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  1. Crossed my mind, but I believe Eric is just that dumb enough to think he'd fool them. Listen closely early on. He's "Eric the Actor" but he's not THAT good at acting.Keys, woman.
  2. didn't hear this, but Eric the Actor formerly known as Eric the Midget is probably the top entertainment character of all time.
  3. More of dragging it out, I guess. As far as I can remember, by doing 16 episodes, they paid everybody the same thing for all the episodes, because it's considered 1 season technically within the industry, rather than having to give raises between seasons if they made it 2. But AMC still wanted to have 2 years' worth of programming, advertising, etc. Something like that. But I'm also kind of drunk right now, so could just be talking out of my ###.
  4. teamed up with Mike Francisco and Mad dog. Not done!
  5. To be fair, before last night, he had quality starts in 8 of 9 outings. He is certainly not living up to the contract yet, but he is getting no run support and could easily be 5-5. First phillies pitcher in 122 years to lose 9 games before the end of May.
  6. Sweet fancy moses, from Dennis Miller several years ago: No podcast this week?
  7. I do agree with this assessment by Sepinwall. I liked what was happening in the episode, but at times, the technique felt a little heavy-handed.
  8. I forget whether there was a specific reason that he started working at CDC (maybe just symbolizing Teddy trying to be like Don or something), but then he was there, so they had to do something with him. I imagine the writers all sat around (like the partners) and decided who should stay and who should go and why. And then someone probably gets this devilish grin and says "what if Roger mercilessly skewers Burt again and sends him packing?"
  9. I think that part of it may be his insecurity. He was seriously affected by Peggy leaving. He sees that Megan doesn't need him and is independent (several references to her youth and freedom over the past couple seasons). He is completely drawn to women who are powerful and interesting, perhaps in order to make up for the void within himself and his own insecurities. But then he either uses up everything he can get from them, or they can't stand him, and he withdraws.
  10. Maybe Don could join the circus. Or Peggy's long-lost cousin makes an appearance. And guess who's getting a dog?!
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