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  1. I'm 46, with blown discs, torn rotator cuff, and need a hip replacement. 🙂 I have no idea if Keto works differently for males and females though.
  2. I feel that big time and I haven't even MADE a playlist yet. At least four or five of my favorite records all time are still available. I'll make a move tonight.
  3. You don't have to exercise fwiw. I NEVER do. Nothing. Just cut carbs to 10-20 a day.
  4. She doesn't have that stupid annoying accent twang thing though. That's what kills me on that "music"
  5. I love Red and 1989 fwiw. I'm 46 fwiw. I absolutely hate country music after the 70's. I didn't realize she did country songs also? Someone mentioned that?
  6. Sittin' in the mornin' sun I'll be sittin' when the evenin' comes Watching the ships roll in Then I watch 'em roll away again, yeah…
  7. I started watching the Bad Batch this summer but fell out after like four episodes. It was decent. I'm pretty sure I watched the Clone Wars when it came out.
  8. I banned Legos after I stepped on one in the darkness back in 2007. He was two, and didn't care luckily.
  9. We watched Austin Powers every night for like six months straight when I lived in the Fraternity. Even when some of us were not home, it was still played by others. #tradition
  10. As long as you stay away from any Happy Shiny Fun Time....I have big plans for those.
  11. Did you add it all to your Will? Hate to see those storage wars tools get it someday. 🙂
  12. Funny side story. My son Luke is sixteen. He has never watched much television, or anything in his life. He's all music and video games. My family insisted I named him Luke because I was a degenerate Star Wars kid growing up. When Luke was like four, I bought all kinds of Hoth Toys and we used to play that battle often. Funny thing is, Luke to this day, has never saw the movies. I asked a million times, and he always had an excuse. I'm not sure he has ever watched a whole movie of anything fwiw. Sunday night at midnight, he walks by and says "all my friends are watching these Star Wars movies. I think I might check them out ON MY PHONE IN BED." I almost had a heart attack on the spot, as I banned him from watching any of them without me. He hasn't mentioned them since. Starting to get nervous....
  13. One of my favorite bands, Pink Floyd. Somedays I HATE 1979's The Wall. Similar to the White Album, it has a lot of filler. The good news for me is it has three or four of my favorite songs. Young Lust Hey You Comfortably Numb Run Like Hell My second pick is a record I enjoy MORE than The Wall...I'm not a Roger guy obviously. 1994 The Division Bell I like all the songs fwiw, but try these. Poles Apart High Hopes
  14. I have been sitting on a pick all day. I'll get it posted soon. I just feel like I am forgetting something...
  15. In your defense she is like five foot eight, and looks like she's much older. Kinda crazy really. And John "Slayer" Mayer fits much better than Pearl Jam imo.
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