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  1. Agreed. Big fan of most of Seger's work but this song is like nails on the chalkboard for me. I understand it's popular and deserves to be on this list but love that Tim put it at the bottom.
  2. Yeah a guy can’t be traded after his team plays that week until everyone has played. Can’t drop guys that played on Thursday until Tuesday either. Those roster spots should be locked
  3. Yeah you’re right that one wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. The one in the Brewers/Braves game was like 2 inches off the plate. Regardless if umps would just enforce the rule about batters trying to avoid the pitch id be fine. Not the case in last nights game JT deserved 1B in this instance
  4. Bucks are repeating. Love the Greyson Allen addition (gives them a nice shooter off the bench) and Nwora I think will make the jump to a decent NBA player who can provide a scoring spark off the bench as well. Giannis got a taste and is hungry for more so let others talk about the Nets and Lakers. The Bucks are going back to back. Fear the Deer! Bucks in 6!. Can't wait for next week.
  5. 2 in the last 2 games I watched but I've seen it a bunch of times watching baseball this year. Guys with the elbow pads just don't try to get out of the way. I'm talking pitches that are barely off the plate.
  6. They need to ban those things. Too many batters getting on base this way and it's b.s. since they are wearing armor don't even attempt to get out of the way.
  7. I do an annual visit with just a rabbies and I think it's Distemper is the other one. One of them is a once every 2 year shot. I'd take the cat in to get that checked out. It's probably nothing but have made the mistake before on something that I thought was nothing turned out to be something more.
  8. Big fan of the head nod up sometimes combine that with a quick little wave, by wave I mean hand up and back down, not any side to side b.s.
  9. Yeah since it happened to the Stros I'm not complaining but that's a dumb rule. Smart play by Grandahl as he cleared veered into the path of the throw.
  10. How is it sending good money? I already own him and for what I'd like get for him I'd rather take the chance on a comeback. I'm not throwing more money his way and what I'd get now isn't going to put me over the top
  11. Due to Akers age I'll put my money on him being the first. Drafted him in dynasty last year so don't have much of a choice not going to give him away.
  12. Awesome Lamb. Was a bit upset when I saw the venues and no Wisconsin. Saw them in Milwaukee and had tickets to the Madison show, which is essentially my backyard, that was Covid cancelled. Decided Moline IL was worth the 2 1/12 trip and got 4 decent seats, not floor seats but happy with them nonetheless. Have something to look forward to all winter now.
  13. Sorry man that sucks. I had the same thing happen to me with Chrome. Logged in with Edge and it went through. Never seen that before so weird. Good luck with getting tickets
  14. Glad this thread was bumped for the 2022 tour. Was thinking a few weeks ago about this very thing. If I did a new ranking it would be vastly different from the 1st time around.
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