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  1. The league verified it years ago. They have video. And if you have ever been to Foxboro, it's basically a prison. Everyone gets caught for even the smallest infractions. This auction will go for a couple of weeks. It will get sniped up over 500k imo, way higher if Tom and Kraftys don't already have an "agreement".
  2. I'm just mad I never asked him to "throw it around" before he turned it over. It's been sitting in a SD Box for years.
  3. I wonder if Tom and Bob will be bidding each other up. I can't wait until Bill is gone myself.
  4. Up to $75,000 already This is legit. Terry Glenn tossed my buddy the ball, right after Tom connected with Glenn for his first NFL TD pass. My friend, who still has season tickets, has had it ever since. That was the year after the strike, where the fans kept the balls that made it in the stands.( I was told.) I'm honestly surprised this ball is up for auction. Apparently the QB and owner didn't want to pony up in the past. I really thought it would end up in the HOF myself. Anyway, tell Chet to go bid lol.
  5. I'm too busy. I'll flake out. Plus, my takes are probably just too hot.
  6. Moses Malone was the best first round value pick imo, Kobme was the biggest reach.
  7. Just passing by, and looked at the Google sheet. Mr. CIA crushed this thing. And he didn't even have a top pick. Good Job Big Gov!
  8. I think we have added a half dozen speculative closers. I guess I never should have left India exposed last year. I should try to make an all time "stars that got cut as minors by pik: team when I'm bored. Buster Posey would be the catcher, that one still hurts.
  9. I couldn't highlight the guy on the counter. Maybe it's my phone. I dunno.
  10. The site wouldn't let me send trade offers last night. Couldn't highlight opposing team guy on step two. I'll try again. Edited to add:still not working
  11. Are we allowed to trade yet? Looking for a potential closer with a pulse. Have prospects we can move.
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