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  1. Giants Should be able to land a quality G/C in the 2nd Round and/or 3rd Round ... I honestly think they need 2 IOL with the first 3 picks. Gates did a nice job at center but not great ... if he steps it up a notch that would be great but if he regresses it could be the end of the Giants season before it starts. By Drafting a top center who who is capable of starting from day 1 that will create competion at G/C and give you depth at C which they dont have now. Loser of the Center battle kicks over to one of the Guard positions so they they dont have to rely on Lemuix who PFF ranked dead last
  2. Hopefully a revamped line ... at the moment it looks worse on paper than going into last season
  3. Sounds like it's a really weak draft for edge rushers ...Big Blue Banter did a nice pod cast regarding EDGE at 11 for Giants. From what they said and from what I've been reading and hearing ...Jalean Phillips is probabaly the best and most nfl ready of the bunch. The question with him is health concerns and commitment. He's had a couple of concussuions that actually cuased him to retire temporarily.
  4. It wouldnt surprise me ... but It wouldnt make them a better team
  5. No then you go Parsons or trade down ... They dont need a WR @ #11, There are no Edge players worthy of #11, They dont need a CB. With #11 they need a player that is giong to start day 1 and make a difference ... Sewell, Slater or Parsons if none of them are available trade down, if you cant trade down take the next best G/C
  6. Think about how foolish it would be to draft a WR #11 Saquan #2 overall Jones #6 overall Smith or Waddle #11 overall Big FA Aquistion Golladay the Highest paid player on the team And your Oline Sux !!!
  7. DeVonta Smith made everything look so smooth and effortless against Ohio state ... He reminded me of Jerry Rice the way he made separation look so easy. Yeah I know he's not Jerry Rice but he was in that game
  8. I wouldnt complain but a WR wouldn't help much if at all if the Oline sux If you really want ?'s ... start anywhere on the Oline RT - Soldier or Peart ?? Choose your "?" RG - Hernandez - First Year at RG ... wasnt good at LG C - Gates - 1 year of Center under his belt LG - Lemieux - ranked 80 of 80 qualified Guards in the NFL LT - Thomas - one underwhelming year
  9. ... Who only played 2 games last year ...and Engram, Shephard, Slayton, Booker and Kaden Smith as the 3rd TE There are plenty of teams that would want to have this problem?
  10. They've added Barkley, Golladay, Rudolph, and John Ross They lost Zeitler who was arguably their best olineman
  11. Sure you can ... Neither one of them make the Giants a better team. They have 2 capable TE's , a few good receievers, a great receiving RB and not enough balls to go around. They will all suck if the Giants dont fix there Oline. You either take one of the top 2 Olineman (Sewell or Slater) or the best Defensive player in the draft (Parsons) at 11 ... If not you trade down and take an Olinemna or Edge Rusher. An offensive weapon would be anbsolutely gluttony
  12. Sewell or Slater - Absolutely ... but cant take the 3rd best Olineman at 11 if Parsons is there. Parsons is the best defensive player in the draft and could be a great edge rusher as well. There are a few good Centers and Guards that might be avaialble at picks 2 and 3 that could compete right away
  13. Giants have a couple of coaches with recent Penn State ties so they have some familiarity with Parsons.
  14. PFN MOCK DRAFT SIMULATOR 11. Micah Parsons LB Penn State (Slater went 12) 42. Landon Dickerson OC Alabama (Humphrey went 22, Wyatt Davis 34) 76. Quinn Meinerz OC Wisconsin-Whitewater (Little was available)
  15. Giants need to add 2 versitle olineman in the first 3 rds If it come down to Micah Parsons and Slater @ 11 that would be a great problem ... I'd probably go with Parsons because of his versitality on defense but I'd be fine with Slater who could play Guard or Tackle 2nd pick I'd be targeting Creed Humphrey or Landon Dickerson either could probably play C or G ... Quinn Meinerz is a guy who is rising and could compete at either G or C but it would probably be to early to take him in the 2nd (Gates could compete at G or C ...he would probably be our best G if he were beat out at C)
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