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  1. So much stuff on sale wish I had more cash laying around. Picked up a few more shares of DK when it dipped below $42. Have a bit of cash on the sidelines just not sure which of about a dozen stocks I'm watching closely. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow. On a side note nice rebound by UWMC, it really saved my ### today.
  2. The lumber thing is a bit sketchy, at least in Northern WI/UP of MI. My boss is building a vacation home in Northern WI and of course is running into issues. He was told the mills up there aren't processing the raw lumber because they like the higher prices they are getting. Apparently there are plenty of loggers to cut timber but the mills aren't buying so the loggers aren't cutting as much as they could be. This is what he was told and he believes it because he spends alot of time up there and did notice there aren't as many logging trucks as normal.
  3. Up $1.09 today. Feel like a rich man after this morning’s start.
  4. Must be so bad my Etrade account doesn't want to let me in.
  5. UWMC is my largest holding now. I can't stop buying as it keeps falling.
  6. Only good thing is took the opportunity to add some more UWMC and QS to the portfolio.
  7. Market so frustrating. PENN beats earning estimates and is down 9%. I know this is commonplace now but the old accountant in my is struggling to wrap my brain around this.
  8. I voted 35-50 as I just turned 50. It's probably 51-64 though. I feel like I'm the best I've ever been. Maybe not at my peak physically but mentally I'm way more patient that I was even a few years ago. I still speed but not nearly as aggressively as I did it my 30s and 40s and certainly not my 20's. I feel like the 50's is the answer with the maturity to go with go enough physical skills.
  9. I'm going to go 70% front office 30% Rodgers. Rodgers needs a bigger piece of the blame for being so childish considering his lofty salary (which he's earned). Though a bigger share definitely falls on the front office, personally I think Murphy is a buffoon. He seems more concerned about the Title town district above and beyond anything else.
  10. I'm trying not to be a homer in my groupings. Yes Davante's a stud but all these teams have studs too and with teams like the Rams they don't have anyone has good as Davante but their options 2, 3 and 4 are much better than GB's. I think a young QB needs more options not 1 great one that can be gameplanned away. Yes teams couldn't take Davante away last season but that's with #12 at QB. With Love I think it's a different story.
  11. In the modern NFL it's just an average supporting cast. Looking at it from a weapons standpoint (RB, WR, TE) here is how they shake out vs the rest of the NFL Easily better than the Pack - Cowboys, Vikings, Falcons, Buccanears, Saints, Rams, Seahawks, Bengals, Browns, Steelers, Broncos, Chiefs - 12 teams Similar to the Pack (a case can be made either way) - Giants, WFT, Eagles, 49ers, Cardinals, Bills. Titans, Colts, Raiders - 9 teams Worse than the Pack - Lions, Bears, Panthers, Jets, Dolphins, Patriots, Texans, Jags, Chargers, Ravens - 10 Teams Alot of th
  12. 75% that he ends up being a solid QB for the Pack. .001% he’s as good as Rodgers. I think that percentage is lower for this upcoming season so Lock would be more of a short term plan.
  13. As a cheap hedge in case Love isn’t the answer. Gute wanted to draft Locke so there’s that.
  14. Rodgers has made so much money over his career and he will make a ton more. I really think this is about control. With that Love selection a message was sent to Rodgers that he has none. He doesn't like that and now is being a vindictive little #####. Seeing Tampa add a ton of pieces around Brady I'm sure digs at Rodgers as well even though it's his contract that prevents GB from doing that very thing.
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