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  1. Not ending the season in Portugal, Japan, and Australia is still weird to me. 🙂
  2. For some reason I thought I grabbed Giolito off of the scrap heap. Maybe not.
  3. Do that with trades next time you are bored. Kyle Tucker and Gurriel (had him in cuba) are tough to watch now. Buster Posey was my OG throw back. So many though. Oof.
  4. The players I had and dropped over the last five years is UGLY. Lately, we made a lot of wrong choices. The dispersal draft was supposed to help the bottom teams, but it did the opposite for us unfortunately.
  5. The Boateng brothers were always fun to watch. I often wondered if the parents favored Prince
  6. THE Greatest are... Long Tall Sally Tracks of My Tears In My Life My three greatest are... Tunnels Ode to My Family Straight to Hell Age Of Consent really should be on there also at 3B.
  7. The good news, it worked. Bad news, there was twenty seconds left in injury time when I finally got it, lol. Thanks!
  8. I don't know if I even have that, lol. I have the NBC one, the paramount plus, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney plus, and now I need another? Wtf.
  9. I'm watching F1 qualifying now, but is there ANYTHING else on later today? Any world qualifying will do. Tia.
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