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  1. His return for Adams was fantastic and getting anything for Darnold was good too. But Leonard Williams is an absolute beast.
  2. Who is number 93 on defense? He was getting absolutely obliterated in the run game - it was glaring when watching the game.
  3. I like my roster but in two weeks I have Najee Harris, Zeke, and James Robinson on bye with Damien Harris and Sony Michel as my remaining backs. Zero idea what I was thinking there with bye weeks.
  4. Not a fan of signing. Smith is a below average linebacker.
  5. Dumb question: but can the Panthers get a comp pick when losing Gilmore in the offseason? If so they would get a 3rd or 4th I would imagine.
  6. Lillard is not only a far superior player to Simmons, it was my understanding he loves Portland and has no desire to force his way out. McCollum for Simmons would make the most sense.
  7. Not sure what team would trade for Simmons and give anything of significant value. It would have to be bad contract for bad contract. Only trade that might make sense on its face is Simmons for cj mccollum. More than likely this is it for sixers window - Ben and Joel. It’s been five years and there are no signs Simmons is coachable or is willing to put the work in so he is what he is at this point. Now it’s sixers front office job to try and make it work by creating a roster within tight salary constraints that will make the offense work.
  8. Sixers are an unlikeable team but people saying to trade Simmons? Is he better suited as a number 3 player? Sure, but what are they going to get for him in a trade - he is a max player, is uncoachable, and from all accounts does not have the desire to put work in. But even with that he is a fantastic defender and playmaker. And guess what, they are in all likelihood going to the East finals and have just as good a shot of winning it all as the remaining 3 teams.
  9. Looking forward to Gutekunst getting his walking papers soon
  10. Goff can be the qb on a playoff team - he has shown that. He is in the Alex Smith/Chad Pennington mold - keep the score close and they can be very effective managers. Ask them to lead a comeback down two scores by passing? Not going to work out. Hockenson is going to be peppered with targets and Swift should be heavily involved in pass game. Issue is where is the other tight end and slot receiver?
  11. And every team I listed as possible landing spots would be immediate contenders with Rodgers on the roster (except for Vegas). All have excellent weapons as well (except for Vegas) so Rodgers would hit the ground running.
  12. I was just talking about Las Vegas as a dark horse - maycock and gruden have no long term plan, I am sure they would give a boatload of assets for Rodgers.
  13. What teams do we think would be interested? I can think of a few: Denver Carolina Las Vegas Washington Giants
  14. I wouldn’t care at this point if all 3 were jettisoned. Start fresh. Get the rebuild started a year or two early.
  15. The one thing that Packers Management has to do is be decisive. Either cave to Rodgers’ contract demands or trade him immediately, waiting lowers his trade value.
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