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  1. Didn’t she make a decision when she decided to have sex? Obviously not in the case of the second sentence of your post. I guess my thought is....she had a choice already.
  2. I’ll be there today with one of my sons if anyone wants to grab a beer.
  3. Probably because “make someone else pay for my college” doesn’t play as well. Just spitballing
  4. Why do we call it debt forgiveness? Isn’t it debt transfer? Are the banks being instructed to just eat their losses?
  5. Still never got that bacon.

  6. Best 5-star 3-star poster around

  7. Keerock is reliable.I don't think anyone says he isn't, but 40 million is a little different than a 200 entry fantasy football league
  8. I dont carry anything smaller than hundy's can I buy 5 "sessions" at a time?
  9. HEY, I just missed the deadline. Idiot, sorry. If you can manually do it (and want to), I'll send the rest today to your email. I timestamped Wyoming in the FFA already, so that shouldn't be a problem. Plus, they are down 7-0 and just missed long FG.

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