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  1. Lillard is not only a far superior player to Simmons, it was my understanding he loves Portland and has no desire to force his way out. McCollum for Simmons would make the most sense.
  2. Not sure what team would trade for Simmons and give anything of significant value. It would have to be bad contract for bad contract. Only trade that might make sense on its face is Simmons for cj mccollum. More than likely this is it for sixers window - Ben and Joel. It’s been five years and there are no signs Simmons is coachable or is willing to put the work in so he is what he is at this point. Now it’s sixers front office job to try and make it work by creating a roster within tight salary constraints that will make the offense work.
  3. Sixers are an unlikeable team but people saying to trade Simmons? Is he better suited as a number 3 player? Sure, but what are they going to get for him in a trade - he is a max player, is uncoachable, and from all accounts does not have the desire to put work in. But even with that he is a fantastic defender and playmaker. And guess what, they are in all likelihood going to the East finals and have just as good a shot of winning it all as the remaining 3 teams.
  4. Looking forward to Gutekunst getting his walking papers soon
  5. Goff can be the qb on a playoff team - he has shown that. He is in the Alex Smith/Chad Pennington mold - keep the score close and they can be very effective managers. Ask them to lead a comeback down two scores by passing? Not going to work out. Hockenson is going to be peppered with targets and Swift should be heavily involved in pass game. Issue is where is the other tight end and slot receiver?
  6. And every team I listed as possible landing spots would be immediate contenders with Rodgers on the roster (except for Vegas). All have excellent weapons as well (except for Vegas) so Rodgers would hit the ground running.
  7. I was just talking about Las Vegas as a dark horse - maycock and gruden have no long term plan, I am sure they would give a boatload of assets for Rodgers.
  8. What teams do we think would be interested? I can think of a few: Denver Carolina Las Vegas Washington Giants
  9. I wouldn’t care at this point if all 3 were jettisoned. Start fresh. Get the rebuild started a year or two early.
  10. The one thing that Packers Management has to do is be decisive. Either cave to Rodgers’ contract demands or trade him immediately, waiting lowers his trade value.
  11. I hope if he told management he wants out they are actively involved in trade talks. It’s all about money, if the Packers give him more money watch how quickly he changes his tone. I don’t think the Packers have done enough to gain ground this season and since that means the window is pretty much shut, maybe it’s best to move on.
  12. I am pretty steamed at both. Management for punting an entire draft, and Rodgers for being selfish. Brady restructures his deal every year to get free agents for his team. I would say 75% Rodgers and 25% management. Terry Bradshaw has been critical of Rodgers and I agree - you need to have thick skin. There have been many times teams have spent first rounders to eventually replace QBs that were aging - David Klingler to replace Boomer Esiason (whoops), Jim Drunkenmiller to replace Steve Young (whoops) . . . Aaron Rodgers to replace Brett Favre. You don’t have to be ecstatic about it but you are a professional. And now word that the Jake Kumerow release was the final straw? Jake. Kumerow. Final. Straw. The fact I am still fired up over the 2020 draft yet side with management shows how I feel.
  13. I can’t believe I am saying this but I am pretty tired of his act. I think it would be best for everyone if they trade him. He can get more money and packers can start their extensive rebuild.
  14. No source just my thoughts - there are some articles I read that say Rodgers refused to rework his contract to allow them to sign free agents. Instead he wanted to be extended. I have been a Packer fan since Blair Kiel was throwing ducks. I have said before - Aaron Rodgers is the best QB I have ever seen play. He is also the biggest diva QB of all time. He pouts until he gets his way. Packers will cave and give him more money. Since the window is quickly closing and after the disastrous 2020 draft, coupled with not improving the roster this season - I am okay with the Packers trading him. The rebuild just starts earlier. I am also under no illusion that the packers will remain a playoff team. I don’t think there is a player more valuable to his team in the NFL than Rodgers.
  15. In 2020 when they drafted Love, I would say the team had a two year championship window. Three years tops. Tampa Bay is showing what you do when a championship window arrives. You go all in. Over pay, add years to contracts, don’t worry about 3 years from now. You play to win championships. No fan is going to care that Tampa Bay will be in Cap Dumpster in 3 years because they won the super bowl and are position to win it again. That was the issue with Green Bay’s draft. They drafted two third string players in the first two rounds.
  16. It is 100% about his contract and lack of guarantees until 2024. He can leak whatever he wants, it’s the money.
  17. They were a disaster by any objective measure when Bakhtiari was out. Tonyan is an average player made better by his qb. I love the guy and his intensity but it is what it is. Without Rodgers this offense goes in the garbage - he is that good. And it’s why his leak at this stage of the game ticks me off so much. if he demanded a trade before all the signings, the packers could have traded him and also focused on building a roster post Rodgers. Now it’s a mad scramble (still think they cave and give him more guaranteed money)
  18. Davante is a stud - doesn’t matter who the qb is, he gets open on every single play. And I am super high on Aaron Jones, I think he is actually underutilized. But that’s it. Tonyan is an average player without Rodgers and same goes for Lazard, MVS and any other receiver on the roster not named Amari Rodgers (waiting to hear reports on how he looks in camp). I am hopeful the line can be okay. Obviously a non healthy Bakhtiari will really hurt. Lose number one rated center to free agency. The two replacement tackles were unmitigated disasters last year. I am hopefully Meyers and Runyon provide solid play inside. Bottom line - No Aaron Rodgers = No playoffs.
  19. I think you need to research the situation a little more.
  20. I think another issue with Love is his supporting cast. It’s been mentioned in other threads but aside from Davante and Aaron Jones there is a dearth of talent at the skill positions. Rodgers made everyone around him exponentially better.
  21. 0.0 Obviously he can always improve but word out of Green Bay were his accuracy issues followed him from college to the NFL.
  22. Sorry meant to write don’t think anyone would say it’s NOT devastating. Editing post. Losing the MVP of the league is pretty bad I would say.
  23. I don’t think anyone thinks Rodgers leaving will not be devastating to GB and there are probably 7 people in the U.S that think Jordan Love will be in the NFL in 5 years. Rodgers is being a baby, he leaked the info at the worst possible time on purpose. I still think he comes back once GB massages his ego and gives him more guaranteed money.
  24. That’s the rub. He is signed through 2024. He wants more money and his current contract has no more guarantees after this season. I think Packers cave and give him what he wants.
  25. This is a new contract ploy. He will get the new contract.
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