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  1. I think JJ Watt is an awesome player and it’s impossible not to root for him - he has done so much for the community. But there is zero doubt he went to the place that offered the most guaranteed money. And that’s okay, most would do the same thing. Football is a brutal sport and you never know when your career will end. And it’s not like baseball and basketball where the entire contract is guaranteed.
  2. I loved that defensive line- Sean Jones and Reggie White at end, Santana Dotson and Gilbert Brown at D Tackle. Dominant.
  3. 100% agree on that. Take as much guaranteed money as you can, when you can. Don’t fault JJ Watt for that at all.
  4. Was he really an MVP candidate though? Maybe for fantasy football. He made some atrocious decisions with the football that cost that team games. Not saying that he cannot make a giant leap, we just saw Josh Allen do it.
  5. And I am sure other teams might have offered more money but I highly doubt any team offered more guaranteed money. And again, Watt doesn’t need to feel bad because he took the most money. I don’t think he ever said he wanted to only go to the team that offers him best shot at a championship either. I think that was assumed.
  6. He has been injury prone but when he plays it is still at an elite level both as a pass rusher and against the run. If they somehow re-sign reddick it will be tough to double team either of Watt, Reddick, or Chandler Jones, they will have an excellent pass rush.
  7. And the guaranteed money appears to have a lot to do with it. I think Cardinals can surprise like the Browns did but they are not a championship contender as constructed. Their division is also very talented from top to bottom.
  8. There are many other teams that offer a better chance to win a championship than Arizona. I don’t blame him at all but I think he took the most money he could get. Murray needs to greatly improve his decision making.
  9. Interesting choice. If he wanted a chance at a championship that was probably not the team to choose.
  10. Pitts is as good of a pass catching tight end prospect that has come out in the last 50 years. Matchup nightmare. But George Kittle he is not as a complete tight end.
  11. I still think Philly should trade down if they don’t think one of the QBs is a franchise player but Pitts would be interesting if nothing else. 2 tight end sets with Goedert and Pitts with Raeger flying downfield on the outside and Fulgham holding down other outside spot. Can do a lot with that. Just think tight end and wr that early wouldn’t be wise.
  12. Steelers draft priority should be in order: OL, OL, then OL. And Ben should probably call it a career. If they want a QB to hold it down for a year, I am sure Carolina would give up Bridgewater for little. Only players they should be talking to are Watt and Fitzpatrick.
  13. Downgrade Pittman on all draft rankings - Carson is very sensitive and now will likely look to other receivers because Pittman hurt his feelings.
  14. The markets has just exploded the last two months, it’s insane and unsustainable. I am selling as much as I can on eBay. Cards that wouldn’t get bids even two months ago now have multiple bids.
  15. I think this is often overlooked - so many blame O Line woes for Wentz’ issues last year but it’s simply not the case.
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