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  1. I'm really looking forward to leaving my bunker and checking out my front yard in June. Hope to be vaccinated by then.
  2. Oh, tacos in the great north really threw me. You left? Didn't realize. Is that dude Sammy still around from way back?
  3. Bee's at the beach do that with my gum in late summer every year.
  4. You left for five years? Who were you before? I suck terribly at alias keeping.
  5. 2.04 Garrett Mitchell OF Brewers We are pretty happy to see him still available here. He was the third player in at our debate at 1.4. So far, so good. Texted @Eephus
  6. He was the guy were were going back and forth with at 1.4 or whatever we were. I think I know who our pick will be, but want to double check with Greedy early.
  7. Can someone link the google doc? And what pick do we have? Thx
  8. Close to done...with the basement. Cut a hole in a vent to bring in some dry air. As for the list, Greedy is at sons game. I have it pretty close to done, but want to at least let him have a peek if that's ok.
  9. I am still in my "Yoga Pants" FBG boycott from 2019, so notifications are off. Eephus texted me yesterday but my basement flooded about noon. I will have some time today while the fans are running, so we should should have it set soon. Thanks for the text Eephus.
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