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  1. This actually makes me nervous - the threats that Trump was advised of caused this speech. I hope it helps.
  2. No one is the runner Jackson is, doesn’t mean the offense won’t work with Hurts. 2 TE offense would be perfect and would give Eagles best chance to make playoffs next year. Takes pressure off defense by keeping d fresh. all moot if they can’t get rid of Wentz - I just don’t see a team willing to take on his contract after the season he had.
  3. I can’t see Riley having any interest in the job but Roman would. And I think he could get the Eagles to playoffs next year by installing Ravens offense. Draft Kyle Pitts in first and the O is on its way. With health and an offense that can chew time off the clock, that defense will be fine. Key is getting someone to take the monstrosity that is Wentz’ contract.
  4. Not true at all. There are a ton of great O Linemen that were or are going to be free agents. Look at the first team all pro team as an example. Brandon Scherff and Corey Linsley are Unrestricted Free Agents and Jack Conklin was signed by the Browns as a free agent last year.
  5. That’s the game. Ton of credit to Browns. Punched Steelers in the face and they have wilted.
  6. If Dolphins grade one of the 4 QBs as franchise guys, do they take one in the first?
  7. If Douglas grades a qb as a franchise qb he would be foolish not to take him at 2. But taking a qb for the sake of taking on at 2 makes zero sense for the Jets. This is a rebuild. It can be a short rebuild due to cap space and draft picks but it’s still a rebuild. Taking Sewell at 2 would not be a bad move at all.
  8. Just an odd team - they had that young nucleus small market teams need and then they just traded it away. Weird.
  9. Rays front office is just amazing, year after year. Great return for Snell. Their farm has absolutely ridiculous amounts of depth and their major league roster is rock solid. Kind of forgotten guy in deal but Mejia is going to end up being a good part time catcher with Ronaldo Hernandez in time. He needs consistent at bats though.
  10. They always end up letting me down but . . . The defense is peaking. Kirksey looks super comfortable now, and Savage looks fantastic. They say it takes safeties a year to get used to the NFL and his play has been night and day. Edge rush looks fantastic. The Smiths and Gary just continue to bring pressure. My biggest worry? Interior D Line. What happened to Kenny Clark? He had a few nice stops but I consistently saw him getting destroyed off the ball. Nice to see Dillon respond with his opportunities. I enjoy his enthusiasm you can see he really gets into the game. Unfortunatel
  11. Can the Bucs afford to re-sign Godwin though? I don’t think he is going to be cheap at all and there is no doubt he can be the leading go to receiver on a team. He can play outside and in the slot and would be perfect on that team. Cowboys have money and line issues - if Jets show Dak they have a stud at left tackle already, drafted a probable stud at right tackle and signed the number one center in football (per pff) AND will beat cowboys offer, how do you say no? Nab a running back with second rounder to pair with TY Johnson (who I think was a great find and can definitely be an effect
  12. Draft Sewell, sign center Corey Linsey as a free agent (packers fan so hoping the can re-sign him) back up brinks truck for Dak, sign Chris Godwin. Draft BPA with late first, draft a running back with second. Bam - fantastic offense.
  13. Agreed. Would be great if he could work some magic I just don’t see it happening.
  14. Thompson and Teague were great cost effective pickups by the Celtics. I just hope they limit Thompson’s minutes during the regular season like they did yesterday.
  15. Sad - that’s young. Even though he is in HOF I agree he gets overlooked when people talk about great defenders. Greene was tough as nails with a relentless motor. And he wasn’t just a pass rusher. I saw him absolutely stand up a pulling guard who had a head of steam in a game (I feel like it was a super bowl).
  16. The last thing the Jaguars need is a running back. James Robinson is already one of the better backs in the NFL. They definitely need a solid number two but they should stay away from running backs in draft until at least 4th round.
  17. 2 firsts is insane. Maybe a few conditional picks based on performance. Wentz in any objective measure has been the worst starting qb in the nfl. His catchable ball % is the worst in the NFL. I can see a gm giving up a late first for him but I think the benefit to Eagles is getting rid of his contract and taking less of a hit than if they outright released him. And I think that’s the leverage other teams have. They know what a bond Philly is in with that contract.
  18. But I think what people are not factoring in is will teams be willing to take on the contract of the worst starting qb in the NFL in 2020? It is a huge gamble for a team to take on Wentz contract. I feel like his connection to Reich might lead Colts to put out feelers but as a gm would you be willing to put your job on the line to hope Wentz can become a solid qb again?
  19. Just a horrible spot for them. As I read it they take a monstrous cap hit next year but it improves greatly in futures years if they trade him as opposed to outright releasing him? I just look at it as Eagles are not a championship contender next year with Wentz and there are a ton of holes to fill. Why not try to trade him, take the dead cap hit, and trade down in draft to accumulate assets? Their window is closed.
  20. Will be interested to see how he does with all first team reps. Initial thoughts watching him - he has zip on intermediate throws, didn’t look rattled like Wentz, makes quick decisions. He doesn’t look natural rolling out to his left at all.
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