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  1. Ours said waiting for department of labor to finalize
  2. I believe the employer decides which route they take not the individual employee. At least that is what I was just told by legal council.
  3. Don’t even need a putter?? My bag is almost identical.... except ts200 and tsi 2 everything Scotty blade putter
  4. Didn’t she make a decision when she decided to have sex? Obviously not in the case of the second sentence of your post. I guess my thought is....she had a choice already.
  5. I’ll be there today with one of my sons if anyone wants to grab a beer.
  6. Probably because “make someone else pay for my college” doesn’t play as well. Just spitballing
  7. Why do we call it debt forgiveness? Isn’t it debt transfer? Are the banks being instructed to just eat their losses?
  8. Are you saying new employees in Washington have a learning curve that is too steep to learn quickly? Isn’t that a problem?
  9. Doesn’t “Washington work” differently if we are cycling through politicians instead of building these groups and alliances?
  10. Agree with Tim. Bernie woulda gotten smoked
  11. What is the argument against term limits? Not just as it relates to above, but seems like such a slam dunk maybe I am missing the argument against it??
  12. Right, I didn’t mean literally burn it down. He isn’t going to make it difficult to transition just to make it difficult. People might stretch to make it sound like he is throwing a temper tantrum....but I don’t think he will. He is a lot of bark
  13. He will probably hurt some people’s feelings and generally do nothing. I know everyone will pretend he is gonna burn the place down, but that won’t happen and everyone knows it.
  14. Forget this year....I know it’s out this year. i was really just wondering if they could choose any of the 4 for president and any of the 4 for VP.
  15. Can someone break down for me what would have happened if they tied? Congress picks president Senate picks VP I understand that part of it...are all 4 people eligible for all 4 spots? Could they slot in Trump from President and Biden for VP?
  16. What are some of his options? Or could we not even guess because he is so crazy??
  17. ?? You recovered? Sick? Why did you get tested in the first place? Sorry havent read last few (hundred) pages.
  18. Couple of younger guys ended up in hospital. Both large dudes...very unhealthy. Both good now
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