QB Baylor
    5.16  Jarvis Harrison G Texas A&M
    6. 7 Deon Simon DT Northwestern State (LA)

    ... and from 2014 ...

    Round    Pick    Player    Position    College    Notes
    1    18    Calvin Pryor     S    Louisville    
    2    49    Jace Amaro     TE    Texas Tech    
    3    80    Dexter McDougle     CB    Maryland    
    4    104    Jalen Saunders     WR    Oklahoma    Pick from TB
    4    115    Shaquelle Evans     WR    UCLA    
    4    137    Dakota Dozier     OT    Furman    Compensatory
    5    154    Jeremiah George     LB    Iowa St    
    6    195    Brandon Dixon     CB    Northwest Missouri St    
    6    209    Quincy Enunwa     WR    Nebraska    Compensatory
    6    210    Ikemefuna Enemkpali     DE    Louisiana Tech    Compensatory
    6    213    Tajh Boyd     QB    Clemson    Compensatory
    7    233    Trevor Reilly     LB    Utah    

    I have to say, I thought I'd be hard-pressed to find a three-year stretch worse than Chip Kelly's, but you guys might have that beat.

    As a UCLA alum I would fire Chip right now from UCLA, that guy needs to be in the broadcast booth with Jim Mora.

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