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  1. Are you banned?

  2. I'll even throw in an angry face.Game. Over.
  3. Tomorrow it happens.The people ask, and I deliver. nail in the coffin
  4. You have no idea how spoiled you are in eastern PA. Nothing really touches pizza back home, except maybe Chicago.
  5. Depends on what you're looking for. Quick sex, in and out type of thing? If so then you need to get inside her apartment (or yours) ASAP. Go out for ice cream. Be funny and charming, but don't talk too much. Just listen. Women love to talk about themselves a lot, so just listen and ask questions. After ice cream go to Blockbuster and pick out ONE movie. Go to her apartment (or yours) and go the first 30 minutes without throwing yourself at her. After the 30 minutes is up tear that bleep! up. Interesting strategy there. Ice cream, eh?I was 2-2 with a similar plan (beers one time, chicken wings another)
  6. apparently you can.

  7. This seems like the more interesting question. Why not? If you beat those games, there's HUGE money to be had. What are you considering "high stakes"?I think in another post he stated that the quality of player at this table is simply too high that he could never play consistently better whereas w/ Omaha he's got a shot.
  8. how many hours do you play in a day? I heard lots of pros like Negreanu limit themselves to playing poker for no more than 8 hours a day and quit regardles of their run. What do you think of that?I only play occassionally and I always tell myself "I'm not sitting for more than 6 hours" but I might lose a big hand near the end or am running hot and want to keep playing - which then causes me to play when my concentration dips say 8 hours after I started and I make some costly calls.
  9. Good point - boredom maybe?I really do think really good poker players are in it largely for the enjoyment and competitiveness though. For people like you and I we may see, say, DWI defense cases or doing the paper work for foreclosures as cash cows so there is really no point in exploring other legal work as the cash flow relative to effort per case is so good. However, with poker, I think it's different. There's no guarenteed steady stream of income so I imagine a little dip in variance - a professional nuance not included in the practice of law outside maybe personal injury or class action tort cases - would be frustrating enough for someone to want to switch to something new. It's also very easy in poker to immediately determine one's rank amongst his peer so the competitive drive is definitely there to be great at all the poker games where that's not the case w/ no other possessions (e.g. you probably don't desire to be better than me at criminal defense as I likewise have no desire to be better than you at whatever it is you practice).
  10. seriously, those monetary swings are wild... i definitely know unless i had a huge ### roll and played well below my means i couldn't handle it. my hat is off to youreally? Because I'm bored out of my mind playing this low right now, but like I said I want to do things the right way and make sure I'm a solid winning PLO player at each level before moving up.You gotta understand man, for us regular working falk 741 is like what we make in a week. I understand the margin between your wins and losses is pretty comparable, but for most of us losing a week's pay in a day is rough.
  11. seriously, those monetary swings are wild... i definitely know unless i had a huge ### roll and played well below my means i couldn't handle it. my hat is off to you
  12. You are not alone. I played most of my PLO live in Houston. I used to sometimes play in a 3 blind 1-2-5 game, and it was much much bigger than the 5-10 NL game. Tangent: While it is harder to put people on a hand preflop, it is often easier IMO to pick up tells live in Omaha. The reason is because people often have to look at the board and their hand and try to put it together. It is easier to read their reaction when they either have a hand, or a searching to find a hand. I love playing Omaha live with recreational players because you can see them counting their draws and straights.
  13. RFW may be beter than me here, but basically play cards that coordinate. Four to a straight, high pairs, suited aces, etc. Be tight out of position and LAG in LP. Don't play hands that will get you into trouble with no redraws- for example a hand like 2266 sucks because when you flop bottom set and meet aggression you'll have no redraws and not know where you're at.I understand this, but my problem lies with knowing what the correct raise is with the right hand. Is it any different than pre-flop play in HE though? Do you try to isolate one or two players? The reason I ask is in the few cash games I played usually the pre-flop play is weak loose and I feel like I rarely get good information on my opponents regardless of how I bet. I imagine I'm losing a lot of the pre-flop equity I could get and I tend to be hesitant with post-flop play then if I don't rock the flop. I'm guessing I should really memorize the rank of the possible starting hands as I'm somewhat hazy on the actual value of the hand I have. Definitely going to put your position tips into practice though.
  14. Assani, when you get a chance can you give some basic pointers for pre-flop play in PLO? I believe I grasp the "general" strategy of post-flop play, but I am clueless pre-flop. Thanks.
  15. am i the only one completely flabbergasted by the amount of money Assani plays with? Whenever I lose over a hundred I wanna slit my wrists and whenever I win over 100 I feel like a king.
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