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  1. He's not as quick or twitchy as Edelman, but he's not slow either, so to a degree yes. I was thinking about Decker because of they are close in size, good on routes and always getting open.
  2. I'm in the holding and or buying camp with Thielen. I think he makes a high end WR3 or even low end WR2. The kid can just play football and works hard on his craft. He reminds me a little bit of Eric Decker.
  3. Recent Trade in Zealots PPR league Team A gives Stefon Diggs/Pick 1.7/pick 3.05 (Perine was taken at 1.7 and Haason Reddick at 3.5) Team B gave pick 1.02 (McCaffrey taken at 1.2)
  4. Zealots 12 Team NON PPR & IDP League Team A gave 2017 pick 1.11 and 2017 Pick 2.07 Team B gave Stefon Diggs
  5. I'll take McCoy side in the 1st trade and Meredith in the 2nd one.
  6. 12 Team .5 PPR Dynasty. Not involved Team A: Gave 2017 1.01/Cole Beasley Team B: Gave AJ Green/2017 rookie pick 5.04.
  7. This is an interesting offer. I like the side getting Beckham
  8. This one isn't close in favor of the Julio side. Even if Bryant doesn't come back I still like the Julio side.
  9. For a little context, in Zealots PPR Tyreek Hill finished WR6 with 267.23 points. Evans finished 2nd with 306.10.
  10. Zealots PPR, 12 team dynasty, IDP and return yardage scoring. Team A: gave Mike Evans Team B: gave Tyreek Hill, 2017 pick 1.6
  11. I think I would take the Yeldon side. I know Burnett is a solid DB, but I like Yeldon more
  12. Give me the 1.5 & White. The jury is still out on White, but if healthy and with Jeffery gone who knows what he can do.
  13. Zealots PPR with IDP Team A gave TJ Yeldon Team B gave pick 2017 pick 2.8
  14. Out of the 60 "classic" leagues, 35 switched to PPR. This doesn't include the new Relegation, Devy and Superflex leagues which are all PPR. I'm not sure how many of the auction leagues are PPR, but I believe ZFAC 3 is. I was surprised to see this many, I didn't realize that many had switched.
  15. You're correct. I probably should have mentioned that. Thanks for adding it.
  16. I took the team over prior to 2016, so I've only had him 1 year. I've made some moves to get players I prefer and will continue to do so. We do have roster cut downs due March 9th (pushed back due to MFL downtime). We have to cut rosters to 40, listing 8 as RFA (Restricted Free Agents). Owners can bid on those players designated as RFA. The compensation is blind bidding ZBucks. If I listed Gordon as an RFA I'm sure he may have garnered a nice sum, but I prefer draft picks to blind bidding dollars. Granted the 2 3rds may be light, but if he never plays again then I'll be content with the move. If Gordon returns to stardom I'll have my wife or neighbor punch me in the face.
  17. I'm guessing many will agree with your sentiment. I'm just not willing to hold his shares any longer.
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