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  1. Just read they are looking at hiring Foley's son for WWE creative.
  2. I got seats in section C235 just a few minutes ago. They were $390.
  3. Going to Money in the Bank tonight. Hopeful for a good show.
  4. It's cool. I am going Sunday so I want to be surprised.
  5. I don't know the lingo but yes using a follower. I have 2 dogs that attack. I throw a bottle that breaks and spiders come out. Can throw fire.
  6. Ill have to double check but pretty sure I'm level 16 with the default difficulty.
  7. OK, makes sense. I'm just at a part where I have died 50 times. Feel like I am missing something.
  8. So if my guy has a sword and I can see him holding it, I can't actually use it in battle?
  9. Stupid question....ps4 and I'm a witch doctor. How do I use my main weapon? Say he has a sword. How do I swing it?
  10. New to this game so I don't have the lingo down. I'm using a witch doctor and I used to be able throw fire. Now he throws this thing where it slows down a enemy. I don't know how I changed that but I want to go back to the fire thing. How do I change it back? I'm on PS4
  11. Double post. Yeah, I learned that the hard way last night. Really fun game though.
  12. Pretty much. The more you kill the more you level and the more drops you get. If you skip too much killing you might find yourself facing creatures you are not ready for.
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