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  1. Blog on this site. Breast Cancer, Artista's Journey. My life journey now.


  2. After the recent earthquakes this week in the Bay Area, I thought I'd post a where were you when the Loma Prieta quake struck. I was living in Seattle at that time worried about my relatives here for a couple days until they could check in. Heard some wild stories though. Been here since 92 and have only experienced jolts, shakers and rolls. I'm sure I just jinxed us here. ­čś«
  3. Battling stage III cancer 1 day at a time..

  4. No cancer treatments, CT scan or port care for me this month thanks to a major #### up with insurance!

  5. ####ing insurance ####ed up and accidentally cancelled me while still doing chemo! Delayed tx yet again!! :wall:

  6. Hopefully kicking cancer's ###!!

  7. Successfully kicking cancer's ###!!

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