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  1. Neither myself nor son are big talkers. We exchanged texts every couple of days so it wasn't like we weren't communicating at all. But yeah when he goes off again, hopefully this fall, I'll make a point to call him more often. At the time didn't seem weird to me as I don't recall ever talking to my parents when I went away to college except when I was at home over a break.
  2. This describes my son almost exact though substitute baseball for lacrosse. That was a big factor in this losing his senior lacrosse season. They were one of the top teams in the state and he was so looking forward to it. He was crushed last year between that and no graduation. He started coming around last summer and was very excited to head off to college. I really thought once he got there he would be fine. He made some friends there but that wasn't enough. Just keep the communication open with your son. That was my biggest mistake. Other than occasional text exchanges and may
  3. Dealing with this with my youngest. 19 year old graduated from high school spring 2020 with a 3.9 GPA and 33 on the ACT. Went off to college this past fall all F's. Said after the first month he just couldn't motivate himself to do the work. He's since been diagnosed with depression. Have him on medication, after a couple of consultations with his doctor and also talking to a therapist every couple of weeks. In retrospect the signs were there for a while but the wife and I figured he was a moody teenager who needed to finish high school and find himself in college. Well that didn't exac
  4. ouch. Not quite as bad here at -4.07% and I was thrilled to get some more SE at $258 lol.
  5. It's like dating a crazy girl that you can't break up with because the sex is too good.
  6. Such a rush. I've bought and sold this 3 times in the past week and a half. Bought at 26 sold at 40. Bought back in at 37 sold yesterday at $58. Realized the errors of my ways and bought back in this morning at $69. It's a wild ride that I realized I'm not ready to hop off.
  7. BLDP, DKNG, GEVO( Though one is up big overall), KALA and SE are my duds for today. But overall these have all been good to me.
  8. You don’t have to win every trade. I’m old and been playing fantasy football for over 30 years and there have been times I’ve traded a dollar for 3 quarters and have been happy about it. The entire league knew it and it worked out for both of us.
  9. They asked this last year as well.
  10. Unfortunately a good chunk of us don't have access to one but yeah Subway is disgusting.
  11. Damn shot up $10 per share this morning premarket.
  12. It's working for me now but was buggy for about 5-10 min at open for me.
  13. This that's why drafting Rodgers replacement was at least a year, i think 2, too early. Oh well onto 2021.
  14. A lot of people blew it today. Gutey was one of them granted he’s down on the list.
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