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  1. I'd like to have Solder back and playing RT for 1 year while Peart gets a little more experience ... The Need to Replace Cam Flemming who was making $4M ... I'm pretty Sure Solder would be better than Fleming
  2. What is this? Giants Departures ... did i miss something? DT Leonard Williams, EDGE Kyler Fackrell, DT Dalvin Tomlinson, RT Cameron Fleming, RB Wayne Gallman, RB Dion Lewis, DT Austin Johnson
  3. Giants are fine at QB ... Daniel Jones 1st 2 seasons compare very similarly to Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield.both of whom are on much better teams. Give him Sanquan, another receiving weapon and continiur to build the Oline and Jones will put up similar numbers. WR 1 - through Free Agency is the way to go ... this will Allow the Gianst to pick the Defensive difference maker that they have been missing forever. Parsons, Rousseau or KwityPayne. Pick# 2 the Best Guard or Center available ... Pick 3 # Corner of or In line TE Then they will be a playoff team
  4. If the Jets are willing to give up 3 or 4 1st rd picks they should be talking to Jacksonville
  5. Jones is much better than Darnold ... Darnold worth a late 2nd or 3rd rd pick at this point
  6. I dont think the Giants are in that bad shape regarding the cap They have the 2nd most players signed to contracts 66 ...some of the teams that look like they have tons of cap room only have 50 some odd players signed so that is going to eat into their cap .... Saints and Eagles are screwed ! Tampa has $11m cap space but only 31 players signed after this season Colts are going to be good for a long time https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/
  7. Please not the Chargers or Giants coaches ... 2 of the worst lines in the lague for the past 5 years
  8. I'm really impressed with Gregory Rousseau. If he is available at 11 I think he will make us all get over Chase Young. This guy flies around the field and I love the way he throws his body around and dives to use that length to take down players that appear to be out of reach. He'd be the ideal choice for the Giants if he is available. Caleb Farley ... a 6' 2" athletic and long physical CB may be my next choice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHaafVQoMO4 He's 6' 7" 265 and only 20 years old with room to grow. He did this as a redshirt freshman after coming from a broken ankle
  9. There's really no sucgh thing as cap trouble. Restructure a couple of deals, cut a couple of players and all of a sudden you are in great shape
  10. Giants had lowest YAC per completion in 2020 https://giantswire.usatoday.com/2021/01/14/new-york-giants-had-lowest-yac-per-completion-2021/?utm_source=smg&utm_medium=fishburne&utm_content=home-most-popular
  11. Giants are a just couple of moves away from being contenders On Offense They should restructure Zeitlers contract and they should do the same with Solder, assuming he still wants to play. The Giants owe Solder a lot of money whether he plays for them or not so I would rather try to restructure what is owed to him and bring down the cap figure rather than paying him to retire and still having to pay a chump like Fleming who sucked. Solder might benefit from the switch to RT or could be the swing tackle behind Thomas and Peart if he is able to win the job. Thomas and Gates should imp
  12. Yikes !!! Based on this season ... Hernandez and Lemieux would very likely rank as the worst Guard combo in the NFL
  13. I think it is safe to say that Hernandez is a bust at this point. He's gotten worse every season and now has been beaten out by Shane Lemieux who pff has rated as the worst Gaurd in the NFL 84th out of 84 G's
  14. Nope ... but Jones was the lone bright spot
  15. How much of an impact do you really think that will have on the rankings? maybe 3-4 spots ... Once again youve convinced me that the Giants have grat RBs
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