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  1. Of Course it was penalty ... That's what was called and that's not going to change but it was a bad call. It sucks that they lost because of it ... the outcome was out of the Giants hands and in the hands of the Refs ... 𝗟𝗮𝘄𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗧𝘆𝗻𝗲𝘀 @lt4kicks Just confirmed with a Giants source that Dexter Lawrence was NOT offsides (coaches film). The referees missed it and the Giants will get the obligatory phone call from the head of officials saying, sorry we missed it. https://twitter.com/lt4kicks/status/1438968942215712769 Here's the best view it's like the center pulls dexter on a string https://twitter.com/AlexWilsonESM/status/1438915840930455552
  2. Giants first-round pick Kadarius Toney vents frustration with role on team after loss to Washington Toney posted an Instagram story that showed frustration with his place on the Giants https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/giants-first-round-pick-kadarius-toney-vents-frustration-with-role-on-team-after-loss-to-washington/ Great Pick Gettleman !!!!!!! You are a great judge of character !!!!! This guy should be put on Warning and sent to the practice Squad !
  3. Yeah but the WTF made to many mistakes as well including missing the field goal. The Giants were winning the game and were penalized for being to perfect is what some people are saying. Dexter timed it perfectly which made him look offsides. Which to me is BS ... if it's that close you dont make the call in that situation ... It could happen 20 times during the game and not get called but in that situation with game on the line it sux to have the Refs decide the game. He missed the kick ... Did they deserve to win? Whats worse is the little ##### barely hit the rekick
  4. How about just dont throw the flag at all unless its a blatant penalty
  5. It was bad call ... Watch the replay ! he was moving as the ball was moving he wasnt off side and it had no impact on the play !
  6. By the way ... Daniel Jones has only 1 int and 3 Fum lost in his last 8 games on this #### team. That's pretty ####### good yet every little thing gets magnified with him for some reason. Thats a half a season and only 4 turnovers for a QB ... Thats almost unheard of! Yeah hes not improving
  7. This is the only type of loss that doesnt bother me ... I'm pissed that the defense sucked, that the receivers dropped a lot of passes, that Saquan looks like crap and that there were bad plays that called back TDs. But in the End, the Giants did what they had to do ... they held the WTF to a long field goal that they missed and the Refs took it awat from them. It's debateable whether they were offsides or not (I say they weren't) but it's not debateble that it had no impact on the outcome of the play and should not have been called. On a positive note ... Daniel Jones carried the team to what should have been an impressive victory despite Dropped passes, no running game and poor officiating. Unfortunately we lost Gates but the Oline actuall looked much better against a team with one of the best Dlines in the NFL. i feel like this may be a turning point ... DJ looked great , The Oline looks better, Saquan is going to start coming around and the Defense cant play any worse than they have been playing
  8. Hmmm ... Gates has started 1 NFL game in NFL at guard. Barkley went for 112 + 2 TDs in that ‘19 win over MIA.
  9. I'm glad it's Price over Skura ... Price has as high upside as any lineman on the team ...so fingers crossed
  10. If it makes them Stronger overall ...I'm all for it. I like Gates, he's tough and versatile but he's average ... which makes him possibly the best Giant olineman. If Skura or Price could be avg at Center and Gates average at Guard ... it's an upgrade. PFF had Hernandez (47.8) and Bedeson (54.0) as the lowest rated Giants Olineman on Sunday ... wonder which one will sit in favor of Gates
  11. The nightmare scenario that I would hate to see happen and is very likely to happen is ... The Giants will have the 4th and 8th picks in the draft (for example) and will trade both of them plus another high pick (a 2nd or 1st the following year) to move up to the 1st pick in the draft to take a QB (probably not even the best one available) and will have a rookie QB and no Oline in 2022 and possibly no 1st rd pick in 2023
  12. Ex-Giants placekicker Ryan Santoso cut by Carolina Panthers ... No draft Pick for the Giants https://www.bigblueview.com/2021/9/14/22674072/ex-giants-placekicker-ryan-santoso-cut-by-carolina-panthers
  13. Hard to believe that his leg wasn't broken ...It was a pretty gruesome injury when it happen looked like his lower leg snapped at a 90 degree angle. Not a doctor but if I was a betting man I'd say the over under is 7 weeks and Im taking the over ...4 weeks is out of the question ... just aint happening
  14. 2 more game like this and I think the Giants start making changes starting with Garrett ... The fans and media are going to put a lot of pressure on Mara to make something happen. You can't have all of these supposed offenseive weapons and be the worst offense in the NFL week to week ... it's just not possible that nothing changes
  15. This hurts ... according to PFF Barkley didn’t see any 8+ man boxes, and was the least efficient running back in the NFL on Sunday with a rating of 6.15.
  16. How's that workin out for them? Maybe they should all be doing block drills instead
  17. O-line,meh? ... Oline was crap not meh. They pass blocked a little better but for the most part Jones had no time Thomas played good because Chubb was out but the rest of the Oline was garbage! Peart and Soldier need not be on the field ... They may as well just leave a blank space at RT. Guards and Centers cant open up a hole if their lives depended on it
  18. Saquan is not absolved of blame ... He has been as bad as everyone the past couple of years. Hes been tip toeing around the backfield looking for holes that are never going to come. He has to start running like a man and make people not want to tackle him. Denver RBs were putting theirs heads down and running over Giants for 2 or 3 yards when there wasnt a hole. On one particular play Saquan had an opportunity to bounce one play outside but didnt trust his speed and cut back inside to a pile of mess. He's also not bouncing anything outside when there is nothing up the middle. In the receiving game he dropped 2 passes right in his hands and fell down on the only pass he caught with 5 yards in front of him! Saquan looks like crap to me ! in decisive with no burst at all !
  19. Giant RBs were 14 for 33 yds ... Run Blocking was absolutely horrible.
  20. The worst thing about this is that evreything that was a problem today was a problem last year Oline cant pass block or run block ... It is Amazing how bad they are! The only Hog Mollie on this team is Gettleman. How was Peart still in his stance while Von Miller was sacking Jones??? Horrible play calling ... Jason Garrett has got to be fired if he doesn't turn things around immediately. Barkley up the middle is probably the worst call in the NFL and the Giants do that on 90% of their run plays No pressure on the QB. Bridgewater had so much time to throw especially when the giants needed a big stop Sucking in the Red Zone ... every time they got there they stalled ... See (Jason Garrett) And Jones untimely mistakes! In his defense jones had no time to throw, no running game and put up overall good numbers ... but the fumble basically ended the game for the Giants. Today the Giants added missed tackles to their repertoire. Broncos running backs were getting an extra couple of yards on every run, Blake Matinez had a gigantic missed tackle and Bradberry just decided that he wasnt going to tackle at all today. Oh and lets not forget to give Joe Judge credit for throwing a red flag on a scoring play and losing a timeout !!! How long has this guy been in the NFL??? Also Garrett is Judges responsibilty ... He needs to hold him accountable or be held accountable!!! And what is so special about the Giants Special teams that justifies allocating so many resources?? Judge has been thouroughly unimpressive as a head coach
  21. The way I see it ... The Giants added 3 young experienced offensive lineman last week ...All 3 of them are likely better then a healthy Lemeiux and certainly better than an injured Lemeiux and 2 of them have experience at Center (so Nice Depth). Having depth at center allows Gates to be a very valuable utility lineman who could play G if Lemeix fails or RT if Soldier and Peart fail Price and Bredeson are both very physical IOLs, who are good against run and have a higher upside then Lemeiux and maybe even gates on the interior. Price was the Rimington award winner for best Center in the country in 2018 and a 1st round talent. He has had some injuries that have probably impacted his play including a torn pectoral muscle and a lisfranc. He was said to be having a good preseason and with good coaching could be a steal. Bredeson was also said to be having a good preseason but the Ravens had already added Zietler and 3rd rd picks Ben Cleveland in 2021 and Tyree Phillips in 2020
  22. Giants are signing Nate Ebner and C.J. Board is the victim of nepotism https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/07/report-giants-are-signing-nate-ebner-cutting-c-j-board/
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