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  1. For Richardson Ten50 BBQ is probably your best bet. I like it but I'm not a huge BBQ snob like Disco Stu. I'm sure him or Bogart could recommend better places, but they probably won't be as close by. If you're in to old school arcade games there's a dive type of place called Freeplay Arcade in Richardson. $10 cover for unlimited games. Obviously not a place for bottom, but they have a decent beer selection and a bunch of retro games. There's also a taco joint about a block away open until 3AM called OMG Tacos. Dumb name but tacos are great especially when hammered. I can't think of
  2. Just my opinion but telling someone who is going through an emotionally heavy situation with a loved one to "man up" is pretty ####### disrespectful. Will be thinking about Coop this holiday. Best of luck with everything, GM.
  3. "but both come off pretty douchey in their respective ways."Disagree with Mustafa
  4. Those are retail prices and you actually got all of that stuff for like 100 bucks, right??
  5. 1/3 life?!? I'm preparing for my 1/2 life crisis when I turn 30 and I feel like that's being optimistic.
  6. I only know a handful of guys that have been in the Coast Guard but they all absolutely loved it. You see this, GB? Just saw the recent Vice episode that went over this subject. It had this white goofball who didn't even know how to tie his own tie portraying a doctor at a conference. Maybe I should move to China.
  7. you have to put this test up somewhere for us to see. I can cut/paste from the word doc. Didn't we have a debate before about "over 1000" also including 4 million?That does sound familiar. Deja vu. But since the answer isn't 4 million it doesn't really matter. C is the only correct answer.
  8. Don't you owe us some updates about soccer practice? I think I do. My sister took my boys Friday night so I had a whole night all to myself. And what did I do? I made a big old batch of Judge Smail's Legendary Chili, only I tweaked and perfected the recipe and made the best batch ever. Had a few beers, nothing crazy. I'm just an ordinary average guy these days. Soccer on Saturday was fun. Team notched a 1-1 tie, so we remain undefeated this spring. :flex: Poker party Saturday night was fun. Had about 15-20 people over, served up my chili, cooked sausages from Otto's and drank perhaps
  9. Okay, but imagine that it has meat sauce on it. I'd rather just eat meat without all the stupid messy flavorless noodles.
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